Mounting Hole Cable Ties

The Top Quality Mounting Hole Cable Ties from China

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HONT is a professional cable tie manufacturer in China. It has supplied top quality mounting hole cable ties to customers from over two hundred countries and cities.

What is a mounting hole cable tie?

Mounting hole cable ties are designed for the function of mounting. It is to be mounted directly to a chassis or panel with a screw. It requires small effort to close.
Mounting hole cable is perfect for any job. Just secure your things with this little cable ties.mountable head cable ties
This kind of zip ties use nylon 66 as the raw material. And it is with good resistance to fire. And the flame resisting grade is 94 V-2. And mounting hole cable tie has been through UL certificate.
These zip ties are anti-aging, anti-acid. And they are resistant to corrosion. They are with nice insulation.
When we use them, we need to bundle the the cables first. And then mount the bundle with the head hole by screws.

Product Description

1. Material

Mounting hole cable ties are made by the Nylon 66. This material is UL approved. And it has 94 V-2 as the grade of anti- fire. It is secure in resisting to acid, corrosion and aging. And it has an excellent insulation function.

2. Color

The colors are natural white and black. Special colors are also available.

3. Width

There are many series of width of zip ties with the screw hole. They are 2.5, 3.6, 4.8 and 7.2 mm.

4. Working Temperature

It is from -40 degrees ℉ to 185 degrees ℉. So this kind of zip tie can stand high temperature and low temperature.

5. Tensile Strength

Our mounting hole cable ties have a wide range of tensile strengths. They are covering small duty 18 lbs, middle duty 40 lbs, standard duty 50 lbs to heavy duty 120 lbs. These different tensile strengths can meet with different situations.

6. Package

Usually,  our cable tie is packed in 100 pieces per bag.

7. Application

Mounting hole cable ties have two types to fit your application.
Natural mounting hole tie wraps are manufactured for indoor uses.
For outdoor applications, UV-resistant and weather-resistant cable ties will be used.
If the operating environment temperature is a little higher than 185 degrees℉, heat stabilized screw mount cable ties are also supplied.

What is the benefits of using mounting hole cable ties?

1. They can provide precision positions. They can easily make the wiring bundles mounted on the panels, walls and ceilings.
2. Curved tip makes the ties easy to pick up. And the users can have a quicker installation. These kind of zip ties have strong tensile strength. And they have good flexibility. They could stop the bending and curling of wires.
3. It is simple to install and use. But the performance of this little screw mounts cable tie is perfect and wonderful. It can be used in all walks of life.
4. They are light in weight. So they are easy to take and use. But they are high in the strength. And they own a wide temperature range. They can work under very high temperature. And they can also stand the low temperature.
5. They can absorb or release moisture depending on the environment. So they results in longer service life.
6. They absorb vibration. And mounting hole tie wraps can insulate cables and wires. And they could protect them from abrasion.
7. Like our other cable ties, our mounting hole cable ties are available with custom design. They are to match your specifications.

How to install a mounting hole cable tie?

Mounting hole cable ties are designed to fasten wires. They have existing holes to provide a fixing point. These holes are designed to secure wire and cable bundles.
With the help of a screw or rivet, screw mounts can be screwed. They are screwed to the surfaces. And the surfaces need the bundles clamped.
These cable ties combine cable tie mounts and self-locking cable ties together. This one-piece construction saves installation time and cost. And it promotes consistence and durability.
Insert the wires or cables into the head of the tie, then lock it. Screw the tie on the board, it will be very secure.

What is the notion tips for mounting hole cable ties?

As we all know, that cable tie is used for the bundling. Everyone can use it. And the many factories will use it.  But if the ties you buy is not suitable, it will be a big loss for the factories. So we need to pay attention to some tips, when we are going to buy the mounting hole cable ties.

1. We must note that what the goods are. If these goods can be bundled by our nylon cable ties?

2. We need to get to know some requirements of the goods. For example, what the tensile strength the goods need? What is the bundling range for the goods? What kind of mounting hole cable ties do the goods need?

According to the actual demands, is the marker cable tie better or the mounting hole cable tie? Or if we need the double head cable tie?

3. We should to make sure the working environment of the nylon cable tie. Is it the indoor environment? Or is it the outdoor using?  Different environment will need different cable ties. It is because different cable ties have different performance.

4. We need to pay attention to the quality and the price. Now there are more and more cable tie manufacturers on the market. Different manufacturers have different qualities. And different qualities have different prices, too.

When we are buying mounting hole cable ties, we must choose the good quality. Then we choose a cheaper price cable ties.

Don’t just choose one manufacturers. We can choose several high quality factories. Then compare them in the price and quality.

5. We need to know, the most suitable cable tie is the best. It is not the cheapest the best. The quality of the mounting hole cable tie must be good.

