All you need to know about nylon cable ties

Cable ties are designed to hold different items, particularly cables or wires, together. They are used in a number of settings for different purposes; most importantly for fastening hanging wires and cables.

What are Nylon Cable Ties?

Cable ties are made from different materials; however, the most popular among them are those made from nylon. This particular material is used as it is chemical resistant. Thus, it can last longer. Moreover, it can stay intact even in areas that have a hot climate.

Nylon cable ties generally have a ratchet inside a small open case on one end. They also feature an integrated gear rack. It has different features that allow numerous cables or wires to be fixed together. A cable tree can also be formed using nylon cable ties.

Apart from nylon cable ties, there are different other types available as well. These include:

  • Colored Cable Ties:These are useful for grouping similar colored cables together.
  • Velcro Cable Ties:Primarily designed for fastening different data cables and other computer-related wires, these are reusable ties that prevent cables from getting damaged.
  • Steel Cable Ties:These are made from stainless steel that has great resistance to rust. Thus, they are durable.

Releasable, eyelet, and marker are also other commonly used types of cable ties.

Who Invented Nylon Cables Ties?

Thomas & Betts is an electrical company that is known to invent cable ties. Their brand name was Ty-Rap and it was 1958 when they introduced cable ties. However, they were used for wire harnesses of aeroplanes. It was sometime later when nylon cable ties came into the picture.

How to Use Nylon Cable Ties?

The use of nylon cable ties depends on their type. However, the method to use them is quite simple. To fasten a wire, all you have to do is to take the pointed part of the cable and insert it into the locking part of the cable tie. If the cable has been placed correctly, only then the teeth on the head of the tie will catch on the edges. It will also produce a sound of teeth clicking, which is an indication that the wire has been fixed correctly.

You can also cut the loose end of the cable to give it a neat and decluttered look.

Many believe that nylon cable ties cannot be reused. However, this is untrue. By using a small object like a needle, a cable tie can be unlocked and reused. To unlock it, use a small screwdriver or a needle and interpose it between the rack and the ratchet. The tie will be unlocked and ready to use again.

Nylon cable ties are available easily on the market. You can also buy them online as there are plenty of online stores that offer nylon cable ties but for the best quality ones, you can rely on Hont Electric. They are a name to reckon with high-quality nylon cable ties at affordable rates.

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