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PG Waterproof Cable Gland

HONT is one of the leading cable gland manufacturers in China. It has been doing well in distribution, supplying and exporting. The products are produced by the best raw materials, IP68.

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Company Profile

Cable gland from HONT, the leading cable gland manufacturer, is made of top level quality nylon plastic material.  It is not made of material brass. The material made gland is named brass cable gland.

The whole body of nylon cable glands appears to be bright and smooth. They are use for wide range of cable.

It has chemical resistance, anti-aging ability. And it also owns high breaking tensile strength, high tenacity and great water resistance ability. Besides cable gland from good cable gland manufacturers has long service time.

It is anti-salt, anti-dust. Its resistance to acid, base, alcohol, oil, grease and common solvent is very strong. Besides, it does well in insulation. So it is secure and safe.

And plastic cable gland has the ability of easy to install and carry. It is safe, durable, with strong tensile strength. You will find it widely used and applied in the electrical factories, wiring systems and some other places.

There are many cable gland manufacturers. They are producing variety of specifications, different dimensions, sizes, colors. Water proof cable gland can be divided into several kinds of classifications.

For example, they can be divided into inner screw thread cable gland, outer screw thread cable gland, and lock cable gland. They are classified into different types for their different application. Our customers can make the order in details of the specifications to secure electrical cables.

Cable gland is also named of cable head. It is made by cable gland manufacturers in China. It is consisted of three parts, nut, body, and gripping sleeve. Cable gland is used together with electrical tubes. It is playing a role of fastening and water resisting.

Water proof cable gland produced by HONT, cable gland manufacturer provides safe and secure connecting and joining for its users.

For example, LED street lamps, excursion boats, industrial equipment, watering carts, and etc. These all need the application of water proof cable gland suppliers in China .

The safe water proof cable gland is safe for using. It guarantees the safety of the users.

What is the Specification of Cable Gland from China

  • Name of the products: Water proof cable gland
  • Size of the product: PG M NPT
  • Color of the product: White, Black
  • Sealing part: Nitrile rubber bunna
  • Water proof level: IP68
  • Application method: Tighten it by hand.
  • Environment temperature: Static state is from -40° C to 100° C.
  • Its short period temperature is 120° C. Dynamic state is from -20° C to 80° C. The short time temperature is 100° C.

What is the Features of Cable Gland

1. Mechanics Design

Our cable gland from HONT, the cable gland manufacturer meets the design of human body mechanics. Its application and using are more simple and easier.

2. Strict technical Requirements

Process of manufacturing water proof cable gland is very strict. So the task is a bit difficult for the new cable gland factory in China.

And at the same time, the injection also turns to be very smooth and tidy, no rags. The screw thread is clear and well regular. Our cable gland is one product with high requirements and level in either quality or technical requests.

3. High Tenacity Clamp

It is matched with tightly forced head with a good thread length. Our cable gland produced by HONT, cable gland manufacturer makes the assembling more convenient and time saved. Its good tenacity force the product tight. And it enhances the water proof performance.

4. Thick Sealing Circle

Our cable gland has thick sealing circle. It has strict sealing art. Special design of strong elasticity sealing circle brings high fastening strength. And it has no harm to the cables or the electrical machines.

We take rich materials. The material has strong sealing performance. Our goal is to guarantee the cables the safety and water proof in all the sides during the whole using procedure.

 5. Tight Lock Design

Lock inside design of lock nuts makes the sealing circle of the cable gland manufacturer difficult to change the position. And it is also difficult to be pressed away from its original seat.

Its fastening function is strong. It ensures the water resistance function. Besides it strengthens the function of fastening and fixing.

What is the Advantages of Cable Gland?

Water proof type of our HONT leading cable gland manufacturer in China, uses special superior materials. It owns self-locking function, and strong breaking tensile strength.

And it is resisting to water, dust, and etc. And it won’t make some harm to the electrical and electronic machines.

What is more, in the using procedure, there is no need to loose the fastening head. So the cable can cross it directly. This type is time saving and convenient.

It is usually applied in the fixing and fastening of mechanical controlling boxes, distribution boxes, and some electrical machines. The prices are different among 20 yuan to 50 yuan.

The main advantages of water proof cable glands are listed below.

1. Water Resisting

PA water proof cable gland made by our company, a cable gland manufacturer, is good at long time of resisting to water. It has high efficiency of water proof performance.

