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We HONT, most famous cable marker supplier, provides high quality products to our customers and the users. We owns core competency in this wiring and cable market.

EC-Type Wire Markers

  • Material: Soft PVC, concave conversed shape, no. code in sleeve, elasticity of in-diameter.
  • How to use: Peel each hack lightly
  • Feature: Suitable any size, special length and marking is available to order.
Cable Marker Specifications
mm mm
2.0-3.0 3.5 0.9
GEC-1 0.75
3.0-5.2 4.0 1000pcs
GEC-2 3.5
3.6-7.4 5.0 500pcs
GEC-3 8.0
5.2-10.0 5.0 500pcs

Carrier Marker Strips

  • Material:  Nylon PA66,94V-2 certificated by UL, Insulate well and not apt to age.
  • Construction: In order to rectangular bar, both ends of each hole
Carrier Marker Strips
White Black mm
MS-65 MS-65 65 100pcs
MS-100 MS-100 100
MS-135 MS-135 135

What is cable marker?

The first time you see the name, have you thought of the cable tie having a small flag on the head?No, it is not this kind of tie.

Cable marker is a kind of tube. It is used for the identifying of the different wires. The cable marker supplier produce cable markers.

These products are widely used in the electronic industry. And the electrical power system, electric appliances, powers, computers will use them.

Besides, the communication system, airlines, machines, offices, and internet lines will also buy these from the cable marker suppliers.

These products are very important to the electrical and electric wiring industries. The users need them to mark the performance, specifications, and names of kinds of lines. It can enhance the efficiency of the working.

It is using the words, letters, symbols and different colors to mark different wires. The colors is more easy for the users to identify.

This little product is professional in the identifying wires. It can make sure the wires have right connections, installations, and safe operations.

For the electric workers, cable marker makes the maintain of the wiring systems more secure and safe.

And the electrical machines will need them in the connection process with the wires. The cable markers can clearly mark what the line is and the equipment is.

And in the electrical maintaining, the workers can easily find out where do the line come from. And they can quickly get where the line is going.

In the actual installation, the cable markers, the drawing, and the wiring connection must have the one to one correspondence.

In addition, the markers must follow the electrical cabinet. And the users should make the markers tight in the wires. And the wires need to be tidy and clear.

Some workers do not use the product correctly. This will bring many big problems to the later work. And it will add the difficulty and time in trouble shooting.

Specification of Cable Marker Made by the Cable Marker Supplier

The cable marker is so popular, it is seen in the fields of electrical factories, computer stores, communication systems. It has a such wide applications. So it is necessary for us to know some details of it.

1. Material:

Cable marker produced by cable marker supplier is made by soft PVC. This material is oil-resistant. It is also corrosion-resistant. Its temperature is up to 85 °C. In addition, the cable marker produced by cable marker supplier uses ROHS material.

2. Characteristic :

Cable marker is concave inside. And it is so soft and elastic. And its inner diameter can expand. The degree of expanding is decided by the size of the wire.

The biggest advantage of this product is that it can be oil resistant. Thanks to this advantage, this product can be printed some information.

People can choose the products from the cable marker suppliers with kinds of requirements they want.

Some people will print the names of the wires for the making. Some ones will print the specifications on the tube for the identifications. And some will print the details of the wires for using.

They may tell people where the lines is from. And some may tell people how the line connect.

3. Colors:

Cable marker made by the manufacturers suppliers has many colors. There are white, yellow, and many other colors.

The different colors can also be used for the function of the identification.

Features of Cable Marker from Cable Marker Supplier

1. The cable marker made by cable marker supplier is OM. It is circular inner teeth. And it is with bright white surface. Besides, it has fine texture feature. There will be no light reflect.

2. Regarding to the biggest point printing, it is flexible. At the same time, users don’t have to worry about the printing. Cable markers made by HONT, the cable marker supplier makes the printing located in the center.

3. The length range of cable marker made by cable marker supplier is flexible and free. The common length is 10 mm per segment.

4. Cable marker is suitable for 0.5 square to 16 square cable diameter

5. The segment connecting is operated by imported equipment. The machine will carry out the automatic semi-cut. Cable marker is connected continuously. And it is also easy to peel off.

6. Cable marker manufactured by cable marker supplier use soft PVC blank casing. It has good oil resistance. And it is aging resistant. At the same time cable marker has a good weather resistance. It is not easy to fade.

What is more, it has a good insulation. It still has good softness at low temperature

7. We famous cable marker supplier use imported environmental protection ink to print. The printing is clear. And it is also delicate, full. Our printing is scratch resistance. Cable marker from our company has good oil resistance.

