NPT Cable Gland

Something You Need to Know about NPT Thread Cable Glands

NPT cable gland is one of the most popular connectors on the market. You can find your right gland in HONT.


What is the NPT cable gland?

This kind of cable gland is using the thread standard of NPT. It is different from the Metric standard. It is an American standard.

Now I will make a brief introduction of the details of this product.

1. Product Materials:

This kind of cable glands is made of the material of nylon 66. And this product has the anti-fire level of 94 v-2.

2. Product Features:

They are advanced of good insulation performance, anti-aging. For the claw and the body are linked together, so it is easy to install and carry.
Besides,  outside forcing way makes it easy to force just by hand.

3. Product Application:

They are widely used in various distributors, mechanic controlling boxes, digital displaying boards, automatic controlling distributors, electrical equipment, solar system wires, telecommunications, LED and etc.


What are the advantages of the cable connectors?

Why do the cable joints have so big market share? And why are the sales volume of this product keeps rising in the recent ten years? These are the questions raised by many people.

In fact, high market share and the rising sales volume of the product are related to the advantages of the connectors.

It is easy to find that during the several years, the demands for these connecting products are keeping increasing. You must be very curious about what the advantages these connecting products have.

1. High Production Efficiency

This kind of product owns a high production efficiency. It can be in continuous production. And the output of the producing can be adjusted according to the requirements of the customers.

2. Outstanding Heat Conductivity Coefficient

Almost all the gland products have good heat conductivity coefficient. They are doing well in the performance of the heat conductivity.

Besides, most of them have a strong ability to resist water. They are damp proof. The sealing percentage is high to more than 90%.

The situation of the product absorbs the heat which leads to adding the heat conductivity. The whole performance of this kind of products is very outstanding.

3. Good Resistance to Burning, Heat, and Fire

Nowadays, our cable connectors have other many strong abilities. They are resistant to burning, heat, and fire. Even though the product gets fired, there will be not toxic gas coming out from them.

With high performance in the thermal insulation, they are not easy to have the deformation or the fracture. Even though they are in a long time of wind and rain, this kind of products is strong in resisting to the deformation.

4. High Resistant Ability to Cold

When the weather comes to be cold, there will be no influence on the products. They are resistant to the cold.

5. Perfect Sound Absorption

These joints are also good in sound absorption.

6. Long Service Life

The joints will have 30 years of service life if there are good basic maintaining.

7. Cheap in the Price

This kind of product is cheap at the cost. The material of it is not high in the cost. And the processing is not so difficult. So the price of the joint is not so high.

It perfectly meets the demands of the new times’ requirements in the spending and cost.

Now there are various specifications and brands of the connectors on the market. I suggest you shop in the good cable joint manufacturers.

These good cable connector suppliers can make sure high quality and you will have reasonable prices.

The product will be in long service too if you buy from the standard suppliers.


What do we need to note when using the NPT cable gland?

It is very important to pay attention to something when we are using the NPT cable connectors. These tips may reduce some troubles for us.

1. Pay attention to the voltage.

When we are choosing the cable joints, we need to pay attention to the voltages. There are high and low voltages.
We need to identify which kind of voltage it is. And we also need to pay attention to the joining, if it is joining one end.
If the length is not enough, or it can not break, we should check. And if you are feeling that this method is not so good, you can also choose the twisting shape connector. Then use the soldering tin to carry on the spot welding.

2. Choose reliable wholesale.

When we are buying this product, please do choose the better quality, rather than a cheaper price. There are so many different products on the market. They are various in the types and prices. And the qualities are also different.
So we must choose the wholesale with a quality guarantee. And the manufacturer has good service after the sale.

3. Be careful to the point of the end and the connector.

Some users will find there are some problems between the end of the wire and the connector. They have the joining problem.

There are some professional pliers. We can choose to use them correctly when there are some problems.

What are the installation tips for the water resisting?

The water resisting decoration at home is one of the most important things. It is related to the final results of the decoration. And it will make a big influence on safety and use.

So how to install the gland and making it waterproof is very important. If the water resisting is not good, it will lead to the short circuit. And if the situation is very serious, it may result in a fire accident.

