Double Locking Cable Tie

High-Level Double Lock Cable Tie

HONT is good at producing high-level nylon cable tie. For example, double lock cable tie, mounts cable tie and releasable cable ties. These superior quality cable straps are widely applied in many places. Our cable tie is highly appreciated by users. They are from home and abroad.

Some Classification of Cable Tie

There are many kinds of zip ties produced. They are made of different materials. And they also have different application fields.

And the molds of them are also different. In order to make you know more about the types. I will make a brief introduction of various kinds of cable ties to you. I hope it will be helpful to you all.

This is the case. Nylon double locking cable ties are widely used. They are binding materials. I believe that friends have a certain understanding of them. Moreover, according to the different uses of nylon cable tie, there are several kinds. And the characteristics will be different. Today,  I will give you a detailed explanation of the classification of the zip tie.

1. Self-locking Type:

It is made of the Nylon 66. It has many features. And it has a uniform design of flat teeth in the body. And there is a gear design on the head. It is easy to tie. And it is not easy to release. It has an extremely strong bearance. And self-locking nylon cable tie is flame retardant. It can stand high temperature and low temperature. Besides, it has strong corrosion resistance. It is not easy to aging.

Self-locking cable ties are popular in many fields. It will not loose after the locking.

2. Double Lock Type:

Its material is the same as our self-locking cable tie. It is made of Nylon 66. So it is featured for high resistance to corrosion and acid. It has 94V-2 level of flame resistance. And it is also anti-aging. The biggest feature of it is that it has two locks in the head.

This special design has advantages. It can bind two things together. At the same time, it can separate these two by its double locks. And it is convenient to use. And its special use makes it popular in the cable tie industry.

3. Releasable Nylon Cable Tie:

This kind of cable tie is made of Nylon 66. This material approved by UL. It also owns many features. The biggest feature is its reusing function. It can be used many times easily and quickly. When the users lock the tie, the users can also retreat and undo it easily. We don’t have to cut the ties. And it will not waste the resources.

It has high-temperature resistance. And it is anti-aging. It is resistant to corrosion and many kinds of chemicals.

4. Releasable Beaded Cable Tie:

This type is also made of Nylon 66. Fire-proof grade of beaded cable tie is 94V-2. It is acid-resistant. And it is not easy to aging. Its head has a keyhole. This hole can let the bead to lock and loose. So this type of zip tie is reusable. It is easy to use. And it is fast and environmentally friendly.

5. Marker Cable Tie:

It is the same as the double locking cable tie. Its material is also the Nylon 66. And it has the 94V-2 of the fire-proof grade. It is acid-resistant. It is resistant to corrosion. And it is not easy to aging.

There is a blank sign tap in the head of marker cable tie. This tap is used for marking some information on the things. It can be marked with an oil-pen. It is simple to use.

6. Plate Fixed Cable Tie

This kind of cable tie is also known as the zip tie used in the automotive fields. It uses Nylon 66 as its raw material. When the users use it, it needs a cap to work together. It has a very high pulling force. The tensile strength of this zip tie is very high. And it is applied in the automotive industry.

7. Stainless Steel Cable Tie:

The material is Nylon 66. It is made of stainless steel. So it has far higher tensile strength than the nylon cable ties. It has the advantage of good insulation. It has good flammability. Stainless steel cable tie is easy to operate. It is labor saving and cost saving.

8. Push Mount Cable Tie:

It is made by the material of Nylon 66. The head can be clamped into the punched hole. And then the object can be tightened. The operation is simple and easy to fix.

The use of nylon cable tie is different. And its features will be very different. If friends need to use them, you must pay attention to their use. And then choose the suitable nylon cable tie.

Product Description:

1. Specification:

It is a double locking design cable tie. It is quite different from a single head cable tie. So it has much higher tensile strength than standard cable ties. And it has various bundle diameter.

Besides, this kind of cable tie has a stronger supporting capacity.

2. Material:

The product is made by Nylon 66. And it is using 94 V-2 flame retardant level. Besides, it is certificated by UL.

And it is featured for acid resistance. And it is not easy to age.

3. Color:

The common color of this kind of zip tie is white. White is the standard color. There is also black. This black nylon color is UV resistant.

Any other colors can be ordered. We HONT has the ability to make them with any colors. We will try our best to make customers satisfied.