A superior water proof cable gland can perfectly protect the safety of cables. It could stand long term water resisting, with no water penetration.

2 High Sealing Function

It has IP68 water proof guarantee. It owns high level sealing ability. Good cable gland is used for sealing cable. And water proof cable gland is difficult to leak the water. Protect the cables to have safe using. So the operation of connecting the cables is secure and easy.

3. Strong Insulation

The cable glands from high level able gland manufacturer provides high performance in the insulation, not like stainless steel material. So it is so favored by the power systems, and complex electrical wines.

4. Cheap Price

High quality cable glands are not expensive like nickel plated brass. It is cheap for users.

What is the Application of Cable Gland?

HONT is the leading cable gland manufacturer in China. The cable gland we produce is to make the wiring system smooth. And it will also make the cables kept sealed.

At the same time, the insulation level of connecting part of cables will be guaranteed by our cable gland made by HONT, the cable gland manufacturer. It will make sure the whole system operate safely and securely.

There is some problem with the sealing. They will result in oil leaking. And it may get the drying up of oil paper. Besides, the moist air will intrude into the inside of the cables. This may lead to the declining of the insulation performance.

Water proof cable gland of HONT, the cable gland manufacturer is the safe supporting product of cables. It is widely applied in fastening wires and cables. It is widely applied in the power distribution boxes, electrical power distribution cabinets.

And the switchboards, common mechanical controlling boxes, mechanical lamps, machines, electrical and electric apparatuses will also use cable gland.

It is commonly seen in electrical power factories, telecommunication network. It is because that cable glands can effectively clamp the cables tightly. And it is good at reaching the goal of water resisting.

When we are going to install it, just lock the cable tightly with the connector. And the other end can be joined to the equipment box. Or you can choose inner screw thread according to the screw thread of the input and output devices.

What is the Standard of Cable Gland?

At present, the main evaluation standards for water proof cable gland from HONT, the cable gland manufacturer, is based on IP waterproof grade standards. The standard is evaluate waterproof joint performance. So the good cable gland manufacturer in China will use high standard for production.

Water proof cable gland is divided into seven levels in the protection of solid. And it is divided into nine levels in the protection of water resisting.

Basically, the digits of the standard is IPXX. The first one X is from 0 to 6. And the highest level is 6. The second digit is from 0 to 8. The highest level is eight. Therefore, the highest level of waterproof joint is IP68.

The standard of solid protection is from 0 to 6 level.

Level 0 means there is not any protection for the solid.

Level 1 means it can prevent the solid. But the size of the solid should be bigger than 50 mm into the inner side of the cable gland.

Level 2 is to prevent 12.5 mm and above solid into the cable gland.

Level 3 is to prevent 2.5 mm and above solid into the cable gland.

Level 4 means it can stop 1.0 mm and above solid into the inside of the cable gland.

Level 5 means it could stop dust size solid into the cable gland.

Level 6 is reaching to sealing state. Namely it is the full dimensional protection.

Some Tips for the Cable Gland Application

1. Purchase appropriate cable gland material.

We should choose the specification you need. The quality of cable gland is quite different in the market. However, to ensure the quality level of the cable gland, it is suggested not seek for the cheap. We need to select the quality reliable water proof cable gland factories.

2. It is better not to operate the cable gland application on rainy days.

It is because cables with water will greatly affect the service life of cables. Rains will even result in short circuit accidents.

3. Please read the product instruction of the factory carefully before the cable gland application.

It is very important to the voltage of the cables higher than 10 KV. Have a full plan. And make a consideration before starting to apply cable gland from the cable gland manufacturer.

4. Please remember the tip in heart.

That is single core armored cables whose voltage is above 10 KV, must connect to the ground by only one single end.

5. When inject the copper material, it can not be with too much strength.

What we do is just pressing it to the position. The outside appearance of the copper end must appear many salient points. We must flatten them by the files, no rags left.

6. Shrink the cable gland made by cable gland manufacturer with the blast burner.

And it is not right to heat the cable gland with only one direction.

7. The size of cold shrinking cable gland must narrowly follows the instruction of the design.

It is especially important to set aside the space for the upholder in the tube. This needs to be more careful.

What are the features of good cable gland from China?

There is so various types of cable glands. I think everyone is not familiar with water proof cable gland.

