Metric Cable Gland

Good Experience of Using Metric Cable Gland

Metric cable gland is one kind of connector. It is so common in our life. But it is very useful. Now I will share the experience of this good thing with you.

What is Metric Cable Gland?

When we call the connector the metric cable gland, it means the connector has the thread is the metric standard.

The biggest difference between the metric thread and the inch thread is the former one use the millimeter to show the distance of the thread.

Our metric cable gland is featured for the ability of water proof. It can be used in the environment with water. So it can supply the users safe and secure connection in the water.

So we can find it used in the LED street lights, lighthouse, sightseeing boats, some industrial equipment, watering cart and so on.

At present, there are very few brands and types of connectors can completely finish the task of watering resisting.

As we all know, the ability of water resisting needs very high level of sealing. So the higher the sealing ability the connector has, the better the water resisting the connector owns.

The ability of water proof is showed by the professional standard. It is IP standard. When you want to see if the connector you are going to buy is good at water resisting, you can check its identification.

The identification of the product will show the IP standard of the joint. It will be shown with IPXX. The last two numbers following the IP is the key answer.

The first number will be from 0 to 6. The best level is 6. And the second number will be from 0 to 8. And the best level is 8. So the best water proof standard of the gland is IP 68.


What are the details of the metric cable gland?

Before we get the good level products, we must learn some thing about the product. If we have no idea of your product, we may be treated by the salesman.

Now I am willing to make these knowledge of the product to be shared with you.

1. Product Material:

The parts of A, B and F are made of nylon, while, B and D are made of NBR.

2. Product Specification:

This kind of cable gland is using the metric thread. So the specification is the metric standard.

3. Working Temperatures:

It is from -40℃ to 100℃ under the static condition, immediate temperature is 120℃. While in the dynamic condition, it is from -80℃ to 20℃. And the immediate temperature is 100℃.

4. Product Color:

There are two common regular colors, RAL 9005 for black  and grey one of PAL 7035.

5. Protecting Level:

It can be IP 68 within the specified range of locking.  This water resisting level is the highest standard in the water proof series. And it is with waterproof O size sealing claw.

What is the classification of cable gland?

The metric cable gland is divided into several kinds of types, according to the different installation methods. They are inner thread joining connector, outer thread joining connector,  clamping joining joint, and many other kinds of joining.

Based on the different function, there are water proof and industrial joint. The water proof cable gland is what we have introduced above.

It is using a special kind of material. And this kind of gland has the self locking function. It has strong tensile strength. It can resist to the dust, water and so on.

This kind of product can protect the machines. It will cooperate with many other wiring accessories in the use.

There are seven level in the solid proof. And there are nine levels in the water proof.

For the solid resisting, it can divided into 0 to 6 levels. They are seven levels for the solid proof.

For the 0 Level, it means this product can not resist any thing. That is there are no protection level of this product.

For the 1 Level, it means it can stop the things whose size is above 50 mm entering the joint.

For the 2 Level, it means it can prevent the solid whose size is above 12.5 mm into the connector.

And the 3 Level connector could stop the solid with the size above 2.5 mm into the joint.

The 4 Level joint can stop the 1.0 mm solid coming into the gland.

The 5 Level could prevent the stive coming into the inside of the product.

The 6 Level of the cable gland can  form a sealing state. It can supply a complete protection of the wires.


What is the using tips for the gland?

We know the gland needs the careful choosing and installation. It is not right to choose the product casually. And it is not available to install the products without any instructioins.

If we are not careful about the choosing and the installation, we may get a bad quality product. This may waste our money. And some may cause the damage to us.

Here I will share some tips about these with you. Hope these may be helpful to you.

1. Choose the right material of the product, according to the specification of the gland.

As we all know, the quality of the product are not all the same. There are good products and bad ones. To make sure the quality we buy is good enough, please do not just choose the cheap material.

And we need to buy the product from the reliable metric cable gland suppliers. It is the reliable suppliers can ensure the high quality and good service of the product.

2. Do not choose the rainy day to connect our glands.

If we choose to connect our joints on the rainy days, the rainy drops will enter the joints. It will make the joint filled with water.

These water will heavily affect the service life of the glands. Some may cause short circuit. These will lead to fire accident. And these will bring some damages to us.

