China Cable Tie Manufacturer – Patent Type


Highly Appreciated China Cable Tie Manufacturer – Patent Type

HONT was developed since 1950s’. Now it has been so widely used in most all walks of life. And it is still moving ahead in a steady and healthy pace. HONT is one of the superior China cable tie manufacturer – patent type.


Brief Introduction to Zip Tie

HONT has designed a new patent nylon cable tie. It has far more tensile strength than the standard. And the price is the same as the standard on the market.

Nylon zip tie is a tie to bundle things and twist ties. It is made by China cable tie manufacturer. It is used for electrical cable bundling. It is also known as many names.

There are zip tie, nylon cable tie, PA made cable tie. And the cable tie price of suppliers wholesale is very nice.

And there are other plastic product, such as tie mounts, hose tie, tie wraps, tie zap straps. It is divided into: self-locking nylon cable tie zip, double head cable tie, beaded cable tie, releasable cable tie, mark cable tie, and so on.

The mold of this product is not difficult. It is design manufacturing. And the injection of the product is also simple. But it also requires high for superior quality.

Nylon cable tie is made of UL approved PA. It is a kind of plastic material Nylon 66. This material is UL approved. It has 94 V-2 flame resistant level.

China cable tie manufacturer produce high quality product. It has good acid resistance. It owns high corrosion resistance. Besides, it has good insulation.

We HONT offers Yueqing yingfa cable accessories. We have many free samples paid samples.

We can find it widely used in electronic factories, TV sets, computers. And many other places, such as internal connection lines, lighting, motors, electronic toys, electrical electronics.

Some internal line fixing,cable wire, mechanical equipment also need it.

It is applied in cable and wiring accessories. And locking cable tie is used in oil pipeline fixing, ship cable line fixing. And the bicycle vehicle packaging or bundling other objects will need its help.

It can also be used in agriculture, horticulture, handicraft and other bundling items. It has the characteristics of fast binding. It is good at the function of insulation. At the same time, it is self-locking. Moreover, it is easy to use. There are also UV black color.


Classification of Ties by Materials

How much knowledge do you know about the plastic ties which is produced by China cable tie manufacturer? It is very important for us to have some idea of the classifications of nylon cable ties in the materials.

1. PP Made Zip Tie:

PP made tie is cheapest strapping material. It is generally used for bundling. We are sealing light goods with this tie. PP made China cable tie has high elongation and recovery rate. But its continuous tension is not as good as other plastic made cable ties.

2. Steel Made Tie:

Stainless steel cable tie is generally used to bundle heavy duty things. It is used in whole transport or to fix loads in train carriages. Some trailers or ocean-going freighters will also use them.

It is seldom used for retractable goods. These goods will be subside or displace after bundling. But steel zip tie can firmly bind compressed things. And is often used for binding hard things.

3. Polyester Made Tie:

This kind of product has high strength. And it also owns high tensile tension. Polyester cable tie is an excellent binding material. It is for hard goods.

Usually these goods need constant binding tension. And Polyester zip tie is used during loading, unloading, transportation and storage.

Usually it is used in situations requiring high tensile strength. And high sustained tension and elongation situations also need it. In many cases, its performance is similar to steel made China cable ties.

4. PA Made Cable Tie:

It has high sustained tension. And PA made cable tie is generally used for binding heavy goods. And shrinkage loads are bundled by it can withstand high initial tension.

Its elongation and recovery rate are larger than Polyester material and PP material. Among them, it is the most expensive plastic tie.


Methods for Users to Identify High Quality Zip Ties

We know the society is keeping developing. The tie is used so widely. And it can be seen everywhere in all walks of life.

However, the product quality of cable ties manufacturers is also different. It is because many manufacturers are doing different qualities. They are driven by the interests. How to choose a good quality still needs the eyes of consumers. Here are a few ways to help you.

1. Look at the appearance.

China cable tie manufacturer supplies plastic product. There are so many China cable tie manufacturers. So there will be different production processes.

And the different processes will leave many traces on the surface. For example, bubble, deformation, burning traces, etc.

Although it is small defect. The future use of this product will also be affected.

So we need to see the surface, especially the part of the belt. There can not appear broken teeth or residual teeth. And the belt of the tie should have bright color.

2. Look at the performance.

Different specifications of plastic ties have different performance. Their performance is shown by their tensile strength. And good quality cable tie have good extension. And these superior cable ties will not easily break. And they seldom have brittle situation.

Good tie can meet the needs of consumers. Different sizes correspond to different extension. We need to choose according to our own needs.

3. Don’t just look at the prices.

The current marker has various China cable tie manufacturers. The country does not have a unified standard. So the specifications of nylon cable ties produced by different manufacturers are different. And the prices are also different.

