Cable Drag Chain

Superior Cable Drag Chain Manufacturers

HONT is one of the professional plastic cable drag chain manufacturers. The company was founded in 1996, with a complete and scientific quality management system. It is good at injection, molding and series of plastic projects.

Brief Introduction

The company owns advanced technology power, the best designing and manufacturing ability, the most complete testing methods as well. In recent years, it has set up its own after-sale nets to supply strong skill support to users. 
The company has imported the skills from Germany, Japan and Italy, and designed out its own unique technology. Years of exploring experience in this field and innovative technician teams make each piece of product from this superior supplier got high scores among the customers from home and the overseas.
The products are welcomed in the fields of automobiles, engine motors, aviation, metallurgy, and national defense. They are not only sold in the domestic market, but also many countries and regions. They have got the highly appreciation from the customers and clients.

Product Details

Nylon cable drag chain is one facility to make the cables, wires, air pressure tubes, oil pressure tubes move more conveniently.

1. Materials:

This product is made of reinforced nylon. It can stand high pressure, with good tensile strength, tenacity, elasticity, flaming resistance and abrasive resistance.  Besides, it is stable in extreme temperatures.

The advantages of the materials decides the products are available and good at being used in the outdoors. The content of the nylon is the key point of the product. It will affect the intensity, abrasive resistance and the noise during the operation directly.

There are different content levels, 5% to 17%, some is about 30%. So it is quite important to find a good manufacturer.

2. Structure:

  • The appearance of the product seems like the tank chain. It is linked by many units. Each link can rotate smoothly.
  • The same series products have the same inner height, outer height and unit distance. But they may have different inner widths and radii.
  • The link between the two units are consisted by two chain panels and the lid panels. Each units can be opened for the convenience to assemble and disassemble. There is no need of threading. Just put the cable, oil tube, pipe in the drag chain, after opening the lid panel.
  • Many suppliers can offer the users the separating panels, to separate the space in the chain as the requirements of the users.

3. Types:

  • Bridge Style

It is suitable to most cables and wires. This type is easy to monitor the wiring situations.

  • Full Sealing Style

Most cables can use this type, it is to prevent the things from the outside to damage the wires and cables.

  • Semi-Closed Style

Only small part of cables can use it. The feature of this type is it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • Steel-Aluminium Style

It fits to the heavy duty cables. The high intensity makes the product difficult to break and with                  long service life.

4. Features:

  • Delicacy Appearance

The outlook of the product is very delicacy. It is smooth on the surfaces.

  • Resistance to Abrasive and Sliding

It is abrasive and sliding resisting. And the smooth surface can reduce the friction.

  • Small Noise and High Speed

When the product is working, there is small noise. And the speed of the operation is very high. It is 5 m/s.

  • Steady Chemical Characteristics

The material is reinforced PA 66. It has longer service life, and difficult to break. And it has high mechanical strength, difficult to be corroded by the acid and base. Besides, it is oil proof and salt proof.

  • Resisting to the Heat and Cold

It performs well in the high temperature and low temperature. It could be used in both indoors  and outdoors. The lowest temperature for this product can be -40℃. The highest working temperature is 80℃.

          And the short time temperature can be up to more than 100℃. When the flame burns, there is no melting, or big deformation in the appearance, but slight expansion. It is resisting to the flame.

  • Stable Structure and Firm Quality

It is processed by precise molds, strong in the structure and quality. So it can offer the protection  to the cables, oil tubes and pipes, and reduce the pulling and pressure from the outside force.

  • Easy for Maintenance and Setting

Each part of the chain can be opened, which makes the maintenance easier.

5. Application:

It is widely used in the reciprocating motion cases, for it can offer a good protection to the cables, pipes, air tubes and oil tubes inside.
Now plastic drag chains are applied in numerical control machine tools, electronic equipment, stone equipment, glass equipment, door & window equipment, injection machines, manipulators, super heavy transportation equipment, and automatic warehouses.

How to Tell the Product Quality?

 1. Get the product in the sunlight. 

If you can see the reflect sunlight uniform and no astigmatism, this product is good in the material. The raw material must be even and superior.

2. Touch each corner and the surface of the product by hand.

If you feel smooth and no prickly, it means the error range of the mold for this product is very small.

3. Make the wood grate to file the surface of the product.

If you find pits appeared in a short time, and the fragments dropped from the product is in the state of the granule, that means the plastic material may be the recycled materials. If you find it very hard to file the product to make pits, and the fragments dropped is in the ropy state, that means the material this product used has the material of glass fiber with high intensity. So this product will have very strong abrasive resistance.

How to Prevent the Static Electricity?

The material of this product is reinforced nylon. If it is in the dry state for a long time, it may cause harm to the cables, even affect the use of the machines. Thus to prevent the static electricity is very important for the cnc cable drag chains.

1. Use the Superior Raw Materials

The superior reinforced nylon can prevent the static electricity. The safety factor of this material is very high, it can be applied in almost all the working conditions.

2. Improve the Working Environment

 If the working environment is full of dust and particles, it is necessary to add the humidity, in order to reduce the static electricity.

3. Add Ground Lead

Add ground lead in the machine equipment, to lead the static electricity into the ground.