what are the plastic cable ties sizes in mm

Complete Plastic Cable Ties Sizes ( in MM ) Summary Chart

Hi, friend. I believe you must know of plastic zip tie. And you must be very familiar with it. Now I have one question to test. Do you know the detailed sizes of these nylon cable ties? Someone may say yes. There are 2.5 mm x 100 mm, 3.6 x 200 mm and so on. […]

Nylon Cable Tie Uses: Can You Blow Your Mind for 12 Ways?

How to Use Zip Ties: Can You Blow Your Mind for 12 Ways?

Several weeks ago, there was a lady coming to my company for business. We were talking with each other very happily. I suddenly found something on the lady’s bag caught the eyes of mine successfully. Do you know what it was? Then I enlarged my eyes and watched it for a moment. It was a […]

Nylon Cable Tie Manufacturing Process VS. Bread Making

Wow, what you are saying? Are you crazy? What is the same point between the nylon cable tie manufacturing process and the bread making? You may ask. Calm down, friend. After reading it, you may agree with me.   Nylon cable tie is such a small and tiny thing. You can live ignoring it, but […]

Cable Tie Gun

All You Need to Know about Cable Tie Guns

It wasn’t too long when people had to face quite a lot of hassles when installing cables. The job to install cables was definitely a tedious one since it consumed a lot of time for merely mounting them. Even after taking care of it completely, some cables still got damaged. You can put end to […]

Cable Tie Manufactuer

All you need to know about nylon cable ties

Cable ties are designed to hold different items, particularly cables or wires, together. They are used in a number of settings for different purposes; most importantly for fastening hanging wires and cables. What are Nylon Cable Ties? Cable ties are made from different materials; however, the most popular among them are those made from nylon. This […]