Circle Cable Clips with Stainless steel nails

As one of the leading cable clip manufacturer in China, HONT has got a high reputation from all over the world. Its cable clip has been sold not only in China but also overseas. HONT produce many product and is a professional supplier of cable clip, cable gland and cable ties.


Cable Clip is a small object. That is very common in life. Everyone must have used it at home. You often see it. But you may not know the name of it. There are many type of drop to introduce.

So let me show you pictures of the products of the cable wall clip. I believe you will recognize it when seeing the picture.

I believe that only after using, can we know more clearly which cable wall clips are the most appropriate.

It is a common product. It has a high guaranteed quality. Besides, the price is also attractive. Many cable clips manufacturers will reduce the cost of the raw material. They do it just because of few profits.

Thus it will results in many problems in after-sale period. Therefore when chooses the cable clip, it also needs to recognize a specialized and reliable cable clip manufacturer to purchase.

Regarding to the cable clips that appear on the market at present, there are already many types. These types have already met the needs of most people.

We purchase according to their own needs. We should know the using purpose of the purchase.

There are a variety of cable wall clip wire. We need to have some knowledge of the cable clips types. Different types are classified based on users’ different using demands.

In general, the installation of many lines at home will use nylon wire clips. Such small products can bring us great convenience. And the line needs cable clips to be fixed.

Cable clip is one kind of plastic product. It is manufactured by HONT. HONT is a professional plastic accessories supplier.

Our nylon cable clips have high elasticity. They are not the kind of brittle plastic. Our cable wall clips are very durable. And they are very convenient to use. Besides, the cost is low. So they are very popular in life. And they are good at to ensure product safety.

Cable clips made by cable clip manufacturer China are commonly used in wood, brick, cement, paste and other materials. They are applied in life.It is used for pipe clamp. And we can find them in large construction , buildings and other places. Because cable clip market is very large.

There are many cable clips manufacturers on the market. And the kinds of wire management clips are also various and many.

Cable clips are widely used in the field of both life and the industry. They are found in automobiles, semiconductors, medical electronics, electrical, civil engineering, and other industries. They are durable, corrosion-resistant.

Standard nylon clip is suitable for wires,cables, pipes and fibers.

Ring shaped nylon clip can be released. It can be reused. And it is without the use of plate or disk.

The flat clip of false alarm face can be quickly. The plastic twist wire ring is suitable for the bundle of wire and cable. And it can be used again.

The design requirement of the split-line clip is to load the wire first. It limit the price. When using it, just insert it into the hole. The hole should be opened ahead of time.

A nylon clip of used for safety. The location of cables and fittings is tough and not easy to break. It is the best choice for finishing cables.

It has corrosion resistance. And it also owns rust prevention. And heat insulation, low permeability, no magnetic tape, magnetism are also its advantages.

These features make nylon clips widely used in electric appliances, electronic accessories, medical equipment, electrical appliances, semiconductors, civil construction and other industries.

The materials can be PE, PP and other materials. HONT’s  wire clip is made of PP. PP is a crystalline engineering plastic.It is high toughness material. It is good at small friction coefficient. And it has wear resistance, self-lubricating, and etc.

Briefly make an introduction of the cable clip products. Now let me introduce the classification of them. This may make a reference for everyone’s purchase.

   1. Round Nail Cable Clip:

Because the price of round nail is relatively cheap. This type is very diversified.The diameter of round type cable clip is 1mm to 50mm. It is used in various places.

So the probability of being used is relatively large. Generally it is used in the formation of fixing. There is one thing we need to know. That is the strength of round nail is relatively small. And in the wet environment, it is easier to rust. However, round nail cable management clips are very inconvenient to use. Because it needs the professional drilling.

   2. Screwed Nail Cable Clip:

Screwed nail cable clip is like round nail cable clip. It also needs to be drilled by professional drilling gun. But it has the advantages of not easily rusting. Screwed nail cable clip is also one of a lower price of circle cable clips.

   3. Straight nail cable clip:

Generally, straight nail cable clips are used on the surface plate. It can make a fixed role in the applications. But we also need to use a dedicated nail gun. Straight nail cable clip is not easy to rust.

