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  1. The outter part is the non-woven fabric protective layer: It is to filter large particles, wind, dust and pollutant.
  2. Static electricity melt-down filtering layer: Good adsorbability with excellent filtering performance.
  3. Soft skin-friendly non woven fabric layer: It is with super moisture management, to enhance the comfort level for the users.

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Face Mask: The Complete FAQ Guide

With the outbreak of the new corona virus, mask has turned to be the No. 1 instrument in this nonexplosive warfare. It seems to be updated from one of the ordinary medical supplies to the strategic materials.

Types of Mask on the Market

There are 3 types of mask on the market.

1.Medical Surgical Mask (3 ply disposable Non wowen face mask)

It has 3 layers. They are waterproof layer, filter layer, and moisture absorption inner. The inner is made of a layer of non-woven fabric. Medical surgical mask can prevent 70% virus.

And it can be bought in the drugstores.

How to tell the front and back of the mask?

The blue waterproof layer is the front. And the white moisture absorption inner is the back.

When wearing it, please make the white non-woven fabric toward your face, and the waterproof layer outside.

2.Medical Protective Mask

Most medical protective mask usually are KN95 and N95.

Just take N95 as the example. There are two types of N95 on the market. One is biohazard type, the other is dust type.

Biohazard mask has the specifications of 1860 and 9132. Most of them are blue or green.

Dust mask has the specification of 8210. And its color is white.

What is the difference between KN95 and N95?

KN95 follows our national standard. While N95 is under the American standard. Both can prevent 95% aerosol. So they are similar in the protection effect.

3.Ordinary Cotton Mask

It is made of cotton, which cannot prevent the virus. The materials are not fine enough.

It is not commended in this period.

When to Use Surgical Mask and Preventive Mask?

In such serious corona virus circumstances, the first choices of masks are medical surgical mask and medical protective mask.

Cough, talk and sneeze will produce much droplets, which are the main route transmission of the corona virus. Not all the masks can prevent the droplets.

  1. Medical Surgical Mask (3 ply disposable Non wowen face mask)

Independent packing masks are recommended. Most medical surgical masks are sterilized.

They can meet the requirement of our daily life.

  1. Medical Preventive Mask

Just as the above we’ve talked, most medical preventive masks on the market are N95 of USA and KN95in China. And there are also FFP2 of Europe, DS2 from Japan.

These standards mean to prevent the particular matter with diameter about 0.3μm. And droplets mean the aerosol with diameter more than 5μm.

The number of the specification is bigger, it means the filtering effect is stronger, such as N99, N100, FFP3 and so on. There are some a bit weaker masks, such as KN90 and FFP1.

Usually, we ordinary people can also choose these preventive masks. The first choices are N95, KN95. Then it is KN90.

When you are purchasing, please check if there are letters of N95 on the packing.

Anyway, if you have enough preventive masks, your first choice are them.

However, in our daily life, surgical masks will be less burden for us. They may be more suitable and cheaper.

Q: If it is necessary to wear mask at home?

A: Usually, it is not necessary to do so. However, if your family members get a fever or has some other symptoms, such as runny nose, stuffy nose and sneeze, please ask them to wear masks. Don’t forget to wear a mask yourself.

Q: Can we DIY masks at home?

A: It cannot match to the masks you bought. There are mask DIY lessons on line. The materials they recommend to use are cotton, wool, and fabric. These material is big in the mesh. They are not able to prevent the virus effectively.

Q: Is the mask thicker, the protection effect better?

A: The answer is no. Medical surgical mask seems to be thin, but high in the filtering effect. Its waterproof layer, filtering layer, moisture absorption inner can prevent the virus effectively.

And though the cotton mask is thick enough, it fails to stop the virus. One layer effective mask is enough!

How to Wear Mask?

  1. Medical Surgical Mask (3 ply disposable Non wowen face mask)

White non-woven fabric side is facing us. And the blue waterproof layer is facing outside. And the metal strip sdie needs to be upward.

After hang the rubber band onto our ears, you need to pinch the metal strip to make the mask close to the nose.

  • Cover the nose, mouth and your chin with the mask. Then hang the rubber band onto the ears.
  • Put two fingers on each side of your nose. Press the mask with these two fingers from the center, and gradually to the sides. Make the mask closely tight to the nose.
  • At last, adjust the degree of the band tightness.
  1. Medical Preventive Mask

When you wear N95 mask, cover the mask on your face. Fix one rubber band below on the neck, and fix the other on the head. Pinch the metal strip. Let your face and mask fit closely.

