ER70S-6 Welding Wire

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What is ER70S-6 Welding Wire?

It is a standard solid welding wire, with the United States AWS A 5.18 Level. It is equivalently ER50-6 in our state standard GB 8110.

E means welding wire. R means welding rod. 70 shows this product has the tensile strength of 70,000 PIS. S means it is solid. 6 shows that is belongs to the welding wire with the sixth chemical component.

ER70S-6 belongs to the low alloy steel welding wire. It can not fuse with the base metal of titanium. So it can not be used for the welding of titanium.

This product is high in the tensile strength. It is usually used in the welding of the Q2235 low carbon steel, Q345 low alloy structure and series of black metal.

It use several kinds of gas to weld in MAG. They are carbon dioxide, argon & oxygen,  argon & carbon dioxide, and argon & oxygen & carbon dioxide.

Titanium belongs to colored metal. When it only needs the thin thickness, we can use TIG dc argon arc welding. When it is thick in the thickness, we can use MIG fuse argon arc welding.

The welding of titanium should follow the base metal. The corresponding titanium alloy welding wire shall be matched as the welding filler.

Due to the high activity ability of the titanium, we need to use argon as the protection gas. And the purity of the argon should to be more than 99.99%. The delay time for the gas must be more than 10 seconds.

And the workers for the titanium welding, they must have high level in the operation technology, welding parameter selection, welding machine output characteristics and so on.


What is the product specification of the ER70S-6?

ER70S-6 Welding wire belongs to gas shielded welding wire. It is welding rod for the electrode.

1. Standard Level:

The standard level for this product is Q/ASB 233.

2. Element Mass Fraction:

C Si Mn P S
0.10 0.85-1.00 1.40-1.60 ≤0.025 ≤0.020

3. Standard Requirements of the Welding Rod:

The diameter is 5.5 mm. And the diameter tolerance and ovality shall be above grade B accuracy in GB/ t14981-94.

The surface quality of the rod needs to meet the requirement of GB/T4354-94.

And the requirement for force performance of it is also very high. It must be cooled slowly through the stelmore cooling line. And the tensile strength degree is 470-530MPa;δ10≥32%.

4. Application Range:

It is used as the CO2 gas shielded welding wire. It can be used in the single-pass and multi-pass welding of carbon steel and 500MPa grade low alloy steel.

For example, the welding of the automobile, bridges, buildings, mechanical structures.

And it can also be used in the high speed welding of sheet and pipe.

5. Product Features:

It belongs to the cooper plated low alloy steel. It is a kind of gas shielded welding wire. The workers will use the carbon dioxide and the argon as the shielded gas to weld.

This wire has a good welding performance. It has table arc combustion and less spatter. Besides, it has beautiful weld molding.

The porosity sensitivity of weld metal is small. It has good all-position welding technology. ER70S-6 is suitable for wide welding current range.

6. Surface Quality:

The rod needs to be smooth. There should be no wrinkles, folds, ears, scars and creases. These will be damaged for the using.

7. Advantages:

It has strong resisting ability to the surface scale of base metal and oil grease. And it has low porosity sensitivity.


What are the processes of ER70S-6?

ER70S-6 is the carbon oxide shielded welding wire. It is similar to the ER50S-6 welding wire in our domestic market. Now let’s learn something about the technology of the process.

1. Steel Making Technology

This product is required to have high welding performance and strength. So the chemical component of this product must be having low carbon. And the component Mn and Si must be high.

Since the fluctuation of chemical composition has a high impact on mechanical properties, it requires that the chemical composition be uniform and stable.

And the gas should be low in content. Besides, the inclusion of oxides and sulfides should be few. Thus the requirement for the steel making technology is very high.

After repeated demonstration, aluminum granule assisted deoxygenation and soft stirring process is adopted in process control.

In the process, there will need the argon surrounding shielding pipe, and the mircocarbon coating agent.

High quality scrap steel is selected in the smelting process. And the alloy addition grade and order are strictly controlled. Besides, the continuous casting drawing speed also needs to be strictly controlled.

Purposeful control of shaft furnace smelting. And the workers must control the reduction component and the tundish.

We must ensure the chemical composition of the final requirements. It should be white residue after 15 min the oxygen w (O) 50 or less * 10-6. And the tundish temperature should be T = 1530-1545 ℃. Thus can we obtain good casting billet for the rolling.