I believe all of us are not willing to see these. So I will share some tips with you now.

1. Buy good waterproof material.

Buying good material in the function of water resisting is the first step to make the home waterproof. And this is also one of the most important steps.

The materials for the resisting the water are various on the market. There must be some difference among them on the quality. And the specifications are also different.

When we are making the choice in the materials, we need to note the specification should meet the requirements.

And at the same time, the quality should also be considered when we are buying the products. And we are better to choose reliable products.

2. The professional installation skill is the guarantee of the water resisting.

To install these glands, it is necessary to make sure if the workers and the parts of the water resisting are meeting the demands.

So I suggest when you are installing these kinds of connectors, you would better to ask the professional workers to install them. Please don’t install them casually by yourself. Or it will result in the desk for safety.

When the workers are installing, it is very important to put the parts in their right positions. So that these parts can have their good and full function. And they can play the water resisting role.

3. We need also deal with the ends of the wires correctly.

The water resisting of the NPT thread cable gland demands a high level of attention. Before the installation of the glands, it is needed to have some methods to deal with the ends of the wires.

The workers are better to deal well with the exposed ends of the metal wires. Or it will be easy to result in leakage of the circuit.

And the dealing work should be complete and meticulous. We need to reduce the exposed ends of the wire. And it is needed to clean these waste wires.

4. Check the wiring ends and the parts.

Checking the wiring ends and the parts of the joints is also a very important task. The worker can check if there is some wear or some losing parts. It is especially very important for household wires and cables.

Sometimes, the pipes may be worn. They need to be replaced. And sometimes, some screws inside the parts are loose. They need to be tightened. Thus can we make sure there is no safety danger in the use.

When we have done well in the water resisting job, it will reduce the happening of many problems. It is very important for the house.

We must check and make sure there is no loophole left. And these tips are very useful to reduce dangerous situations.

The waterproof task is not complex. But it needs to be done very carefully.


Detailed Water Proof Tips for the Indoor Cable Joint

These are the detailed tips for the glands to resist to the water.

1. Clean the dust and dirt of the product.

When we are starting to install the glands, please don’t be hurried. We need to clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the glands. Of course, the inside of the joint also needs the cleaning.

2. Use the insulation adhesive tape.

Unfold the insulation tape. And then peel off the release paper of the tape. Paste one end of the tape on the line for the adhesive layer. The position should be 2 cm to 5 cm lower than the gland.

3. Stretch the other end of the installation adhesive tape.

One end of the installation adhesive tape has pasted on the product. Then we can stretch the other end of the tape. When we are stretching, we are better to make the width of the tape 3/4 to 1/2 of the original width.

And the stretching force should be no reduced during the stretching process. And the direction of the binding up the gland should be from the bottom to the top. And we need to leave 2 cm to 5 cm in this direction.

Then we start to bind up the gland from the top to the bottom of the product. Lastly, twine the insulation adhesive tape from the bottom to the top. We need to twine three layers around the product.

4. Then press the tape.

After we have twined the insulation tape, we need to press the tape at the point of the knot. And we need to make the layers tight with no gap by the pressing. So that the insulation tape can play the insulation role.

5. Twine the PVC made an adhesive tape on the outside of the insulation tape.

After the insulation tape has twined, we are also needed to twine the PVC tape. The PVC made adhesive tape is to stop the products getting worn and aging.

6. Stretch the PVC made an adhesive tape.

We also need to keep the stretching force when we are twining the tape. The overlapping rate is about 1/2. The direction is better to be from the bottom to the top. And then twine the tape from the top to the bottom.

After these, twine the tape from the bottom to the top. And don’t make the tape too loose.

These tips for water resisting are very useful for household appliances. They can protect the products from the leakage of the circuit and the short circuit. They will reduce many troubles.


Some Good NPT Cable Gland Suppliers in China

We have learned so many about the products. I think you must know how to install these products. These are not enough for us. If the quality of the products is not good, it is useless to install them well.

So I will introduce some reliable cable connector wholesale for you.

Hont Electrical Co., Ltd is the leading enterprise for supplying NPT thread cable gland in China. We devoted to reaching the goal of “Quality is the basic, efficiency is the way”.

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