5 minites to know what is a zip tie

5 Minutes to Know What is A Zip Tie?

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Zip tie is also named cable tie. We know, it is very useful and colorful in the appearance. However, not all of us will know exactly what is a zip tie. Are you sure you have a deep knowledge of this tiny thing? What is a zip tie? It is a small and simple question. But you may not answer …

8 Main Roads to Find Where to Buy Zip Ties

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Zip tie is very useful in our daily life. Sometimes we will use it to bundle the water pipes at home. Sometimes we will make it to fasten the computer cables in our rooms. Buying one or two bags of them becomes necessary for us. But, most zip tie manufacturers have the requirements for the MOQ. That means you must …

10 Ways Teaching You How to Get Out of Zip Ties

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The plastic cable tie is so secure in the bundling and fastening. We have enjoyed the benefits of them. But sometimes, we may need this little stuff open after locking. Before we learn to know how to get out of cable ties, we should get some knowledge of the designing principles for the product. In fact, there is a small …

Nylon Cable Tie Uses: Can You Blow Your Mind for 12 Ways?

How to Use Zip Ties: Can You Blow Your Mind for 12 Ways?

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Several weeks ago, there was a lady coming to my company for business. We were talking with each other very happily. I suddenly found something on the lady’s bag caught the eyes of mine successfully. Do you know what it was? Then I enlarged my eyes and watched it for a moment. It was a zipper head. But it was …