And we use a straight nail cable clip to fix the surface of the panel. It is mainly because it’s not easy to be found by our vision.

And it’s very important for aesthetic. There is no need for special decoration at the later stage to cover the traces of the nail clip. So when fixing the table, straight nail cable clip is most frequently used type.

   4. Roofing Nail Cable Clip:

It is commonly used in watt fixtures. For example, asbestos tiles and other products. It can also be used in connecting wood components.

Difference between the Different Types

In the market, there are many other types of round cable clips. It has three categories of models, specifications, and functions.

Round type cable clip is one very common type, with many specifications. Square type cable clips medium in the using quantity in the market. The hook type cable clip is the least in the sales market.

Normal nylon clips are different with round cable clips. They are both used to fix the wires. But the difference is that the round cable clip can be used to fix the wire through the wall. It is to ensure that the length of the wire will not fall.

While nylon clip of cable clip manufacturer in China is fixed by inserting the screw. It is available in small spaces. There are generally difference. It is because of different environments, uses, and different products.

With the market is getting bigger and bigger, the overall demands for cable clips are more and more higher. While there will certainly be inferior and not guaranteed products mixed in superior manufacturers’ products.

Then users need to consider a lot when to decide which one to choose. We need to identify professional brands, quality assured manufacturers and wholesalers. This manufacturer should be reliable to buy.

HONT is a professional plastic product manufacturer. It is specializing in the production of nylon cable ties , cable clips, tile spacers and other plastic products.

We achieved the certifications in the early time. And we have passed the national standards and international certification.

Generally, a cable clip is used with the steel nails. And it sometimes may use cable marker. The way to use this kind of products is simple. That is to put the wires that we need to arrange in the slot for managing. Then hammer the nail with the tool.

A cable clip is struck with a tool hammer to hold the wire set together on the wall. It is used indoors to fix wires. There are large specifications used to fix cable pipes and so on.

If I ask you directly about the cable clip, you will be confused. And you may think about what the cable clip is. But if I show it to you, you will recognize it in minutes. We will only sigh with emotion, originally this is called the cable clip.

Generally, cable wall clips are used for indoor wiring fixing. It is used to fix a variety of family wires, office wires and various telephone lines.

Some big size electrical cable clips are applied for fixing cable pipes, water pipes and so on. And they can stand heavy duty.

These plastic wire clips are tiny and good looking. They makes the environment more neat and orderly. And the wire will not appear the phenomena of a mess. It will be convenient and practical.

Our company is a cable clip manufacturer specializing in manufacturing and selling the advanced plastic accessories. And it is a very hot industry in this field.

In the local field industry has many years of experience. Today we will introduce to you the use methods of wiring clips.

1. Using Methods

You should all know, the role of cable clips. We need to use a very small tool for fixing electrical wires indoors. It may be used when the line is installed at home. But when it is installed, some novices may not find it easy.

But some of the old masters are just right on the hammer. This is because they only use one hammer to install the wire card. But the cable clip is so small. Using a hammer to hammer down, it’s very easy to hurt yourself. And to fix the fingers of the wire clip. And it’s very, very difficult for us to use the electrical wire clip in the corner.

So the first time you use it, you have to be very careful. Except some old masters who are very skilled. As new hands, we can use a vice to fix the wire. And then hammer it. This is also a better way.

2. Dealing with the Cracks on the Wall

Other customers will ask a question. Some time after we have finished ordering the electrical wire clip, at the point our cable clip is located, there is a crack in the wall around. And even some are falling off.

Clips cable holder clip. That is, when we use the electrical wire clip, how do we take it off. In fact, everyone has the ability to directly take it off.

But everyone really wants is to take it out without damaging the wall. This is actually an impossible thing. And it has already caused damage to the wall when you nail it in.

And to solve this problem, we take a little piece of plastic transparent tape.And stick it in the place where we want to nail the wire.

And then go to hammer it. This will not be easy to damage the wall. The phenomenon will be greatly reduced.