2. Steel Rolling Technology

Many ER70S-6 welding wire manufacturer has some problem. The tensile strength of their products are too high. And the drawing property is not so good. The performance of their products are not so stable.

Steel rolling technology is designed for these ER70S-6 welding wire manufacturers in China.

(1) Cooling Control

It is using the low cooling rate to control the process. In order to have good drawing property, we need to reduce the situations of fracturing wires.

The micro structure of the product should be ferrite and a little pear type. According to the CCT curve, from the beginning of ER70S – 6 steel ferrite getting changing, to the end of the pear type, the transformation temperature range is 610-810 ℃.

Steermore speed adopts slow cooling process. That is, steermore insulation cover is fully covered. And the fan inlet air damper is completely closed.

The first section of steermore roller conveyance speed is set as 0.12-0.18m/s. And the cascade speed of the later sections is the same. That is to ensure a lower cooling speed.

(2) Low Temperature

The low temperature rolling process is used. That is, reducing the opening temperature, finishing temperature and finishing mill inlet temperature.

The austenite grains were refined by deformation. Heating furnace temperature should control between 950-980 ℃. And the workers need to make the open rolling temperature controlled at about 930 ℃.

We need to set the finishing mill tank a reasonable flow. That is to guarantee the rolled piece temperature of the finishing mill entrance below 900 ℃.

And the cooling water flow rate between finishing mill frame, setting a reasonable control the outlet temperature of the finishing mill finishing temperature.

That can avoid to producing harmful component. It is because the big grains in the subsequent cooling process will produce the bad things.

(3) Suitable Spinning Temperature

We need to set suitable spinning temperature. The products need to have good drawing property and low tensile strength.

So for the spinning customers, the lower the spinning temperature is, the happier they are. User wire drawing speed is obviously improved. And it will make the life of the mold extended.

The austenitic grain is big, the ferrite grains in phase transition are coarse and heterogeneous. In the subsequent drawing process, stress concentration caused by non-uniform deformation will occur.

This will lead to wire breakage. Under the same conditions, the tensile strength of the same steel increases with the increase of spinning temperature.

And because of the small size, the austenitic super cooling degree is relatively large.

Thus, HONT, the ER70S-6 welding wire manufacture use the low spinning temperature. It is about 820-840℃. This will make the structure uniform.

And the grain will be fine in the size. And they will be in equiaxed distribution. So the wire drawing performance will be significantly improved.

3. Experiment Analysis 

After times of experiments, we got the conclusions below for some products.

(1) There are too many gas in the steel. N is higher than the same kind of the steel type. And the N, O is low.

Regarding to these, we need to have some strategies. The VD furnace is added to the steel making process for vacuum degassing. It is to further reduce the content of N and O.

(2) Harmful alloying elements in steel are still high. Cr, Ni, Cu are very high. So we are planning to use the new technology of molten steel to solve this.

If necessary, sponge iron should be used as the main raw material. It is to improve the purity of steel. And it can reduce the content of harmful alloying elements.

(3) We must strictly control the flowing of the chemical elements in the ER70S-6 welding wire.

Some Tips for the ER70S-6

This product is used as a gas shielding welding wire. It has excellent plasticity, toughness and crack resistance. And especially it has high low temperature impact toughness.

1. It is used in manual tig backing and arc welding for pipes in various locations. You can get satisfied welding with it.

2. It can weld carbon steel and some low alloy steel.

Some steel  parts whose tensile strength is 500 N each square meters can use it. And some panels and pipes having the tensile strength of 500 N each square meters can also buy the product from the ER70S-6 welding wire manufacturer.

3. The product with the packages can store two years in the sealing condition.

If the packages are peeled off, the product will be exposed in the air directly. It can only store for one month.

4. This product should be stored in the dry and windy places.

And the places for the storing must be kept away from the acid, base and oil.

5. When the packages of the products are peeled off, it is suggested that to make a cover above the welding wire.

The cover can offer the resistance to the dust.

6. When choose the products, do not only judge by the prices.

Many factories will reduce the price to win the customers. But the quality of the products are very low. They may use less material to reduce the cost for the production.

Some of them will have less processes to get the cost controlled. As we all know, the high quality will have good sill and technology for the production.

So the cheap product may not be the best.


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