Cable Ties 370mm x 4.8mm

HONT Cable Ties 370mm x 4.8mmCable Ties 370mm x 4.8mm

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What are the cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm?

Cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm are one of the most popular specifications on the market. They are favored by all walks of life. Its size is not too big nor too small. And it is easy to carry and use.

1. Material:

This type of product is made of the raw material of Nylon 66. And the material has got the certificate of UL approve.

Nylon 66 does well in the resisting to the corrosion. And it is also anti-acid. Besides, this material is resistant to heat and cold. It has an excellent performance in the insulation.

The nylon 66 made products are anti-burning. The flame resisting grade is 94 V-2. They are very steady in all sides.

2. Specification:

If you have bought some cable ties before, you must know the specification of this product.

Cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm have the length of 370 mm. And the width of them is 4.8 mm.

Some inferior products may have shorter length or the thinner thickness to reduce the cost of the production.

But HONT cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm has two kinds of the specification. They are the standard size on the market and our new patented size.

The standard size has the length of the 370 mm. And the width of the standard of HONT is 4.8 mm. The patented cable ties  370mm x 4.8mm of HONT has the width of the 4.4 mm, but much thicker thickness than the standard.

HONT use more material on the new patented products than the standard ones.

3. Temperature:

The working temperature of the product is from -40℃ to 120℃. So this specification can work in the very high temperature and the very low temperature.

4. Tensile Strength:

When we turn to the tensile strength, it is necessary to say clearly here.

HONT produces two kinds of cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm. The tensile strength of the standard is 22 kgs. It is 50 lbs.

What is more, HONT’s new patented cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm has more strong tensile strength. It is 29 kgs. It reaches to 75 lbs.

5. Features:

Cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm are featured for the small size. They are light in the weight. But they have very strong tensile strength. They are easy to use and carry.

In addition, the raw material of this zip tie makes the product itself own very steady performance. These ties can resist to the acid and aging. They are tolerant to heat  and the cold. They have a long service life.

6. Applications:

They can be used in the electrical factories. And the electronic companies also need them. The computers and the televisions will use the zip ties to bundle the lines inside.

It is because the size of this type is not so big. They can no be used to bind the oil pipes. And some big articles will not use them.

But they can be used for the kids’ toys. And the decoration needs them. The farmers also need them for help in the fields. The gardening will use these ties to bundle the trees.

And some of these products will be used in the fresh market. And some will be used to fasten the pens or rulers in the stationery stores.


What shall we do when we are purchasing cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm?

It is known for us, nylon zip ties are our daily tool in the life and industry. They are familiar for us. But not every one knows how to purchase them. Here I want give you several tips for it.

1. Make sure the working condition of the cable ties.

If you are going to buy plastic zip ties, you must know where you are going to use them. So we need to make sure what kind of working condition we have for the cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm.

There are many kinds of working condition and environment. It can natural office. And it may be the home. And it may be the chemical factories. It also could be the supermarket.

We should ensure if the place has the corrosion environment. And if the the working place has the UV sunlight? Or the working place has very high heat?

Different working places will use different materials. The working place of sunlight will need the UV black zip ties. And the heavy duty goods will need the heavy duty cable ties or the stainless steel cable ties. Our cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm can not hold the heavy duty.

2. Then we have to confirm the bundling requirements of the articles.

Someone may say it is not a serious problems. But I want to say that the requirement for bundling is also very important. Some goods will need the loose bundling. And some goods may need the tight bundling.

If the goods need the loose bundling are fastened very tight, the goods may have some damages. And if the goods need the tight bundling are fastened very loose,  the goods may fall off. Even it may cause some safety accidents.

3. Choose a reliable zip tie brand, such as HONT.

Before we are going to purchase the cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm, it is necessary to have some knowledge of the good zip ties suppliers.

If you have choose a reliable supplier, it will save you a lot of money and a lot of time. Here I want to note that not the cheaper the better. The cheaper price products may be reduced in the materials to keep the cost.


Why do some cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm have a break?

We all know that good quality cable ties will be not easy to break. It is easy to find the break usually happen in the nylon cable ties. So why will the break happen for the zip ties?

1. Most cable ties will break in winter.

As we all know, plastic zip ties are made by Nylon 66. The low temperature resistance is not as good as the high temperature resistance.