We can make a follow up repair. Just use tools. After pulling out the wire clip. We use a little plaster powder to smear the hole in the wall. If there is no plaster, take some toothpaste to fill it. If it is wallpaper or some colored wall, we can take the color pen to smear directly for the sake of beauty.

So that others will not be so obvious at first sight. If you do not want others to see the obvious marks, it can be dealt with simply as the methods above I introduced.

There is also a more common problem. However, there are many things people need to pay attention to if we are going to purchasing it.

And it also needs some small skills to use it well. As long as we have to observe more, are the problem can be solved. We can be carried out the ways correctly. We can have the knowledge of the use of wire clips.

Series of of circle cable wall clips are high-carbon nail. And all of them are bolted types. They are directly attached to the wire slot. So it can save a lot of time.

And it can be reducing construction costs. Cable wire clips of our company are all manufactured by hand. We select the feting and failing products out of the production line.

Here are some advantages of our cable clips.

1. Beautiful Design:

The design of closing to the shape of the wire, brings cable clip tiny and pretty in the appearance.

2. Reliable Base:

The reliable base makes cable clip more convenient in use. And it is also more stable, small applicable

3. Close to the wires:

In the use of cable wire clips, it is better if the diameter of the card is the greater. Thus more wires can be the fastened.

4. Sharp Cable Clip:

They are easy to lock. Because they are using high performance steel nails. When hammer the nail, the sharper nail is more easy to be fixed into the wall. And they are difficult to loose.

5. Safe and Secure:

There is secure and tightening design in the head of the nail. The depth of the clip is 2mm.

6. Diversified Functions:

Different lock design fits different diameters of cables or wires.

7. No Scar:

Tiny holes left on the wall after using cable clips. So it will not destroy the surface appearance of the wall.

8. Non-toxic:

The nylon material PE and PP is safe and reliable. And they have good tenacity.

Next, we talk about PP made cable clip. Cable clip is a simple and small plastic product. It is used for the fixing of the line.

PP is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic. It has high crystalline degree. The structure is regular. Its heat resistance is high power supply, the insulation is good. The heat resistance of PP material is higher than PE. PP’s material strength is also higher than the leather material.

HONT’s cable clip is made of PP. All of our cable clips are high-quality products. After a time of polishing and testing, in the market of the nailing card, it has been recognized and praised by consumers.

The increase of housing and interior decoration industry, the number of communications wiring gradually increase. Our cable clips are more and more popular on the market. On the market, there are some cable clips made of the material of PE or some lower standard materials.

It completely conforms to the use of this kind of product. Its color can also be changed according to the customer’s demand. And it can be made into other colors.

Many of its models can be ordered according to the diameter. For example, the diameter is four millimeters, then its model is HDS-4MM. If the diameter is 5mm, the models that are five millimeters are HDS-5MM. And the basic models are 4 to 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm.

The advantage of the cable clip is to be able to organize the indoor circuit quickly. It can save working time and cost, and improve working efficiency and quality.

It still depends on the process and the choice of materials. Different environments and different materials will need we use different cable clips to deal with.

In fact, cable clips are common in every household of life. And everyone must have used these things. However, even if people who in life have contacted cable clips are still do not know what the cable clip is. And they do not know what it looks like.

The cable clip is mainly used to fix the wires. It can be fixed to the ceiling walls and floors, etc. According to the site, there are many different types. It is because there are many different materials.

You can choose whatever kind of cable clips manufacturer. They are made of different materials. This depends on where it is used. Good product safety by selecting good cable clip manufacturer in China.

For example, on the wall or other materials, if there are a lot of wires to be fixed, then you can choose a bigger cable clip made in China.

And on the other hand, you can choose a smaller technician. Everything is OK except for the wire. It’s a good thing if it comes in handy.

As the main product of indoor and outdoor cable fixation, the cable clip is mainly made of plastic box and cement nailing. Of course, it is better fixed and stronger with corrosion and pressure.

And it is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product. it can be said that there are better environmental protection performance in the use process.

And it is also very good in stability. And it is not easy to burst. And its good characteristics are very clear.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the use of cable clips can have a better role in the fixed cable. The fixed effect is better. Of course, different use will have the different styles. And it will make different colors.

