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Some Brief Introduction to lightning Arrester

Zinc oxide arrester is a new type of arrester developed by the lightning arrester suppliers in the 1970s. It is mainly composed of zinc oxide piezoresistors. Each piezoresistor  has its own switching voltage.

Under normal working voltage, the lightning arrester is the state of insulation. It is because the resistance degree of the piezoresistor is very large. It is equivalent to the insulation state.

But under impulse voltage which is higher than the piezoresistor, the arrester will be in the state of the current path. It is because the piezorestor is broken down at a low degree. This is equivalent to the short circuit state.

However, when the piezoresistor is struck, the insulation state can be restored. When the impulse voltage is withdrawn, the high resistance state can be restored.

Therefore, the zinc oxide arrester usually is installed on the power line. When lightning strikes, the high voltage of the lightning wave will break down the piezoresistor.

And the lightning current flows into the earth through the resistor. And the voltage on the power line can be controlled in a safe range. So the arrester can protect the safety of electrical equipment.

1. Normal Service Conditions:

The ambient air temperatures is no higher than +40°C. It is no lower than -40°C.

The altitude above sea level does not exceed 1000-2000m. And the altiplano area should be indicated when ordered.

AC system frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz.

Industrial frequency voltage brought to bear on arrester for a long time does not exceed arrester sustained operation voltage.

Maximum wind speed does not exceed 35m/s

The earthquake intensity does not exceed 7 degrees.

Some special requirements should be given a clear indication.

2. Technical Standard:

The technical performance of the product is in conform to GB 11030-2000, IEC60099-4, IEC37-199/CDV, standard technic requirements.

3. Function:

The ZnO arrester is mainly used to protect distribution transformer, cable connector, and electric equipment.

It can be used to protect them from being damaged by lightning impulse voltage and operated over-voltage.


Some Features of Lightning Arrester

The lightning arrester is very useful in the power system. They are made by lightning arresters suppliers. They have seven features.

1. Flow Capacity:

This is mainly reflected in the arrester has the ability to absorb all kinds of voltages. For example, lightning overvoltage, power frequency transient overvoltage and operating overvoltage.

2. Performance in the Protection

Zinc oxide arrester is an electrical product. It is used to protect all kinds of electrical equipment from overvoltage damage in power system.
It has good protection performance. It is because the zinc oxide valve sheet has a good non-linear volt-ampere characteristic. It only allows a few hundred micro-amperes of current pass through under normal working voltage.
It is easy to design a non- gap structure. This structure has the advantage of good protection performance. And it is light in weight and small in size.
When the overvoltage comes, the current flowing through the valve plate increases rapidly. And at the same time, the amplitude of the overvoltage is limited.
The energy of the overvoltage is released. Then the zinc oxide valve plate resumes its high resistance state. It makes the power system work normally.

3. Sealing Performance

Polymeric arresters are using good polymeric material. This material does well in the resisting to aging. And it has good sealing performance.

The lightning arrester suppliers control the compression of the sealing ring. And they also make the coating of the sealing glue more on the arrester.

And the ceramics coating type arrester also owns the good sealing ability. It is because the material of ceramics is a good sealing material itself.

4. Mechanical Performance

When you are checking the mechanical performance of an arrester, you can check from the three factors.

(1) The Seismic Force

(2) The biggest wind pressure

(3) The biggest tensile strength for the conducting lines of the arreter head

5. The Ability of Decontamination

Lightning arrester has a good ability of decontamination.

According to the national standard, the creepage distance is classified as three levels.

Class II is a medium pollution area. Its creepage distance is 20mm/kv. Class III is heavy pollution area. The creepage distance is 25mm/kv. And Class IV is very heavy pollution area. The creepage ratio distance is 31mm/kv.

6. The Possibility of the High Operation

The possibility of the high operation of arrester depends on the quality. And if users have chose the suitable product also will affect the possibility.

So what will affect the qualitly of the arrester?

Lightning arresters supplier must keep the three things in mind.

(1) The rationality of the whole structure

(2) The voltage-current characteristics and anti-aging performance of the Zno valve plate

(3) The sealing performance of the zinc oxide arrester

7. Power frequency Tolerance

Due to various reasons in power system, such as single-phase grounding, long-line capacitance effect and load rejection, the power frequency voltage will rise or the transient overvoltage with high amplitude will occur.

The arrester has the ability to withstand a certain power frequency voltage rise in a certain period of time.

Some Classification Methods of Lightning Arrester

There are many various classification ways to divide the lightning arresters.

1. Different voltage levels can have different types.

(1) High Voltage Type:

This kind of arrester means the product’s rated voltage is above 66 KV. They can be 1000 KV, 750 KV, 500 KV, 330 KV, 220 KV, 110 KV and 66 KV.