In our daily life and work, the application of cable gland made by cable gland manufacturer is much wide. It is quite easy to find these cable glands in many tubes and the surface of series of products.

These two types are quite different in their use. It is because of different structure design and materials. Compare these two kinds of cable glands.

Both of their features are very prominent.Although. And it is still hard to cover the flaw of water proof cable gland. No product is perfect without any shortages.

Then what are the shortages of the water proof cable gland? Let us have some knowledge about this.

Nowadays, optical fiber connectors, high speed connector of USB2.0, cable broadband connection, and micro space connectors have been extensively used. They are existed to increase kinds of wireless portable electronic facilities.

Even now, there has become more rapid USB3.0 in the market. Therefore, the application of water proof cable gland has been changed. It follows the change of the society demands.

For example, the electronic process footsteps of global enterprises and market have been more and more quick. China’s government has laid out huge investment in integration of three networks. They are smart power grids, automobile, rail transit and many fields.

It can be found that our market has higher and higher demands for internet connectors’ high speed and durability to current.

Network television application is quite popular in the consumer electronic industry. They are related with many antenna’s application. Television system factories need to set antenna in very small space.

Therefore, miniaturization and energy saving of cable gland is important. They are developing trend of household appliance industry.

Complex automobile body controlling, telecommunication in distance of the automobile electronic system raise the challenges on the our cable gland.

HONT, the leading cable gland manufacturer in China owns the miniaturization, intelligence, environmental friendly, and high security to win the challenges.

The function of water proof cable gland plays in all walks of life. It gets to be more and more prominent. It has a small body, but with great function. The wide application fully embodies the crucial role of water proof cable gland in the modern market.

What are the tips in the using course of leading cable gland?

With the updating of the times, many products are constantly updating and upgrading skills and technology. Cable gland is no exception.

Water proof cable gland is the updating result of common cable gland. HONT, is a leading cable gland manufacturer in China.

It is to make cable gland gets safe and stable. It is more efficient and convenient to use. It can be used in various kinds of environment.

At present, water proof glands have been expansively used in production industry and life. They include cable lines, street lamps, etc in our daily life.

Water proof cable gland has extensive use. It is mainly because of the exposing of wire and cables in the outdoor sewers and other environments. They are suffering rain and water erosion.

Therefore, water proof cable gland is made by cable gland manufacturer in China. It must be used at the position of connections of some lines. It can guarantee the safe and stable operation of the wiring lines.

We need to reduces the pressure of the water proof cable gland as far as possible. In the actual use, it is needed to wear a protective sleeve.

It can prevent the connection of the wire has fracture. This is due to the external pressure from the outside.

At the same time, the water proof cable gland’s insulation performance is better. It can offer protection for the interior from the outside moist air.

Allow the circuit to run longer. We can do some detailed processing. And then connect the connection head to the wire. And use the insulation sleeve and the double wall plastic shrink tube to fix it.

Finally. And the hot-shrink water proof tape will be fixed. It is worth reminding that in practice of the circuit, it is not better to make the junction very neat. On the contrary, the line should be staggered and separated.

Before the purchasing, we need to have knowledge of the actual demands of us. For example, if we need the water proof function? We should choose the material with water proof function, if we need it.

Installation Steps of  Cable Gland 

As the leading cable gland manufacturer in China, HONT is willing to share the installation steps with you.

  1. First of all, before the installation of water proof cable gland, we need to know the relevant construction drawings.And further, installation technical documents of water proof cable gland. It could ensure that all parts and tools meet the requirements.
  2. Before the installation of water proof cable gland from the cable gland manufacturer, the corresponding equipment and the technicians need to make a check.

If the equipment and parts meet the requirements? If there are unqualified connectors or cables, they are not allowed to be installed.

  1. According to the actual environment, make an appropriate and efficient installation process and basic schedule of water proof cable gland.

It will ensure that the different specifications of the cable gland can meet the daily operation after installation.

  1. We can find that the use of the cable gland often matches the operation of the cable.

So we also need to consider the heat dissipation of the cable gland in later period. It can ensure enough space for each gland and the corresponding operating environment. And it will allow better heat dissipation.

  1. For the installation of water proof cable gland, there should be professional instruction.

In the installation of cable gland of different specifications, select suitable water proof joint cable glands. We select based on the site conditions and basic engineering requirements. It can ensure better efficiency in later using period.

