Hont Electrical Co.,Ltd is the leading enterprise for supplying NPT cable gland in China. We devoted to reaching the goal of “Quality is the basic, efficiency is the way” .We have explored and researched for over ten years. Our customers are from more than twenty-five countries. The strong guarantee of the technology and quality monitoring system , are the reason why EGS can be standing in the front of the low voltage electrical products industry. We are waiting for your kind joining to expand the great future.

NPT Cable Glands

1. Product Materials: NPT cable glands are made of the material of nylon 66. And it has the anti-fire level of 94v-2.
2. Product Features: They are advanced of good insulation performance, anti-aging. For the claw and the body are linked together, so it is easy to install and carry.Besides,  outside forcing way makes it easy to force just by hand.

3. Product Application: They are widely used in various distributors, mechanic controlling boxes, digital displaying boards, automatic controlling distributors, electrical equipment, solar system wires, telecommunications, LED and etc.