Push Mount Cable Ties

World Advanced Push Mount Cable Ties

HONT is the world advanced push mount cable ties manufacturer in China. It has been designing and producing cable ties in this industry for more than twenty years. It will be your best cable tie supplier.

Brief Introduction:

Push mount cable ties is one kind of cable ties. It can offer a quick, snap-in mount for users. They can secure your cables and wire in place.
They are preferred when we need a further step of fastening besides bundling the cables. The partial part of it is the head outside the zip tie. Just insert it into the hole. And lock it to the place. This kind of zip tie is featured of good tensile strength,a nice resistance to moisture.
Made by Nylon 66, It has all the advantages of the material. and a wide working temperature range. It has well chemical resistance. And it also owns high strength and durability. Besides, They have a low cost.
Generally, Nylon 66 is used in indoor applications. For outdoor or extreme temperatures, UV black cable ties can be used for the outdoor environment. And the heat stabilized push mount cable tie can adapt to the high heat working temperature. And the one-step fastening zip tie is available in natural or black.
With push mount cable ties you can achieve the goal of one-step fastening. The push mount part of the tie outside the head. And it can be pushed into a hole. Then lock it into place.
It is easy to use. Drill one hole on the plate. Make the anchor mount securely snaps into the holes. It is to secure cables or other objects to walls or other surfaces.
Their rounded corner will prevent users from cutting themselves on sharp edges. And the round corner will make it easier to insert them into hard places. They are easy to use. Users can lock quickly. They will be secure around wire bundles, cables, ropes, and more.

Product Description:

1. Information

Push mount cable tie is the reliable and perfect choice for fastening of cable bundles and the panels. It is so simple and easy to use. It can mount the cable bundles onto the panels.
Its length is 150 and 200 mm. The width of push mount cable tie is 3.8, 4.6 and 4.8 mm. The maximum bundle diameter is 38, 46 and 50 mm. And the tensile strength is 40 and 50 lbs.

2. Material

Made of nylon-66. They are UL approved. And this kind of material is anti-fire level 94v-2. The common color is natural. And there is also UV black. Special colors are also available.

3. Features

A special design. It is one piece of quick mounting. It securely ensures the bundles firmly mounted to the panels. And the tenssion wings add the stability to the mounting.

4. Using Methods

You need to drill a hole on the wall. Put the zip tie into the hole. Then bind the zip tie to make the tie secure.

The Classifications:

The push mount ties come in three styles. They are with wings, without wings and fir tree head. Each style has its own features and advantages. Let’s look at more details below:

1. Push Mount Ties with Wings

This kind of push mount cable ties has wings. Wings are designed for a stable and secure installation. It is rattle free. While they will take more space than wingless push mount cable tie.

2. Push Mount Ties without Wings

This type has no wings. When space is limited, the wingless push mount ties would be preferred. Wingless push mount zip ties will be the top choice for the limited room.

3. Push Mount Tie with Fir Tree Heads

There is a small tab. It reduces falling out prior when installation. And disc structure covers the hole. And it effectively reduces dust, dirt, and water. Besides, it provides anti-rattle protection in high vibration applications. For example, the automotive industry and aircraft.


1. Ideal for fixing wiring to pane, wall. This space is confined.
2. Easy to install. There is no tool needed.
3. Available in three different designs. They are ties with wings, without wings and with fir tree. So users can have many choices.
4. Manufactured by Nylon 66. It is UV black weather-resistant and heat stabilized materials. And it is also resistant to kinds of chemicals. It is anti-aging.

Some Ways to Know the Quality of Push Mount Cable Ties

Cable Ties are so common in our life. It is favored by the industries. And we use them in our daily life.

push mount cable ties

It is because our push mount cable tie is a bit special. The molding and injection process of the tie is also very different from other products. Some new factories will take a quite long time of exploring to get the qualified products. The cable ties are designed with the non-retreating function. It will be more and tighter after the locking. And among so many kinds of cable ties, there is also the type of releasable cable tie.
They are made by the UL approved PA66. Its flame resisting grade is 94V-2. It is well done in the resisting to acid and corrosion. It has good insulation. The product has the ability of anti-aging. It has high tensile strength. The working temperature is from -20 ℃ to 80 ℃. It is easy to bind and use.
It is widely used. It is applied in electronic factories. And the televisioins and computers also need the zip tie to bundle the wires. Some lights and machines bind the cables with them. The mechanical equipment and the oil pipes will use the zip tie.
Some bikes use cable ties to fix. And the gardens and fields apply the cable ties to fasten things.  Here I will introduce several ways to know the quality of push mount cable ties.

