Cable Tie

Leading Nylon Cable Tie Manufacturer in China: HONT

Hont Electrical Co., Ltd is one specialized company in cable ties manufacturing and exporting. As the leading nylon cable tie manufacturer in China, the company owns strong and rich technology power and advanced processing skills.

Brief Introduction

The company was established in 1996. With the years of development and exploring, the company has realized standardization and systematization in each producing link.

The products are featured with high resistance to the acid, corrosion and flaming. And they are durable for long service lives, and with good insulation.

The company keeps moving with scientific and innovative spirit, which won the high reputation and praises in the plastic zip tie manufacturing field.

The products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and many countries and cities. The market share of the company rises steadily.

Product Details

1. Materials

Self- locking zip ties are made by Nylon 66. The product has thin wall, so the injection processing is not so simple as the imagine. It has high requirements on the molds, materials, and injection machines.

2. Features

  • Excellent Mechanical Property

It has high tensile strength, and high mechanical intensity. At the same time, it owns good tenacity.

  • High Abrasive Resistance

The friction factor of nylon 66 is very small. So it has good abrasive resistance. The service life is very long as the drive disk assembly.

  • Good Elasticity, Bears Weary

It has good elasticity. So it can stand thousands of times of bending.

  • Strong Resistance to the Corrosion

It has a strong resistance to the corrosion. And this product is resisting to moldy and dirty.

  • Nice Dyeing Ability

The natural color of the product is white. But some users will need colors such as red, black, blue, yellow, green and so on. The good dyeing ability makes the product easy to be dyed in any colors the customers required.

3. Applications

It can be applied in any places where needs the bundling and fastening. We can find it used in bundling the television lines and computer inner linking cables. And the domestic appliances, lights, electrical machines, and digital toys will use it to fix the lines inside.

Besides, it is used to fix the cables and lines in the ships. The oil pipes are bundled by it in the mechanical machines. The whole packaging of the bicycles also use the plastic tie.

Moreover, it is also applied to tie things of the gardening, farms, hand art works. In many big supermarkets, it is used to fix and bundle kinds of goods.

Notes for Use

1. Do not use the force more than the standard limit of the zip tie.

As we all know, different specifications of the products have different tensile strength standards. When the force you are giving on the tie is too big and more than the limit, it must break. This is not the problem of quality.

2. The diameter of the article needs smaller than the bundling diameter of the product.

Big articles use the big specification product, and the small articles use the small specification product. But the diameter of the product must be bigger than the article. And it is better to set aside 5 cm to 8 cm after the locking tightly.

3. The working temperature needs to keep in the temperature range.

The best working temperature range of the product is from -40 ℃ to 120 ℃, so that the product can keep its good mechanical property and performance. And it is not easy to go aging in the range.

4. In the moist environment, the product can keep good flexibility, but low tensile strength.

The humidity for the product is a good thing, but also a bad thing. The humidity can make the product high flexibility. However, the humidity will make the product low in the tensile strength.

In general, the zip tie manufacturers will add some humidity to the packaging bags of the products before the sealing, for it can make the tie in good flexibility and store for longer service time. Now the tensile strength may be not as good as the sample. After the water disappearing, the tensile strength may go up quickly.

5. The product has good insulation. The temperature lower than 105 ℃ will not affect its property.

So it is better to use it in lower than 105 ℃. And the flame resistance level of the product has come to 94 V-2.

Producing Processes

The main raw materials for the products are PA 66 materials.

1. Drying the Raw Materials

Set the temperature to 80 ℃. And dry the raw material in the air.  Some manufacturers may dry the material in the mechanical dryer. This step will make the water disappear.

2. Automatically Absorb Materials, Injection, and Mold

The melting temperature of plastic cable ties is from 260 ℃ to 290 ℃. So in this process, it is very important to have a well control on the temperature under the 300 ℃.

And the pressure needs to be adjusted between 750 bar to 1250 bar. The details are decided by the materials and the design of the product.

The speed of the injection should be set as the high speed. But for the reinforced materials, it can be a bit lower in the speed.

3. Cooling

PA 66 is one kind of heat plastic. It will turn hard after the cooling step.

4. Quality Tests

The last step is to make the quality tests to check if there are some quality problems, such as material shortages, rough edges, and so on. Then deliver the superior products to the customers from home and abroad.