China Cable Tie


Highly Appreciated China Cable Tie

There is a big improvement for China cable tie. It was developed since the 1950s’. Now it has been so widely used in almost all walks of life. And it is still moving ahead in a steady and healthy pace. HONT Electrical is one of the superior cable tie China suppliers.


Brief Introduction to Cable Tie

Nylon cable tie is a tie to bundle things and twist ties. cable tie is used for electrical cable bundling. It is also known as many names. There are zip tie, nylon cable tie, PA made cable tie.

Cable tie is nylon 66 cable tie. It is divided into self-locking nylon cable tie, double head cable tie, beaded cable tie, releasable cable tie, marker cable tie, and so on.

The mold of the nylon cable tie is not difficult. It is designed manufacturing. And the injection of the zip ties is also simple. But it also requires high for superior quality.

It is made of UL approved PA. It is a kind of plastic material Nylon 66. This material is UL approved. It has 94 V-2 flames resistant level.

Cable tie has good acid resistance. It owns high corrosion resistance. Besides, it has good insulation.

We can find it widely used in electronic factories, TV sets, computers. And many other places, such as internal connection lines, lighting, motors, electronic toys, electrical electronics.

Some internal line fixing, cable wire, mechanical equipment also need it.

They are applied in cable and wiring accessories. And locking cable tie is used in oil pipeline fixing, ship cable line fixing. And the bicycle-vehicle packaging or bundling other objects will need its help.

It can also be used in agriculture, horticulture, handicraft, and other bundling items. It has the characteristics of fast binding. It is good at the function of insulation. At the same time, it is self-locking. Moreover, it is easy to use.

The Market Size of China Cable Ties industry

According to the statistical results, in the total cable tie production of 2018 in China, the using proportion applied in electrical appliance industry is 28%. And the proportion of zip ties applied in the household appliance industry is 16%. With the technology development in cable tie manufacturing, physical performance has kept improving unceasingly. And the using function has also enhanced gradually. These have brought more and more expanse appliance range of the product.

The whole manufacturing level of the China cable tie industry has got a rapid enhancement. The market size has expanded year by year. China has become the district with the biggest developing potential power and fastest development in the global zip tie market. Based on the data, the market size is 0.789 billion yuan in 2011. And in the year of 2016, it has risen up to 0.977 billion yuan.

And in the following years, the downstream industries in the domestic market have got sustainable development. Among these downstream industries, the using demands of nylon cable tie keep rising. In 2018, the market for this product has come to 1.112 billion yuan.

Nylon cable ties were mainly applied in the electronic and electrical appliance fields in the early ages. With the reinforcing of the efficiency of the social industry, they are not just be used to the lines and wires, the appliance range of them have got expanded step by step. They have almost covered all the fields, all the places need the bundling.

They are used to fasten the scaffolds in the construction industry. And they are applied to build the frames for the crops in agriculture. They are also used in the hang tags in the clothing industry. The bundling of the vegetables and some tags in the food industry also need them. Some postal service and express use cable ties to fasten the mails and parcels.

In 2011, there were 40% of cable ties are used in the electrical appliance industry in the whole year production. And 17% was used for the household appliance fields. 10% were for the automobile manufacturing industry. 8% were applied to the communication industry. 6% were used for the construction industry. 4% of ties were for gardening and daily use. 15% were for the other industries.


Leading Cable Ties China Supplier

The cable tie industry is developing so fast. There are many different cable tie China manufacturers in this field. One of the leading nylon cable tie suppliers is HONT.

HONT is located in Liushi. Liushi is a famous electronic city. The company is professional in manufacturing and designing plastic products. Its products are highly spoken by customers from home and abroad.

The company has an advanced technician team for exploring and developing China cable ties. Besides, HONT has a professional testing center to keep a high-quality level. We import many world advanced machines. These machines increase the production capacity of HONT.

All the HONT people believe that the most important thing for an enterprise is quality and credit. HONT is always keeping producing the superior quality and good credit of China cable tie for its customers and clients.