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When ordered the product we expected to get the same kind of merchandise as we would get from my local manufacturers. Instead, I got a product that far exceeded my expectations. Each tie was in perfect condition and each required opening was never blocked with excess plastic. We’re very glad we purchased these and will certainly purchase it again if needed.

Dennis Lewis (Marketing)

Originally, we purchased another brand. They were so thin, they snapped when attempting to use them. Here we highly recommend buying heavy duty zip ties from Zhejiang HONT Electrical Co.,Ltd. These are stronger and not weather sensitive.

Emily Wilson(CEO)

Working with China HONT Electrical Co.,Ltd and their team has been great pleasure and experience. They are really efficient. The delivery time is very punctual. The goods produced are really high quality, great satisfaction. One of the best Manufacturer I cooperated.

Jack Mcgee (Purchase Manager)


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10 Ways Teaching You How to Get Out of Zip Ties

The plastic cable tie is so secure in the bundling and fastening. We have enjoyed the benefits of them. But sometimes, we may need this little stuff open after locking. Before we learn to know how to get out of cable ties, we should get some knowledge of the designing principles for the product. In fact, there is a small snap joint in the head of it. And the body of the tie has seen teeth on the surface. When we put the body of it into the head, the small snap joint [...]

7 Reasons Why You and I Need A Reliable Cable Tie Manufacturer?

Plastic cable ties are well known by us for the high tensile strength and the convenience to use. They are simple and easy to install. They play the same role as the steel wires, but they are much lighter in the weight and cheaper in the price. Most people will buy them in a big quantity, rather than one or two pieces. So the large quantity will demand us to choose a reliable cable tie supplier. Some people just buy ties casually. Then they paid much for casual purchasing. The bad quality caused [...]

Complete Plastic Cable Ties Sizes ( in MM ) Summary Chart

https://youtu.be/-sF4dZoYKug Inquiry about Cable Ties Hi, friend. I believe you must know of plastic zip tie. And you must be very familiar with it. Now I have one question to test. Do you know the detailed sizes of these nylon cable ties? Someone may say yes. There are 2.5 mm x 100 mm, 3.6 x 200 mm and so on. Right, these are parts of the whole sizes. So you do really have some knowledge about the zip ties. If you do not know any of the sizes, you may have some troubles. [...]

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To help our clients and customers to obtain their position on the competitive market is our HONT People’s devoting mission. We hold the belief that the success of our customers decided HONT’s future.

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