Each cable gland manufacturer in China has many different kinds of cable glands. We can see they are made of many different materials and specifications. Each product may have a unique way of installation. And there are certain differences in their installation procedures.

It is recommended to choose products of professional formal manufacturers. So we can obtain more reliable quality assurance.

Daily Management and Rules for Cable Gland Manufacturer

As a leading cable gland manufacturer from China, HONT has a daily management of water proof cable gland. A sound management system must be adopted. Everyone can grasp the correct using method.

And we can operate it with prescribed steps. This will make different specifications of the cable gland play their own efficient performance.

  1. Regarding to the daily management system of water proof cable gland, each user in different field should follow the daily preservation and use.

And the detailed operation of relevant codes also is important to follow. Thus we can achieve a professional management of all aspects. This will bring a more stable foundation for the use of cable gland.

  1. For the production of waterproof joint products, every employee should be aware of safety responsibilities.

Cable gland manufacturer in China need to actively provide a reliable and comprehensive management system for production and processing. The safety mode of water proof cable gland should be added into production process.

  1. If the relevant staff members find safety risks or serious quality problems in water proof cable gland.

They must inform the relevant personnel at the first time. And according to the actual situations, take the corresponding replacement operation to avoid malfunction during the operation. Or it will result in losses to the enterprise.

  1. It is best to conduct regular inspection of the water proof cable gland.

This will ensure that the performance, quality and appearance meet the required requirements. Such inspection can ensure the performance of the water proof cable gland. And it will make safety policy carried out in the production process.

In view of these above, establishing a perfect management system is necessary. It can effectively guarantee the safety of staff and production site. And it provides a solid and effective operating status for the production efficiency of the enterprise.

If an enterprises wants to have efficient operation. And it also want production and processing efficiency. It needs to combine management measures.

And it should actively do a good job in each link of management in daily use, storage and storage and heating operation. This will enhance the performance of cable gland in a further step. So the enterprises could get more help.

How to pay attention to the installation of cable gland?

In our daily life and production, we will use various electric equipment. These electric equipment connects through the wire and wire. It is according to certain design layout.

In this course, it inevitably use the cable glands in the line. In general, the cable gland should be strictly checked before being carried out of the factory.

And they will be tested before shipment. While the cable gland is purchased from the cable gland suppliers, a routine inspection is required. It is because the cable gland connection is usually the weak part in the electrical circuit.

Situations of malfunctions below happen mainly due to unqualified cable gland.

  1. Now the situation of repeated construction can be seen everywhere. However, some construction units do not check pre-relevant engineering drawings.

It will result in cutting the cable of the construction, without installing cable glands after new constructing.

  1. In the indoor lighting and air conditioning installation, in order to save cost, neglect the situation that the length of the wire and cable is not enough. The workers connect the wires casually. They only use electrical steel tape for the cable connection, but not cable gland.
  2. Electrical construction personnel do not pay attention to safety and quality. In the need to lay electrical junction box, they do not install junction box.

In the place for shell of metal wire to protect the cable, they do not install. Where cable glands are needed to be installed, instead of using cable glands, they use hook connecting method.

This increases the area of resistance surface. And it heats up continuously when the electricity is turned on. And it accelerates the aging of insulation tape and other insulation layer. If there is loose of contacting part, it will strike the fire or lead to electric arc. That is easy to cause fire.

  1. Besides, the enterprise only focus on the early input. They ignore the later maintenance costs.

Through the above mentioned introduction, I believe that we have a certain understanding of the importance of correctly installing cable connectors.

Then the application and choosing of cable gland should be considered before construction. Especially in the construction, we should pay attention to the installation and connection of cable glands. The daily use after construction is also important. We also need to strengthen inspection and investigation. So it could avoid the occurrence of faults and accidents.

Winter Production Management Elements for Cable Gland Manufacturers in China

The production and processing technology of cable gland in our country has been gradually improved. More and more consumers and business users begin to pay attention to it. The process of production and processing of basic knowledge of cable gland is more and more important.

With the increasing of market demand, we can see that the production of manufacturers also gradually increase. So what is the winter production management element of cable gland?