  • Hold the mask with one hand. The metal strip side is facing the outside.
  • Cover your nose, mouth and the chin with the mask. Metal strip closely fit the the nose and face.
  • Pull the downward band over the top of your head, to the neck.
  • Then pull the upward band over the top of your head , to the middle part of your head.
  • Make two fingers on both sides of the metal strip. From the center, press the strip, and move to the two ends.

Q: Why the glasses are full of vapour, when wearing the mask?

A: First, check if you are correctly wearing the mask. Pinch the metal clamp, to fit to the nose and face.

If there is still vapour, you can try breathing a bit more slightly.

Note: Go outside only when there is no vapour on the glasses.

Protection Principles of Mask

In the current stage for the world, mask is indeed not enough, serious out of stock.

It is a cruel fact that masks are inadequate. However, we can come over it by reusing them. It is the best way and the only method.

When the mask is reused, please remember the tips:




If your mask is stained with water, throw it away. It is a waste. Wearing such a stained mask is equal to making jokes with your own life.

Take mask of N95 (American Standard) and KN95 (National Standard) as the examples.

If you define the protection ability of 3 layers of cotton mask as 5, the protection ability of KN95 with 1 layer is 100. That is a huge gap of protection ability between them.

Suppose that your ears are wide enough to wear 60 layers of cotton mask, its protection ability only comparable to the guy wearing 1 layer of KN95.

KN95 mask can stop diameter of 0.3μm particular matter. Its filtering effect is more than 95%.

Why is this kind of mask so amazing? Is its mesh extremely fine?

You’ve never found materials with fine mesh. It isμm level. In another word, even if you are able to make such materials, I’m afraid that you may not breathe with it. With such small mesh, it is impossible for the airflow to come.

But KN95 do it! Its core secret is the principle of electrostatic adsorption.

Tear the KN95 mask. You will find one layer of melt-blown fabric.

This kind of melt-blown fabric is made of polypropylene. It is superfine electrostatic fibre. Its biggest feature is that it can own the ability of electrostatic adsorption, after the processing of electret.

When you wear KN95, the air you breathe can go through, while all the dust and droplets will be electrostatic adsorbed.

You could imagine the funny look when your hairs are adsorbed by the sweater. That is the same principle for KN95.

Dust in the air are hard to get off from the mask after adsorbed. It is also difficult for them to be washed away. Whenever the static electricity exits, the dust and the virus are here too.

When the static electricity disappears, it equals the mask is game over. It turns to be ordinary cotton mask.

What is the static electricity most afraid of? Water! Many people reuse the mask by washing. That is very ridiculous.

I want to emphasize again, that the mask gets useless when stain the water.

Standard KN95 has its own service life. Long time of using will make it loose its static electricity. Then it will become a waste.

KN95 can be reused. But you need to deal it with professional knowledge.

How to Get Off the Mask Correctly?

Do remember four NOT, when get off the mask.

  • Do not touchthe outer surface of the mask.
  • Do not touchthe inner side of the mask.
  • Do not touchthe mask used by others, in case of cross infection.
  • Do not putit in the bag or the pocket directly, which may lead to continuous infection risk. You can fold it from the inner side to outer. Then put it in the self-sealing bag.

When get off the mask, you are better to pick the rubber band. It can avoid touching the stained outer face of the mask.

How to Store the Used Mask?

Strictly speaking, medical surgical mask and preventive mask cannot be reused.

However, the fact is different and special. For the ordinary, mask is difficult to buy. If you have no fever or sneezing, runny nose or stuffy nose, it can be reused. But the reusing time should be no more than 5.

We still emphasize that reusing the mask has the risk of infection. You are better to use it only once. If you have not enough masks, you should avoid going out too much.

Here we talk about how to store the mask after using.

Put it in the dry and clean bag. This bag is required to be sealed well.

How to Keep Unused but Opened Mask Clean?

Unused but opened mask needs to be stored in the dry environment, with good ventilation. And remember to avoid the light, away from the fire and stained matters.

KN95 are taken as the example. Let’s see how to store it?