So for better cable fixing, it’s worth more attention. After all, as a plastic product, it is made of high quality polyethylene plastic. It can better meet the fixed communication power cable. And it will get better regulative effect.

Of course, the choice of more suitable specifications of the cable clips can meet the requirements of better use. And it has a good performance, after all, as a fixed cable use product.

It has a better enhance of the effect of wire fixing, reducing construction costs, and having longer service life. It can be said that our products are the most popular one of wire clips.

Cable clips is the main product of indoor and outdoor cable fixation. Cable clip is mainly made of plastic box and cement nailing. Of course, it is better fixed and stronger with corrosion and pressure.

So to choose a better cable clip is very important. We need to better grasp the actual situation. It will bring better quality of the product.

Today we mainly talk about the quality of the cable clips. What should we rely on to judge the quality?

If you are one of the buyers who purchase large, then it is recommended make a test. You take the cable clips to relevant institutions directly to test.

So that it is more accurate to judge the quality of the wire. That will take some time and need a little bit of financial support. However it is more suitable for a large amount of procurement. And the applications in some serious environment is as well. Some businesses and individuals go to professional institutions for testing. It is more authoritative.

For the most people who buys a cable clip from the cable clip manufacturer. It will only be used in home decoration or installation of the circuit. It is easy to judge.

Directly to the naked eye to judge whether it is good or bad. The cable clip is made up of two parts, steel and plastic parts. To judge their quality, bad or good, you can also start from these parts to judge.

  1. Let’s first check cable clip manufacturer. They are generally galvanized steel. And the water tank will definitely have the gloss. Then to see whether the gloss is good.And do not forget to check the thickness of the nails. This process needs to be judged by ourselves. It is not necessarily the thicker the better.Then we look at the plastic part. Regarding to the plastic part, we have to judge from the color and the size. The plastic part of a good quality cable clip must be white.And check if the color is very good. There is some light. If the plastic is very yellow, or it looks yellow. Well, it can be roughly judged that this plastic piece is made of recycled plastic.
  2. And then we look at the size of the plastic piece. Regarding to the size of the plastic piece, it means the size of the steel wire card. This size refers to the size of the inner diameter of the plastic parts.

If we need to use five large steel nailing cards, then the purchase is less than five or much larger. Then we can roughly judge the unqualified of this steel wire card.

The quality of buying a cable clip is actually very easy to judge. You need to pay more attention when you buy it.  Then you can know whether it is good or bad.

Don’t think about that the quality of such a small piece of cable clip will have no matter to our whole system. Good cable clip has a very long service life. And the plastic is aging more slowly. It may not be long before there will be a breakdown of plastic parts.

It may lead to the subsequent need to pay more energy, time and money, to re-decoration, in the long run. This is a very uneconomical thing.

I hope you will know how to judge if the cable clip good or bad. And then you can buy high-quality card.

You must have seen and even used this thing. And some people say that they did not know what a cable clip is. And probably some do not know its formal name.

But when you buy a cable clip on the market, you will find that the price is different. Some cable clips seem to be the same type. But is the price different here. For you, I introduce those factors that affect the price of cable clips in detail.

1.Different Raw Materials

As we all know, different materials lead to different prices of cable clips manufacturer. It is because the cable clip is mainly consisted of PE material part and steel nail. Then we will introduce cable clip from these aspects.

A. Something about he influence of PE on the price. The full Chinese name of PE plastic is called polyethylene. And it can be divided into LDPE, LLDPE, UHMWPE, MDPE, HDPE, CPE, PEX and so on.

B. The price of each kind of plastic is completely different. If the manufacturer uses the material with better performance, the price of the finished product will be higher.

C. The material of steel nails is different. And it will have a great influence on the price. The most basic steel nails can be divided into different steel and stainless steel.

Of course, many manufacturers use ordinary steel. Because under most situations, ordinary steel nails are enough to meet the needs of users.

The users need the cable clips to be used for a long time without any rust. Then they can choose stainless steel nails. It is obvious that, the price of stainless steel ingot is higher than ordinary steel nails.