  1. The technical background before production is very critical. But before each operation, it is suggested that the relevant team leader or other squad leaders should make safety technical delivery. Ensure that every production worker understands the main objectives. And they should plan output for the operation.
  2. We have a clearer understanding of cable gland. We also have known much about the production process and product specifications, the color and size of wall thickness, and the technical safety before production.

It is beneficial to improve the overall working efficiency. And it can also control the quality of cable joint products.

  1. In the cable gland production process, the relevant manufacturers must do a good job of the management of materials. And they need manage the finished products of each link well.
  2. Managers should make rational planning. It should be based on the performance of equipment, processing range and site operating conditions, production and task standards, and so on.

Do not appear overload production and processing operation. It will affect the operation of the equipment. And it is more likely to lead to the quality of cable joints.

  1. Because of the long production and processing, production equipment will inevitably lead to some damage or accidents. We want to make our production power better match the production of cable gland.

We can do the corresponding maintenance work regularly. And do not forget to take the effective maintenance operation. These will avoid the fault question generation. This may ensure the output as well as the quality obtains the effective safeguard.

  1. We can find that the current cable gland has a good use efficiency. It is because of the selection of high-quality materials for production and processing.

So the overall has a good effect. We must keep the production management. It will further improve production efficiency. At the same time, it will ensure the product quality and performance.

Be Cautious of Choosing Cable Gland Manufacturers in China

Facing so many cable gland manufacturers, how to carefully select a brand fitting us. We HONT is one of the leading cable gland manufacturers in China.

  1. In the first selection of such connecting parts, we need to view the product factory certificate. And we also need to pay attention to technical conditions and the production scale of the manufacturers.
  2. In addition, we need to look at the cable gland enterprise name. And we also need to look at the corresponding production license number. A product usually produced by a regular manufacturer.

This kind of information is very complete. After the success of shopping, consumers need to pay attention to acceptance, and later use of the details of the operation.

  1. In the acceptance cable glands, we must pay attention to check the product list, specifications, and if the quantity is complete. If there is some missing of the products, the manufacturer must be told at the first time.

In this way, the installation can be better.Usually high quality joint products can be judged from the outside.

Usually the color of good cable gland is more bright. It has better gloss. The surface of this type of cable gland has no obvious abrasions. And there are no scratch or bubbles.

  1. In the later installation and use of cable gland, we should attention to the work environment. And the appearance and specifications of the products are also very important. After installing the connection, you also need to ensure that the cable gland has a better fastening state.
  2. According to the usage frequency of cable gland, we are better make a perfect maintenance plan. And after every maintenance and repair, we should use the text to record. The most important is to carry out regular inspection. If there is serious wear and tear cable, it must be replaced in time.
  3. At this stage to obtain high-quality cable glands, the manufacturer’s choice is very important. Now there are many manufacturers on the market. Different specifications of the joint products, make people dazzling.

Choosing the products of famous brands can obtain the double guarantee of quality and performance. And big brands have the more complete types and specifications. So we can choose cable gland with high quality and good service. Believe we HONT, the leading cable gland manufacturer, it must be your best choice!

Fault Analysis of Cable Gland

Different cable glands are used in the tube industry. As it is used more and more widely, there are some differences in the cause of the failure. So the relevant information about the fault analysis of the cable gland has been paid more and more attention.

The failure of the cable gland is partly due to wearing too long. Some failure or in some cases are due to improper operation.

These will result in damage to the joint. In the event of a fault or short circuit, the related staff need to analyze the surface and internal faults of the cable glands. And then find the appropriate method to enable the cable connector to work properly.

  1. The fault analysis of the cable gland surface is needed. And then find a way to deal with it. So the use of internal cables will not be affected by the failure of the cable gland part.
  2. We should analyze the faults inside the cable gland manufacturers. It is necessary. Only after excluding non-surface fault, the fault analysis inside the cable gland manufacturers can help us. It will lead to a better development of the relevant trouble shooting solutions.

At this stage different cable glands have been widely used. Many users do not know how it works. So when cable glands fail, many business users are confused what to do next.

The operator needs to understand the working principle. And we also need to know the basic characteristics of the cable gland.

So in the event of a fault or short circuit phenomenon, the fault analysis of cable gland is carried out at the first time. Then the solution to the problem is obtained.

In addition to the above failures analysis, clean maintenance for the cable gland suppliers is also needed. So the joint device can maintain the best state. And it will effectively extend their life, and reduce the failure rate.