  • Do not wash it.
  • Store in good ventilation, no light and dry environment.
  • Keep it away from the stained matters and fire.
  • Storing temperature could be from -20℃ to 38℃.
  • Humidity should be smaller than 80%.
  • Storage life is 5 years.

Tips to Throw Used Mask?

There are two situations we need to talk about.

  1. In the hospital or some related medical departments.

Just throw it in the medical waste dustbins directly. Professional departments will deal with these medical waste.

  1. At Home.
  • For the ordinary, the infection risk is not high. You could throw the used masks into the dustbin directly.
  • For the people who have a fever, cough, sneezing, you should throw it into the dustbin first. Then use the 5% of “84”disinfectant spray onto it. The ratio of disinfectant and the water is better to be 1:99.

If you have no disinfectant, never mind. Use the preservation bags or the sealing bags. Put the used mask

into the bag, and throw it into the dustbin.

Note: When you are throwing the used masks, remember to wash your hands carefully.

Methods to Reuse Your Mask

Hospitals are places where the virus are dense. KN95 should be disposable in such places. Reusing the mask will be quite unsafe. You need to put it off and destroy it as soon as you come back home.

While common places are low in the virus dense. You don’t have to throw the KN95 away at once, after using. Just reuse it.

If you go out only for 1 hour one day, one mask is enough for you for one week.

Under the usual circumstance, mask is disposable. But now, it is different. The mask supply is far less than the demand.

Only using up all the static electricity is the time for you to change another one in such a hard period.

If we consume one mask each time we go out, even though the producing capacity is full open, it can’t match the odd of the demand.

After back from the outside, we must deal with the mask. You need to kill the virus on the mask. Only by doing it, than could you reuse the mask again.

You may wonder that you haven’t met anyone in the street, what if there is no virus?

If so, why you wear the mask?

You cannot ensure whether you get to the virus, so there is a risk here.

Now that there appear the risk, you must do the disinfecting before you wear the mask next time.

The premise is you must ensure to protect the static electricity in the mask.

Static Electricity! Static Electricity! Static Electricity!

Actually, killing the virus is simple. Boiling, steaming, spraying disinfectant, medical alcohol are all the ways to kill virus. The virus is not such strong. It is easy to kill it.

But all these methods will make the mask stained with vapour.

If the mask is stained with vapour, it gets useless directly.

If you want to reuse the precious KN95 mask, remember two keys. One is High temperature, the other is no water.

Many people refer to microwave stove.

Right. Microwave stove actually has such function. But there is one metal strip inside KN95. It is used to make the mask close to the nose. While this metal strip will melt and get fire in the microwave stove!

Here are 3 ways to disinfect the mask.

  1. Ultraviolet light kills the virus.
  2. Dry bake the mask.
  3. Traditional way to kill the virus.

Actually, medical UV irradiation can kill all the virus in 10 minutes. And disinfection cabinet and germicidal lamp at home also have the similar function.

If you don’t have such equipment at home, you cam try dry baking.

For example, if you have heating radiator at home, the temperature of the radiator can reach to 60 – 70℃, when the temperature indoor is 20℃.

You could put mask on the radiator for dry baking, which can kill the virus in half to one hour.

If you have no radiator, only air conditioners. Let’s use the last method, that is strongly recommended to use for almost all the people.

The traditional way to kill virus!

Put mask into one bottle. Seal it well. DO NOT let the water in. Then put it in the pan for boiling.

After the water is boiled, the virus are killed in 10 minutes.

Taking KN95 as the example, it is because KN95 is the TOP 1 to prevent the virus among the masks. These 3 ways suits to all types of masks.

Q: Isn’t it right to spray the alcohol?

A: Of course not! Alcohol contains water. Spray alcohol can kill both the virus and the mask.

Q: When we breathe and sneeze, there comes condensate water. So what shall we do?

A: It is related with the service life of mask. All the breathing condensate water will consume the life of mask. Besides, the surface of KN95 is required to resist to moisture by the national standards. Slight breathing will not damage the special surface of KN95.

Q: Can stained mask by saliva and snot be used again?

A: It is useless. Mask cannot be stained with any water.

Q: How to disinfect medical disposable mask?

A: The disposable mask are better not to be reused.

Q: Can the mask disinfected by alcohol be used again?

A: No. The mask cannot tough water.

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