(2) Medium Voltage Type:

This kind of arrester has the rated voltage from 3 KV to 66 KV. They are 3 KV, 6 KV, 10 KV and 35 KV.

(3) Low Voltage Type:

The lightning arrester supplier also supply low voltage type product. They are 1 KV, 0.5 KV, 0.38 KV, and 0.22 KV.

2. Different nominal discharge current have different types.

They can divided into 20 KA, 10 KA, 5 KA, 2.5 KA and 1.5 KA.

3. They are divided by the different applications.

Zinc oxide arrester can be divided into seven types according to its use.

They are line type for system, power station type for system, distribution type for system, protection type for shunt compensation capacitor bank, electrified railway type, neutral point type for motor and motor, and neutral point type for transformer.

4. According to the structure, the arresters have two types.

(1) Ceramic Coating Type

This kind of type is using the ceramic as the coat. It has four levels of decontamination ability. I Level is common. II Level is medium in the decontamination. III Level is for the heavy decontamination. IV level is for the super decontamination.

(2) Polymeric Coating Type

Polymeric coat zinc oxide arrester is made of composite silicone rubber material as the coat. And high-performance zinc oxide resistor is selected.

It is assembled with special structure and advanced technology. It has double advantages of silicone rubber material and zinc oxide resistor.

In addition to all the advantages of zinc oxide arrester with porcelain jacket, this series of products have the advantages of good insulation, high pollution resistance.

And it has good explosion-proof performance, small size, light weight, no maintenance in peacetime. And it is not easy to break, reliable sealing and excellent aging resistance.

5. There are various types, according to the structure performance.

They can be divided into non- clearance type, series clearance type, and parallel clearance type.

What is the working principle for the lightning arrester?

The Zno arrester is the most advanced over-voltage protector in the world. Due to make the resistor disc of core component mainly adopt zine oxide arrester.

Compared with the conventional siliconcabide arrester, this product improves greatly the volt-Ampere characteristics of the resistor disc.

And it has increased through-current capability at over-voltage. It is to bring a rad Ical-changes for the characteristics of the arresters.

As we all know, the lightning arrester suppliers will supply their product to the power system. This field are in high demand for the product.

In power system, under normal conditions, the system works under rated voltage. And the voltage deviation is very small, all electrical equipment works normally.

But when the system is struck by lightning, the system voltage will rise a lot. When the grid voltage is high, the normal voltage will be several times or even tens of times.

In this case, the insulation of all system equipment will not be able to withstand. It will be broken down or even damaged. Now the arresters are used.

Normally, arresters are equivalent to a large resistance and are in a dormant state. Once the system overvoltage occurs, they immediately activate and enter the working state.

They instantly turn themselves into conductors. And they are releasing high voltage to the earth. This can avoid the continuous increase of system voltage.

They can protect equipment and personal safety. This paper briefly describes the working principle and type selection and use of arresters.

Lightning arrester is a lightning protection device. It is connected between wire and ground. And usually it is in parallel with the protected equipment.

Arresters can effectively protect power equipment. Once abnormal voltage occurs, arresters play a protective role.

When the protected equipment operates under normal operating voltage, the arrester will not work. And is regarded as a circuit breaker for the ground.

Once a high voltage occurs and the insulation of the protected equipment is endangered. And the arrester acts immediately and directs the high voltage impulse current to the earth.

Thus it will limit the voltage amplitude and protect the insulation of the electrical equipment. When the overvoltage disappears, the arrester quickly restores to its original state.

So the system can supply electricity normally. The main function of lightning arrester is to reduce the overvoltage of the protected equipment.


Some Tips for the Using of Lightning Arrester

Zinc oxide arresters are equipped with on-line leakage ammeters. It is to monitor the operation status of arresters.

The on-line leakage ammeter reflects the current through the insulation of the porcelain jacket and the arrester valve plate.

We need to pay some attention to the tips below, no matter you are the lightning arrester supplier or the users.

1. On-line leakage ammeter reading of arrester increases abnormally.

There are several reasons. The damp inside the arrester is mainly caused by poor sealing.

(1) The moisture can be in the production process of lightning arrester. So there is the humidity of installation environment exceeds the standard.

(2) The valves and internal parts are not thoroughly dried. And some moisture is retained

(3) And the sealing rings are leaked and deflected during assembly

(4) There are impurities between the sealing rings. And the sealing covers of the ceramic sleeves

(5) After a period of operation, the sealing parts are damaged, resulting in moisture intake.

2. On-line leakage ammeter reading of arrester is reduced to zero.

These all need to be noted here for you.


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