3. Read the instruction  of the product carefully, before the installation.

The gland is used to connect the pipes or the cables. Carefully reading the instruction of the product is very important to the power system, especially the voltage is above 10 KV.

We need to have a full consideration of all the things we should do. This is very important.

4. When we are joining the ending of the 10 KV single core armour cable, we should remember that it must have the steel strip grounding of one end.

This is very important for the connecting, when we are joining.

5. Please do not use too much force in the pressing of the copper pipe.

When we are pressing the copper pipe, please do not use too much strength in it. The pressing needs to be appropriate.

The ending surface of the copper will have many raised points, we need to make them flat by the file. There should be no burrs.

6. When we are using the heat shrinking cable gland, it need to note the moving direction of the heat.

The direction of the heat mustn’t be in one direction. We can move the heat around quickly.

7. The cold shrinking cable gland need to follow the size of the drawing.

If we are using the cold shrinking connector, the size must be pay more attention to. The size must follow the drawings. Especially, when we are pulling out the support from the pipe, it must be very careful.


What are the advantages of metric cable gland?

In our daily life and the production, if there is one kind of gland is very secure and safe, the price is very cheap, what will you choose, when you are buying the glands in the store?

If this kind of connector exist in the world, it must be the metric cable gland with the water proof.

It is more safe to use it, compared to use other kind of joints. Now let me introduce the advantages of this product to you.

1. The ratio of cost and the performance is very high.

Actually, the price of this product is not very high. Compared with the common types, the price is not so dear.

In another word, the similar price, we can buy the water proof joint and the common one. What will you choose to buy?

Of course, we must choose the water proof one. It has a much higher performance. And it is more secure to use.

When we are talking about the ratio of the cost and the performance, the water proof one is much higher. Thus we can buy them, because this type is so excellent.

2. The safety index is higher.

This product is more safe to use. In our daily life, some damp situations can not be avoided. So at this time, we may find some electrical power accidents in the news. They are because of the air is too damp.

These are too dangerous for the safety of our family members. So when we use the connectors with the function of water proof, these accidents will not happen.

Thus in the safety side, we are more willing to use the metric cable glands with the function of water proof.

3. The gland can reduce the waste of the wires.

This kind of product can make the wiring joining more effective and safe. It can reduce the waste of the wires and cables. And it can reduce the times to ask the workers to repair the wiring systems.

Our state standard has raised one rule for the using of the wiring. So this kind of product is more suitable to the state rules. It can save more resources and reduce the waste.

All in all, this product has many advantages, compared with the common types. It is more safe and secure. It is more energy saving. It is high in the performance, low in the price.

So I suggest you can choose this kind of connector with the water proof function.


You can trust HONT, the metric cable gland manufacture.

After some introduction of the details of the product, I think you must have some idea of the product. But the product has many levels qualities on the market.

There are good and bad. It is difficult to tell which brand is good on the market. Some manufacturers will use bad material to make the products.

Some suppliers will reduce the quantity of the materials. And some suppliers may not have good sealing.

These all will lead to some quality accidents. So it is very important to know some brand is good.

Now I will introduce HONT to you. It is a reliable gland supplier. This company has very high level in the quality. And the service the company offers is very good.

HONT Electrical Co.,Ltd,  has specialized in low voltage electrical appliances. It is a professional enterprise. The company is providing superior metric cable gland for friends.

Its customers are from all around the world. They come from the United States, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia and etc.

HONT provides the most ideal metric cable glands for respected customers at home and abroad.

We are the professional and leading cable gland manufacturers in manufacturing and trading. HONT has advanced technology.

The company is equipped with great electrical machines and equipment. And the company’s  skilled innovation teams give the strong technique support for the customers and users of the product.

Besides, the company owns very cordial salesmen. These cordial salesmen are one of the reasons why so many customers will buy our products second time and third time.

They have very detailed introduction. And these salesmen will explain the questions raised by the customers very patiently. Moreover, these men are doing all their effort to make the customers satisfied.

 These glands are produced with the International quality standards and the most precise and advanced techniques by the professional HONT men.

Metric cable connectors are various in specifications, dimensions and sizes according to different clients’ requirements. More, these perfect glands are quite competitive in the price.

We sincerely invite you to join to share  the mutual benefits with us together. Free to contact us for the metric cable glands.