Sizes of Cable Marker Manufactured by Cable Marker Supplier

We know the demands for this little product is very high. There are many sizes of cable markers. Let me have a brief introduction.

There are 0.5 square, 0.75 square, 1.0 square, 1.5 square, increase 1.5 square, 2.5 square, 4.0 square, 6.0 square, 8.0 square, 10 square, 16 square, 35 square.

For example, 2.5 square cable marker strip should be selected for 2.5 square wire.

Sometimes, we will choose a bigger size cable marker. It is because bigger size can make the cold-pressed terminal insulating. The inner diameter of the cable marker should be a bit thicker. For example 1.5 square cable marker is used for 1 square wire.

How to use the cable marker?

As we all know, the cable markers are very important in the electrical wiring fields. There are so many cable marker supplies on the market.

Before we are going to purchase them, you must ask yourself one question. Do you know how to use them?

The key point for using the cable markers is to make the them easy to read. These products are used for marking some information for the users.

So it is very important to be easy to read. Thus it will require the cable marker suppliers to print the words easy to read. The direction of printing need to meet the habit we read.

1. When these markers are in horizontal direction, or they are connected in both sides of the barrier terminal blocks, the reading direction of the printing is from the left to the right.

2. When they are put in the vertical direction, or they are set on the upside and the downside of the terminal blocks, the direction for reading the printing is from the upside to the downside.

3. There are different sizes of the barrier terminal blocks and the equipment for the cable markers. And the laying of them are also different. The cable markers must be one to one correspondence in a row.

4. When the line is from the terminal block, and the line is single, the cable marker should be nearby the side of the terminal block.

5. When the lines are not single, there are many lines coming out from the terminal block, the marker also should be near the terminal block side.

Applications of Cable Marker from Cable Marker Supplier

With the development of science and technology, cable marker is used as cable identification. At first, people may use the color of the wires for this function.

But people find it is not enough for the color. The color of different wires can only used for which line it is. However, people may need to know more information about these lines and wires. They need to know how to operate these lines and wires.

Thus, it is widely used in electronics, power system and many cable accessories. And the electrical electronic appliances also need it. The power supply,clip cable. electric cable computers, communications will also find the use of cable marker.

Aerospace, locomotives also use cable marker made by cable marker supplier. The harness office, network wiring, wiring accessories and other fields all use the cable marker to help.

Flat cable marker use flame retardant PVC. It is inner teeth with round sleeve. Its color is white. Usually it is 1 kg per roll.

It is widely applied to Japanese Canon. For example below Size of Japanese Canon, C-200 T/E, C-500 T, M-1 Std, C-100 T, M-11 C, M-1 Pro, M-11, and so on.

It is also used in Japanese MAX . These size LM-370 A/E, LM-380 A, LM-350 AII will use the cable marker made by cable marker supplier, HONT.

And our PVC cable marker product has a wide domestic marking. Our Yingbiao Ss 650, S 700, S 600, S-100 T will need cable marker. And Shuofang TP 60 A, TP 66 A.

There are also many other cable marker machines and laser marking machine need the help of cable marker manufactured by cable marker supplier.

Your Reliable Cable Marker Supplier in China

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In addition, the company has the professional researching and development center for the experiments. HONT put a big amount of money in the designing new products.

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It is keeping to supply the most efficient and warm service to get the satisfy of the customers.

The cable marker supplier, HONT has made these products through UL, CSA, CCC and many a series of quality certificates.

Besides, the company also has got the certificates of the RoHS, and many environment certificates approve.

HONT has a good cooperation with electronic and electrical industry. And the company is also the electric power system, communication system, automobile industry, shipping industry, and many industries.

HONT has sold its products to Wenzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjin, Beijing, Chongqing, Senzhen, Guangdong. And these are very popular in our domestic market.

Theses products are sold to the United States, the South Korea, Germany, Japan, and more than over two hundred countries and cities. They are so welcomed by users in the foreign countries.

The products from HONT has been stepped into all walks of life. And they gain high enterprise credit in cable marker industry. Cable markers manufactured by cable marker supplier, HONT, are produced with the material of soft PVC.

And our markers owns high elasticity. And the cable markers have concave shapes inside. They find their extensive use in the electric and electrical factories and many other industry. Meanwhile, they can suit for any specification in the size and length.

As a professional wire management cable marker manufacturer, we are doing our best to keep the high level quality. And we are improving the design of our production.

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