Good Quality Releasable Beaded Cable Ties

You may be familiar with self-locking cable ties. Have you used releasable beaded cable ties? HONT is a professional supplier for it. We are supplying good quality of different types nylon cable ties to users and customers.


What are releasable beaded cable ties?

HONT releasable beaded cable ties are unique. They are also known as beaded zip ties. They are made of Nylon 66. This kind of material has 94 V -2 level of flame resistance.


These cable ties feature a special design. That allows them to be released instead of cut away. And the design allows them to be removed and reused. Releasable beaded cable ties can be adjusted over and over.

Releasable Beaded cable tie is a simple way to secure bundles. The beaded ties are no tool required. They secure quickly. And they can be released easily to add wires or cables. Beads lock and release through keyhole slots.

Releasable beaded cable ties and the common ones is different. Beaded ones have the knots in the body of the ties. More elegant and more exquisite. It is good looking. Besides, the body is divided into bore holes and locking holes.


They are not like standard cable ties. Releasable beaded cable ties don’t have to be cut off, if you want them removed. Beaded cable ties can release, just like hook and loop fasteners.


The special design of beaded locking has successfully solved the problem. That cannot be solved by the common cable ties. Common cable ties only can be used for one time.


Product Overview of Releasable Beaded Cable Ties

1. Materials:

These cable ties are made of UL approved Nylon 66. It is with high level of fireproof. And this material is totally environmentally friendly. Our releasable beaded cable ties have many international quality certificates. It has 70 lb and 140 lb.

2. Colors:

While is the standard color. UV black is also common. Any other colors are also available.

3. Temperature:

The working temperature of releasable beaded cable tie is from -40°C to 85°C.

4. Features:

Releasable beaded cable ties are advanced. It has good resistance to acid and base. And it also has good insulation. It is anti-aging. Besides, releasable beaded cable tie has strong tenacity. It is stronger than hook.

They are designed with the special style of beaded locking. So they can be tight and loose as what we like. Releasable beaded cable ties can be used for many times.

5. Application:

Releasable beaded cable tie is versatile than a cable. It is widely seen in bundling the cables or wires in the computers or televisions. Some domestic appliances, lights will use beaded cable ties. And machines and electronic toys will use them.

Beaded cable ties are used to protect the electronic products out of leakage. Some electric cars, automobile factories used beaded cable ties to bundle some wires inside. It is to make the lines tidy and fixed.


This cable ties and stronger are the professional helper for the small, light, and short bundling. It is simple and easy for the installation. It twist tie more versatile. And the lock is secure, as the double lock ties.



What are the advantages of releasable beaded cable ties?

Releasable beaded cable tie is a cost-effective bundling choice for users. It is firm and secure. Because of the beaded designing, the wires and cables will be secure and firm. There is no slip or move.


And it is simple to use. Releasable beaded cable ties don’t need tools. And it doesn’t need big human labor, either. It is easy to plug the tie into the head without slipping.


1. Easy to lock into place, adjust and release.


2. Durable and versatile.


3. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


4. Require no tools for installation or removal.


5. Reusable.

Why do you choose HONT releasable beaded cable ties?

Reusable beaded cable ties from HONT is secure, reusable and durable. They are applied in many places. One of the most common uses for beaded zip ties is to bundle cables and wire.


To secure a bundle, wrap the beaded cable tie around your item. Then secure it by slipping the tail through the keyhole slot. Slide the end into the smaller groove to lock it into place.


Longer releasable beaded cable ties can be wrapped around an item many times. It is to create a more secure hold. You can link several releasable beaded cable ties together. It can increase the holding capacity for larger items.


Releasable beaded cable tie is our standard product. It is offering good flexibility and tensile strength up to 18 lbs. It is for a broad applications.


Just get HONT releasable beaded cable ties . They are with best quality and price. HONT is the perfect solutions for bagging and lightweight.


HONT is the professional releasable beaded cable tie supplier.


HONT is one of the greatest releasable beaded cable ties factories. It has been widely welcomed by the customers from home and abroad. The products are sold to Africa, Asia, Russia, Europe, USA, and other countries. HONT has good reputation and reliable quality. We are always the first choice for the big supermarkets, and stores.


HONT is located in Liushi, the electronic industry capital in China. Our company designs and researches releasable beaded cable ties by ourselves. We are the modern and diversified new enterprise. And we do the researching, producing, selling, service, and trading together.


HONT has been engaged in the exporting and producing the low voltage electrical appliances for years. Our releasable beaded cable ties are appreciated by our consumers. It is because the high quality and nice prices in the industry.


We have the highly advanced skills. And our professional infrastructures and machines have greatly enhanced the products. Besides, our technician team is offering the best skill for our production.


We constantly put the quality at the first place our purchasing goal. We are fulfilling the goal of best quality best service to satisfy our customers.


HONT are willing to have the opportunities to build win-win cooperative relationship with clients all over the world.


Now, the company has been devoted to be an international electrical appliance company. It is to make a contribution to the wiring and cable industry.


We believe HONT will be your preference in the near future.


Some Customer Reviews from HONT Releasable Beaded Cable Tie Users:


Good Reusable design and very sturdy material to keep secure.


We’re really enjoying using these cable ties! It is nice that there is something that can be easily readjusted. or reused. we like the double eye design. We can have this attached to an extension cord, without taking off the cable tie completely, and can wrap the bead-line around to secure the looped cord. Wonderful!




Perfect for what we needed and will need in the future. Reuseable. Good quality. These were great for the price and quality. We will recommend it to our partners.