2. Analysis of the Effect of Cost on Price.

At the big point above, we introduced the influence of raw materials on the price of circle cable clips. Here we introduce the effect of the production cost, processing cost, packing cost, transportation cost on its price.

The production of so many plastic parts at one time requires workers to screen out high-quality and qualified ones. When using the product, just insert steel nails into them.

Besides, the transportation needs express, which will also occupy a certain cost. Therefore, the cost of different manufacturer’s product is different, resulting in the price of cable clips.

3. Analysis of the Influence of Peer Competition on Price of Cable Clip Manufacturer in China

Because of the low technical content and low threshold of the cable clips manufacturer, many manufacturers joins into the suppliers of cable clips. And these manufacturers want to sell more of their products. And they want to occupy a larger market.

But the quality and performance of their products are not well. And their own products are not good. At this time, manufacturers will take some reduction, concessions, discounts and other measures. They hope to attract customers to buy. So the more competitive peer competition, the lower the price of products.

4. Analysis of the Influence of Different Manufacturers on Price.

Many manufacturers of cable clips exist. There must be superior ones and bad ones. Some manufacturers are always inferior, and take low-cost strategy to attract customers.

While most manufacturers are operating in good faith. They have reliable quality and perfect performance services. These gain the trust of users.

Different manufacturers use different materials. Some use the PE materials ,and some steel nailing materials. So the prices are also different. And their after-sales speed, quality efficiency are not all the same. Therefore, when we choose manufacturers, we should take into account all these factors.

5. the Impact of the Overall Economic Situation on the Price.

The economic situation of the downstream industry on the cable clips is competitive. And the factors of sales will also affect the price.

The upstream industry PE plastic and steel market is depressed. And the price is low. That will lead to a drop in the price of the cable clips.

If the demand is strong in the downstream market, it will also lead to a certain increase in the price. When the market of needs to use cable clips do not have the demand for orders, the price of cable clips will be reduced.

The above is our relevant analysis of the price of the cable clips manufacturer. Of course, we also need to understand that the “value Determines the Price”. So choosing the cable clips, price is only one of the factors considered. Do not choose low-cost cable clips. It will create unnecessary troubles.

Now there are many kinds of cable clips on the market. They bring huge business opportunities to some people. However, the problem of preservation with moldy is worth attention.

It may increase the flexibility of the product and increase the pulling force. But it will not be accepted by the customer under such circumstances. Who would buy a product that has moldy spots? It will inevitably affect sales. And it is not what the marketing staff would like to see. Then how to prevent the site of cable clip moldy?

We know that not all types of cable clips will be moldy. Nylon raw materials will not moldy. Only a few products containing toner will be moldy. This is the culprit for mold on the spot, a colored powder substance that contains colored powder.

A cable clip can be molded for as long as it is placed in a damp environment. And this kind of cable clip that contains chromatic powder. And the color is black commonly. Black nylon cable tie contains chromatic powder. To meet the quality requirement, we need to store carefully to avoid this.

In order to avoid this kind of moldy, it is necessary to keep the storage place dry. Usually, the storage place has some slender articles, such as lime-like desiccant. If there is moldy spots on the product, it should be timely to take out for drying, so as not to further mildew and flare. If it is found many spots, we should at once use water for cleaning the products. Then dry them.

Our company has the very deep research to this field. We strengthen the product performance further. Simultaneously, we also hope that we can win the majority customer’s hearts.

With the rapid development of the Chinese processing industry today, the manufacturers of cable clip are all over the country. So how to choose the manufacturers of good brands? We need this manufacturer has excellent quality and service. And it can provide us a good quality security. It is the most important thing. Let us talk about the brand first.

Founded in the year of 1996, the cable clip manufacturer, HONT started of 20 years’s focusing on cable clip manufacturing. Its intention is to do a good job of each product. It does not disappoint all the expectation from the customers.

Over the past 20 years, HONT, has become one of the leading plastic cable clips manufacturer in China. It is committed to providing you wire accessories and cable equipment products. Our company mainly makes electrical wire clips, nylon cable ties, cable connectors and etc. And we have been widely recognized by customers and achieved a good reputation.