How to Use Zip Ties: Can You Blow Your Mind for 12 Ways?

Several weeks ago, there was a lady coming to my company for business. We were talking with each other very happily. I suddenly found something on the lady’s bag caught the eyes of mine successfully.

Do you know what it was? Then I enlarged my eyes and watched it for a moment. It was a zipper head. But it was not a common zipper head as we see in the daily life.

It was a nylon cable tie made zipper puller. The lady was strange why I stopped talking. I think my look was too terrible to shock her. Ha ha ha ha.

Tracking with my eyes, she found I was watching her zipper head. She explained with a smile that this was a replacing of the bad one.

When the lady was going to go out, the zipper puller went on strike suddenly. She got the plastic tie beside and bundled it on the hole of the zipper. She just did it by accident.

I highly spoke of her wonderful idea. It is a really good using of the zip tie. After this I started to find more about the peculiar using of the tie.

Can you blow your mind with me? I am so exited. I can not help sharing its unbelievable using ways with you. I bet these you must never know these nylon cable tie uses!12 ways to tie a tie.

1. Bundle the Wires.

In the general, we will bundle the wires together with the tie. But the true binding the wires should make all the lines in the order. So it will truly realize the meaning of our little zip ties.

2. To Be the Handle of the Drawer.

The handle of your drawer is broken. So what shall we do? It will be very troublesome without the handle.

Don’t worry. It is the time for the appearance of our little one, nylon zip tie. Get three cable ties. And insert two of them into the holes the handle left. Then insert the hole of the third one.

Look! A new drawer has come. You don’t need to buy a new drawer. This is easy to install. And it will save us a lot of money to buy the new drawer.

3. Play as the Hook of the Curtain in the Bathing Room.

Most of the bathing rooms have the curtains inside. We use the curtain to keep us warm when we are in the showering. And the curtain will also stop the splashing water coming our here and there.

But the curtain will get dirty after a long time of using. We need to wash it, and then rehang it back. Sometimes, we can not find the hooks. The hooks are lost. And sometimes, the hooks are broken.

Don’t be worried. Teach you a good way. Let’s try the cable tie. It can also replace the hooks of the curtain.

4. Act as the Mobile Phone Holder.

Have you ever met the situations below? When you are back home, you are very tired after the whole day work. You are going to watch a film to relax on the mobile phone.

However, the hands are too tired to handle the phone. But you are still going to enjoy the film.I believe you must meet this.

Someone will choose to put a hard box or some books to make the phone standing well. But the box or the books move quietly. And when we are exited about the one point of the film, the phone fall. It is very frustrated.

I can introduce a helper to solve this problem. Right. It is cable tie. The nylon tie is flexible but not soft. It owns high tenacity. It can hold our mobile phones when we are watching films.

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5. Fix the Patch Board.

As we all know, the patch board is very useful in our life. But sometimes, we may need it fixed on the wall. Especially, in the kitchen, the ladies may have deep  realization with me.

We need the board fixed on the wall besides the electric cooker, the induction cooker, and the oven. But the patch board always move here and there when we use it. And it is very dangerous.

Now we can ask the plastic stuff for help. There is no need to din holes on the wall. The plastic cable ties can easily do it.

6. To be the Professional Drying Tool for the Pillow.

Have you ever got disappointed when the pillow falls off from the clothes bracket again and again. And putting the pillow on the ground directly for the basking may make the pillow dirty.

So how to deal with it? Ha ha. Here is a new design of the great plastic zip tie. Just put two coat hangers together by the tie. And then you can easily bask the pillow in the sun.

7. Just Become Your Ideal Shoelaces.

When I was young, the busy school life always makes me pressed. Especially, when the cocks get up and call you to go to school. For a sleepyhead, one more minute to stay on the bed is cherished. So spending time on bundling the shoelaces is impossible for them.

So I was. I was not willing to take the one minute to bundle the shoelaces. How great it will be if the shoes are bundled at first.

Now, the little one, nylon cable tie can realize my small dream. There is really bundled shoes. They are not fastened by the shoelaces, but the ties.

8. Make a New DIY Loose Spiral Notebook.

Buying notebook is one of my favorite shopping activities. It is because I really enjoy use the pen to note everything I see and everything I hear. I need many and many notebooks for my thought.

So the DIY Loose Spiral Notebook is a good choice for me. When I use it, I can write down many things. And the cable ties also find their application in my DIY loose spiral notebook.

I just insert the ties into the holes. And it can be a new notebook again.

9. Seal the Unfinished Snacks.

Like most girls, snacks are the most reliable friends in our life. They can accompany us when we are lonely. They will make us feel satisfied when we are feeling boring.

But not all the snacks will be destroyed completely, for we will worry about our weight. Thus there will appear many unfinished snacks.

These snacks have been opened the packing. How to deal with them? Throwing them away may be not good. It is too waste.

Right. Some of you are so clever. That is the zip tie. Seal the package with the nylon tie.

10. Hang the Broom on the Wall.

The environment of our house will greatly affect our mood. If you see the dirty broom are lying in the center of the living room, I think you must not feel so comfortable.

The thing you must do is to find a right place for the broom. So you may put it in the corner of the kitchen. But when you are sitting on the sofa of the living room, you just hear the sound of the falling down broom.

Then you may return to the kitchen. You find the broom lying on the floor. And you also find the cabbages are also lying nearby. The broom makes the nearby cabbages fall.

You are so angry. You are wondering where to put the broom. You don’t want this broom to bring troubles to you again.

Take it easy. Let’s hang it on the wall with our lovely nylon zip tie. This use you may have never used before.

11. Act as the Key Ring.

Most of us must have many keys. It is because we have so many doors to lock. One is to lock the the door of our bedroom. One is to open the door our our drawer. And one is the key for the gate.

All in all, we must have one key at least. These keys are important for us. But they are also easy to be lost. So there are many types of rings on the market to make the keys together.

And most of them are metal. But we know that the key is made by metal. It is very heavy. If the ring is metal, the total weight of the keys and the rings will be very big.

So how about to use a plastic ring? And this ring is also very secure for holding the keys. Yes, it is nylon cable tie ring.

12. Be a Simple Eggbeater.

You may never imagine that our little stuff are useful in the cake making. The process to make the egg white and the yolk mixed is one of the most important for making a cake.

The eggbeater on the market is not so cheap. It will be a good choice, if you do not want to pay a lot of money to buy an expensive eggbeater.

The tools are very simple to prepare. Go and fetch one pencil, one electric hand drill, several cable ties. Bundle the ties on the end of the pencil.

Cut off the long tail of them. And connect the the pencil and the hand drill. Start the drill, then the modern and new eggbeater comes out.

Are these 12 ways of the nylon cable tie uses wonderful? I am very willing to explore more cable tie applications with you. Hope you have new findings to share!

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