4. Operation Temperature

As we all know, our product is high temperature resistant. And it is also resisting to low temperature. The operating temperature range of double locking cable tie is from -40 ℃ to 85 ℃.

5. Advantages:

It is famous for its two locking heads. So it is strong in the tensile strength. And it has a good ability in durability.

In addition, it has all the advantages of common cable ties.

For example, it is resistant to acid. It is resistant to corrosion. Moreover, it is anti-aging. It can play well in resisting to low temperature. Besides, this type of cable tie is quite good at resisting to high temperature.

Double locking cable tie has good insulation. And its durability is far higher than the cable ties of one locking.


Double lock cable tie has higher tensile strength than other cable ties. The product is widely used in all walks of life.

It is seen in fixing oil pipeline of machinery and equipment. It has different shape around the cable. And it is used in cable line on ships. This type of cable tie is used for cable bundle for bicycle packaging. And many other binding objects also need them.

We also use this cable tie in agriculture, horticulture. It is also applied in handicraft and other binding items.

The product has the characteristics of the fast binding. And it has good insulation. What is more, it is easy to use.

How to choose a good double lock cable tie?

The development of the economy is so fast. We use cable straps more and more. It is involving almost all fields of industry.

As the users, we need to have the knowledge of choosing good cable ties. So how to choose a good quality double lock cable tie?

1. Judge from the appearance.

We can judge the quality just by our eyes. Usually, plastic products will have defects. For example, edges, lack of materials, burning, silver wire, bubbles, deformation, shrinkage, and other vulnerable products.

These are also easier to show in the ties. It requires careful examination of its appearance. Although some do not affect the use. It can also lead to some quality accidents.

We all know the belt part and the tooth cavity of the head are very important. Therefore, the belt part should be carefully observed. There no residual teeth can be found.

Good quality products have no step-like deviation marks. These marks may on the top of the inner surface of the tooth cavity part. We need to check. Otherwise, there will be a large number of unusable sliding teeth.

And it will be difficult to put the body of the product into the hole. This bad quality means the tie is waste.

There are other problems need us to pay careful attention. For example, the simple crossing phenomenon.

If the crossing edge is too big, then after insertion, the belt tooth surface and the head cavity are not compact. And it is easy to make the teeth loose.

A good tie should be transparent and clear in color. If the color is a bit yellow, it is not a big problem. It can not be muddy black.

The quality of the material of this type of cable tie is also a key point. It affects the quality much. After shearing by high temperature melting screw, the molecular structure of plastics will change. Especially for the raw material PA 66.

PA 66 is used to make many nylon products. Its high ductility makes it has wide use in the industry.

2. Judge from the working performance.

Tensile strength is the most important performance index of these products.

Let us put a certain strength on one piece. It may break on the band of the body. Or it may appear reverse teeth. And it may have head cracking. These above breaking methods should be above the minimum tensile strength of the standard.

Some users may think this piece is not good in the quality. No. It is not a quality problem. We are not right to judge it is not good double locking cable tie.

Tips for Using Double Locking Cable Tie Products

We need our products to have the best performance. There are several tips we need to pay attention to.

1. Nylon products must go through the most appropriate water absorption treatment. After the water absorption, we must seal the bag. Please be sure to use plastic bags to seal. So these ties can keep dry.

2. If the environment for our products is not well, we need to change it. Especially, it is in winter. The weather is very cold. It should be stored at room temperature. It is suggested of 20 ℃ to be better. And the time is better for 2 hours before use.

It is important to choose a good double lock cable tie manufacturer.

When we buy them, it is very important to choose a good manufacturer. A good supplier can produce high-level quality products. And it can give us better service.

HONT is the leading manufacturer of cable ties. It was founded in 1996. It has years of manufacturing and selling nylon cable tie experience. It has explored and designed ties with innovation.

HONT was through ISO 9001. And the company has certifications of CE. It also has UL Certificate. We have the most advanced machines and technology. Our technicians are also experienced and skillful.

Our working principle is “Quality comes ahead of all things”. We have the strict quality testing system. It can ensure our products best in the quality. And we have a fast delivery time for zip ties.

Besides, HONT, the leading nylon cable tie manufacturer has provided many supererior products to users from China, European, the United States, and South Asia. There are over 200 countries and regions are using HONT brand products.

Now we are developing with steady and fast step. We believe we can win your trust by our high quality and service of the nylon cable tie.