Why is the price gap among the mounting hole cable ties so big?

I believe that some friends may have one question. Why is the price gap between the same specification of the different mounting hole cable tie manufacturers is so big?

So what is reason of it? This leads to so many people confused. They don’t know how to choose the right cable ties. They are afraid of  being cheated.

As we all know, there are so many bad factories. These factories are selling bad products. But they tell the consumers these products are good.

So why the price gap is so big? Now let me make a detailed analysis for you.

1. Many mounting hole cable tie suppliers are selling the shoddy products.

Suppliers are selling shoddy products. And the shoddy products is cheap in the price. This situation is not so common. It is because this situation could only happen once. The consumers will be cheated for one time, but not be cheated again.

Most manufacturers will not do so. However, some bad suppliers may do so. It is because it has the profits. This is one of the price gap reasons.

2. Different width of the mounting hole cable ties will affect the price of the products.

The demands of the users on the market is keeping changing. So the actual width of the cable tie is also changed from the manufacturers because of it.

One specification will have many widths. For example,  the actual width of 3*100 mm can be 2.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 1.9 mm and 1.8 mm.

This is one big factor of the price gap. The wider the actual width, the more the material use. So the related price will also increase.

But generally, this reason are not paid attention by the consumers.

3. The actual package quantity is also one reason of the big price gap of the mounting hole cable ties.

As we all know, the quantity must be one of the key factors affecting the price. Usually, the package quantity of the cable tie on the domestic market is 500 pieces or 1000 pieces per bag.

But there are some manufacturers. They are cheating our consumers. They just put 700 pieces or 800 pieces cable ties into the bag. And the bag is marked with the quantity of 1000 pieces per bag.

So the best cable tie is not the cheapest. It must be the most suitable for you. When we are buying the mounting hole cable ties, we need to pay attention to the small details.

Usually, the big price gap between the same specification cable ties is made by the three factors above. So we must do a full comparison when we are choosing the mounting hole cable ties.

Then we should choose a reliable cable tie manufacturer. Big brand of cable tie can make sure the quality and price.

How long is the general service life of the mounting hole cable ties?

Generally, the service life for mounting hole cable tie is about 2 to 5 years. But it differs in different situations.

It will be different when the using conditions change. And the service life will differ between different specifications. And the material will also affect it. The style and the designed appearance will also have the influence on it.

The traditional nylon made mounting hole cable tie has at least 2 years. And after 2 years, its performance may be not as good as before. It will get reduced by the natural oxidation. It is because of the raw material of nylon.

And the service life will also related with the detailed requirements of the consumers. For example, in the United States, the government set a rule. It is the users must change the nylon cable ties for outdoor use after one year’s using.

The rule makes sure the performance of the mounting hole cable ties. It will reduce the risks of the quality accidents.

Nylon cable tie belongs to disposable consuming product. If you want your mounting hole cable tie has a longer service life, you can choose a high purity cable tie. And the manufacturer you choose should have an advanced manufacturing technology.

The Best Mounting Hole Cable Tie Manufacturer in China

As we all know, choosing a reliable mounting hole cable tie manufacturer is very important. Now I will introduce the HONT. It is a international leading manufacturer of mounting hole cable ties.
Hont Electrical Co.,Ltd was founded in 1996. It is located in Zhejiang province, China. Our company is a professional manufacturer of cable and wire management accessories.
The products covers nearly all of cable management elements. They includes cable ties, cable clips, cable mounts, cable glands, cable markers, wire duct, heat shrink tubing and other related elements. Our competitiveness lines in high quality, cheap price and good services.
We are the perfect and reliable solution of mounting hole cable ties. We supply most kinds of low voltage electrical products. Wiring duct, cable ties, flexible conduit, conduit fittings, cable ties all are our main products.
The rich experience in this industry, makes HONT strong in the researching and developing. We are professional in the quality guaranteeing system. And we are warm in the service.
HONT is adhering to the idea of “Sincerity, Mutual Benefits, Constant Innovation and Top Quality”. During over twenty-three years’ exploration and developing, HONT has become a superior manufacturer and exporter of wiring accessories.
Our products have passed ISO 9001-2008 quality management system standards. And we have many certifications, such as CE, UL,UV resistant certificate. And we also have passed Halogen Free, PONT test,  SGS, RoHS, IP68 and so on. Moreover, we have advanced equipment.
We have innovative technology force. We all know the demands for the cable ties are so various. These talents ensure reliable and distinctive quality for our customers.
Therefor, our customers are attracted from all around the world. They are from the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, the South Africa and many countries and regions.
We proudly invite all interested companies to contact us for further information about our company or products. We look forward to forming a strategic partnership with your company in the near feature.
HONT sincerely hope we can stand shoulder by shoulder to expand the market together!