1. The Qualtiy of the Performance

The most important testing point of cable tie is the tensile strength. We can give an outer force to the tie. When the force increse to some level, the cable tie will break. Now we can look at the tensile strength. It the tensile strength is higher than the standard strength. No matter how the tie break, the good cable tie will have a higher tensile strength than the standard.
Some users may have a question, its cable ties always owns lower tensile strength. Now you may check if the cable tie you are testing is smaller in the specifications. The small specification products have smaller tensile strength.
Each specification has the lowest standard for the tensile strength. When the outer force is much bigger than the standard, the quality will not be guaranteed. So the only way to do is to change a bigger specification. And the cost for the bigger specification is bigger, too.
In addition, good quality cable tie has good flexibility. It will not appear the situation of breaking directly. That means the brittle breaking is not a good thing for push mount cable tie. Good quality cable tie will not have a brittle break. The flexibility will reduce the cost for the users.

2. The Quality of  the Appearance

Usually, plastic products will have many defects. For example edges, lack of materials are the defects. And the burning, silver wire and bubbles are also the defects. And it also includes deformation, shrinkage and other vulnerable products. These are also easier to show in push mount cable tie. So it requires careful examination of its appearance.

Some of the defects do not affect the use. But it still has the risk to the danger. It may lead to quality accidents. This will threat our products directly. So it must be attentioned by users and manufacturers.

The key part of push mount cable tie is the tie belt part and the tooth cavtity. So the quality of the belt part and the tooth cavity of the head are very important. The belt part should be carefully observed. It is required that there should be no residual teeth. The residual teeth should not appear in the belt part.

There should be no step-like deviation marks on the top of the inner surface of the tooth cavity. Otherwise, a large number of unusable sliding teeth will appear. These will affect the quality directly. The sliding teeth will result in the difficulty of inserting the tie. When the tie is difficult to insert into the hole of the head, it means the cable tie is a waste product. It can not be used for any functions.

There are also some other problems. They need the workers to pay careful attention. For example, the simple crossing phenomenon. The crossing edge is too big. Then after insertion, the belt tooth surface and the head cavity are not compact. There is some gap between the tooth and the head. This is also a big problem. It will lead the slippery teeth. The cable tie will looses. It cannot lock things.

The general rule is that all good products own their own color. It is naturally except for special requirements. It is the best in their own right color. A good push mount cable tie should be transparent and clear. Even if the color is slightly yellowish, it is not a big problem. We can not require all the products to have a white color.

However, if the color is muddy black, the cable tie must not good in the quality.

The quality of materials is also a key point of quality.

After shearing by melting screw at high temperature for many times, the molecular structure of the material will change. Especially for PA66, it is the raw material for making push mount cable tie.

PA 66 has good flexibility. And it is good at resisting to high temperature.  It has good tensile strength. It is resisting to aging, acid, and corrosion. Push mount cable tie made by PA 66 has more advantages than other cable ties made by other materials.

A Reliable Push Mount Cable Tie Manufacturer in China

Owing to the years’ persistent striving for success, HONT has expanded its cable tie market. It is from the original small town, Yueqing, to the whole country. It is even to Europe, America, Australia and many other foreign countries.
Our cable ties have sold from coast to coast and exported in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the European Union, the United States, Australia, South America, and other regions and countries. And we have got the certificate of CE, UL, and RoHS.
HONT is one of the superior push mount cable ties manufacturers and suppliers. The company has gained a good reputation. It is because of the reliable quality and best service.
Why choose HONT cable ties? The excellent of every detail is the root of excellent quality.
HONT company has strong tech force. And the advanced technique of production for cable ties. And it has complete testing equipment. We believe that excellent quality, exceeding customer needs leads to success.
HONT is the professional manufacturer of push mount zip ties. It has become the first choice and solution in the zip ties market.
We have built a business relationship with more than twenty countries and regions. It is because we have top quality, good service, and excellent working teams. The satisfactory of the customers is the goal and motivation of we HONT people. We look forward to your coming to enjoy cooperation with us.