The working temperature is from -40℃ to 120℃. If the temperature is colder, it is easy to happen the break. Winter’s temperature is cold. When the temperature comes to be lower than the -40℃, the break may happen.

If we want to solve this problem, we can choose the special materials. The material should be cold resistant. And it need to have good consistency with the Nylon 66.

And we can also change the Nylon 66 by the other kind of nylon material.

2. If the ties you buy is the secondary recycled product, it is easy to break.

Someone always prefer the cheaper cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm. But they may not know the products they buy may be made by the secondary recycled nylon.

These kinds of products are very easy to happen the break, no matter it is cold or not in the temperature. The manufacturers will give these recycled nylon products beautiful packages.

These products are through many times of heat and shaped. The structure of the molecule have changed. And the performance has been reduced heavily.

Moreover, they will be through the degradation and oxidation. The function of the nylon are totally different with the new nylon material.

In addition, as we all know all the good nylon cable ties will have nice flexibility. And in general, nylon will have the moisture absorption of 3% to 8%.

If the nylon is  recycled, the moisture absorption of the nylon is damaged. And kinds of boiling and steaming will do nothing  to make the the recycled nylon to absorb the moisture.

This kind of nylon cable tie is destined to break easily.

3. The bad injection and molding skills will make the ties to break.

The processes of molding  and injection are very important for cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm. If the molding and the injection have some problems, the products must be easy to break.  It is because the bad molding and injection may make the product have some gaps inside.


What shall we need to note when using cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm?

As we all know, cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm are very widely used. They are applied in the industry and the daily life. People will prefer to use them when they are working or in the daily life.

However, no matter if you are users or not, it is very important to know some notes about them.

1. Keep the working environment.

The best storing temperature of nylon cable ties is 23℃. Of course, we all know the working temperature of the product is -40℃ to 120℃. So we are better to control the temperature in the range. The ties can have the best performance in the this temperature.

And the best humidity for the cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm is about 50%. So please try the best to make these ties to work in the humidity of 50%. It is not good to work in the very dry or very wet environment.

Good humidity can keep the ties having good mechanical performance. Nylon cable ties have the ability of hygroscopicity. A bit higher humidity is better for the flexibility. However if the humidity is too high, it may affect the tensile strength.

In addition, we should pay attention to the  sunshine. We should make sure if the working environment will have the constant sunlight. If the working environment have the sunlight, we need to choose the UV black cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm.

2. Control the force of pull.

As we all know, each specification of the ties has its own tensile strength range. When we are using the plastic ties, we must control the outside force.

Don’t use too much force. If the force is much bigger than the maximum of the tensile strength range. The zip ties will be damaged.

3. Pay attention to the bundling size of the article.

When we are going to use the cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm, we must pay attention to the bundling size of the goods.

The bundling range of them is 3 mm to 98 mm. So it is better to keep the diameter of the goods in the range of 3 mm to 98 mm.

For other sizes of nylon zip ties, it is better to left 50 mm to 80 mm.


HONT is the leading manufacturer of self-locking cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm in China.

HONT was founded in the year of 1997. The company grew out of a small plastic factory in Yueqing. It is a beautiful city, with a convenient transportation. The location of the company is near the airport.

The company has passed the International Quality Certificate of ISO9001 in 1998. And it got through the TUV in the year 2001. In the year of 2002, HONT got passed the certificate of CE.

Two years later, the company has got through the certificate of UL. And another two years later, HONT have got the approve of the certificate of SGS.

In 2009, HONT got RoHS REACH. And one year later, HONT got passed the certificate of UL&TUV for Power Tools Switch. And in 2011, it passed the certificate of CCC for the Wall Switch.

The modern and standard factor workshop is 45,000 square meters. And the company has more than 680 employees.

The main products of HONT is self-locking cable ties, nail cable clips, stainless steel ties and so on. Among so many products, cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm are the best sold ones.

They are far sold in Australia, Germany, the Untied States, and Spain. They are popular in over two hundred countries and regions. We have cooperated with WALMART, HOME DEPOT, CARREFOURK RB, DORMAM, GB, KINGFISHER and so on.

The company is keeping the business concept of “Satisfy the Clients and Realize Win-win”. HONT is supplying the superior cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm  with competitive prices and perfect service.

We believe that our high quality and best service will get your satisfy. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Welcome to visit and have a win-win cooperation!