Self-locking Nylon Cable Tie

Looking for a professional cable tie supplier? Hont plastic tie lock manufacturer is sure to have the all kinds of self locking nylon cable ties that fit your installation require. Our product ranges from material (NYLON, PE, Stainless Steel), color to differenct fuctions (standard, releasable, push mount etc). Not to mention that all of our tie wraps & zip ties are designed to meet or commmon industry standards and the majority meet UL certificate.

Cable ties are an essential component of the cable management process and one of our many electrical wiring accessories. Supply of self locking nylon cable zip ties of Hont Electical is available in small quantities or in value packs of 1,000 to 10,000.

As a professional cable tie manufacture, we also provide strong cable ties, releasable cable ties,cable tie labels,mountable cable ties,push mount cable ties, hook and loop cable ties,weather resistant cable ties to meet your different needs.

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Self-locking Nylon Cable Ties

  • 1. Self locking nylon zip tie is used to secure a cable bundle to another things.
  • 2. Material: NYLON 66 ONLY. Supplied by ASCEND AND INVISTA.
  • 3. Nature, Black or other color available.
  • 4. UV Black Stabilized Nylon 6/6 is used in continuous or extended exposure to outdoor sunlight.
  • 5. Curved tip is easy to pick up from flat surfaces and allows faster initial threading to speed installation.
  • 6. Ideal Applications of self locking cable ties: Color coding, Identification, Packaging Continuity, and Bundling Aesthetics.
  • 7. Application of self locking plastic straps: Widely used to bundle cable and wire or other things in the industry of electrical &electronic, lighting, hardware, pharmaceutical, chemical, computer etc.

Technical Specification Of Self-locking Nylon Cable Ties


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