Most customers only want products at low prices. But they ignore the quality of products. In fact, the prices of products with unified specifications are different.

There are different product materials. And there are different standardization. Besides, the application of new technologies are also different. The source of this product is different, too.

We should not just consider price of it. We need to take product quality as the first. And choose products manufactured by good manufacturers. Even if the price is slightly higher, there is guarantee for the quality. And there is no danger in the use process. And the service life is long.


Tips to Enhance the Toughness of Nylon Cable Tie

We all know that, the toughness of the tie is very important. Now I will introduce some tips. The main way to improve the toughness of nylon cable tie is to do post-treatment.

It can be humidified in the air. But it is not good for a long time. And the least of the humidified time is 3-7 days. In winter, the air humidity is low. So it is difficult for nylon to absorb enough water.

  1. Generally, this product can be boiled or steamed with water. In this case, the toughness of the material can be improved.

But the color of the product will change after boiling. And there will be water stains and white spots on the surface of the tie.

  1. However, we can control water stains and white spots by humidifying steam. It is a popular way to do it.
  2. In addition, starting from raw materials of them. Suitable tougheners can be selected. It can toughen the raw materials. And we can choose high toughness plastic to be the raw material.


 Ways to Improve the Transparency of  Zip Tie

At present, the color of the product from China cable tie manufacturer is white. And there are also yellow, white, black, blue and so on.

But with the development of the plastic industry, the transparency of this little thing is widely valued by cable ties suppliers.

After all, the pure and transparent cable tie will bring people a sense of beauty. It will bring the pleasure in use. So, how can we improve the transparency of nylon cable tie?

Here are some ways to improve the transparency of it.

  1. We have to make a simple understanding of the transparency of it. The key operation is to reduce the crystal cleanliness. And we need to control the quality of cleanliness.
  2. Don’t forget to improve the refractive index. And reducing the double refraction. Therefore, it is important to reduce the crystal cleanliness.
  3. We need to add nucleating agent.It can improve the transparency of plastics. At present, this is the only effective way to increase the transparency.
  4. Its main function is that the resin can play the role of nucleation. So it can promote the crystallization of small molecular substances. And it could improve the clean quality and refractive index.
  5. In addition, the transparency of plastics of the product can be improved by blending. Go through the blending effect of two resins. Some transparent plastics products can be doped. And other resins can be added into transparent resins.


The Developing Future of Plastic Zip Tie

Nylon cable tie have many China cable tie manufacturers. It was not marketed in large quantities many years ago. The traditional technology were wires , ropes. They were generally used. They were also known as tie-up wires.

Traditional ropes and tie-ups in the process are slowly withdrawing from the market. While more and more enterprises and factories prefer to use nylon cable ties. There are several reasons.

  1. Traditional ropes and tie-up wires are usually made of PVC or fiber materials. These material will soon become weathered. And these material will be decayed with the passage of time. So in daily use, the traditional ropes bring inconvenience to the objects after use.
  2. And the traditional PVC wires is also not so excellent. It needs iron wires to strengthen its toughness and tension. But because the appearance of some PVC in use will be detached.

It will go aging over a long period of time. Then the iron wires will expose. And it will directly injure the object. And if PVC wires are used on wire appliances, there will be a risk of danger.

  1. Both above ropes have too many troublesome in the use. And the scale of workers’ operation is difficult to be unified. And the labor cost is too high.

However, the use of self-locking tie is relatively simple. And the using method is simple. It is easy for enterprises to bring higher effectiveness.

  1. It has high tensile strength. It owns impact resistance. And it has good acid and alkali resistance.

In addition, when used in industry, Nylon itself has a certain fire protection level of 94 V 2. These advantages are not gained by the traditional ropes and PVC wires.

  1. In recent years, the environmental protection requirements put forward by the world. We can find it specially in Europe and United States. This has made it difficult for traditional PVC materials of China cable ties to meet the environmental standards.

In addition, the traditional wires need to use a large number of PVC wires. China’s steel prices are keeping rising. And there are certain risks in the price. So the market of PVC cables has lost.

As mentioned in the above review, China cable tie has a stable development market prospects.


Leading China Cable Tie Manufacturer

The cable tie industry is developing so fast. There are many different China cable tie manufacturers in this field. One of the leading nylon cable tie suppliers is HONT.

HONT is located in Liushi. Liushi is a famous electronic city in the country. The company is professional in manufacturing and designing plastic products. Its products are highly spoken by customers from home and abroad.

The company has a advanced technician team for exploring and developing plastic products. Besides, HONT has a professional testing center to keep the high quality level. We import many world advanced machines. These machines increase the production capacity of HONT.

All the HONT people believe that the most important thing for an enterprise is the quality and credit. HONT is always keeping producing the superior quality and good credit, as the leading China cable tie manufacturer, for its customers and clients.