Self Adhesive Cable Tie Mount

HONT, the Perfect Self Adhesive Cable Tie Mount Manufacturer

Cable tie mount is so popular in our daily life. So finding a good tie mount supplier is also a big deal. HONT will be your perfect self adhesive cable tie mount manufacturer.
self-adhesive cable tie mount

Brief Introduction to Adhesive Tie Mount

Cable tie mount has many kinds of style to install. Some will need the screw to help. Some is used to paste directly to the panel. And some needs the zip ties to secure the wires. And some types can secure the wires just by the mount, without the assistance of the zip ties.

The installation of them should be very careful. The position needs to be tidy and clean. If you buy from the self adhesive cable ties mount manufacturer, you should be more careful about the position. It must be clean, smooth and dry enough.

Now let me talk about some information about them.

1. Material:

Self-adhesive cable tie mount is made of UL approved Nylon 66, with the 94v-2 flame resisting level.
The back of the mount is exported double sided foam tape. And it has the features of insulation, durability and resistant ability to aging.

2. Using Methods:

Tear the tape which is on the back of the mount. And then paste it on the plate. The last step is to bundle the cables with the part of cable tie on the mount. t
And the cable ties in the mount can bundle cables or wires as requirements.

3. Applications:

They are used for fixing wires or cables.  It is safe and convenient for using, but it is not allowed for the drill.

4. Features:

They are convenient and time-saving. The holes could plug many different sizes and lengths cable ties. The range of bundling wires or cables is big. It is easy and firm.

Advantages of the Material of Self Adhesive Cable Ties Mounts

As we all know this kind of product is very convenient to use. It is widely applied in all walks of life. The reason why it is so popular, do you know?
Right, it is the high performance of Nylon 66 used by the self adhesive cable tie mounts manufacturers. Now let’s learn some advantages about it.
The fresh material of Nylon 66 has different molding methods. It can be formed into Nylon 6 section, Nylon 66 industrial yarn, spun yarn, and textile yarn.
The Nylon 6 section can be divided into engineering plastic, filament, blanket. The industrial yarn are mainly used in the curtains.
88% Nylon 66 will be injected and molded into kinds of plastic parts. And 12% will be made through the extrusion blow molding into different kinds of products.

1. This material is featured for good resistance to stress, abrasion and heat. It belongs to self-extinguishing material.

It has a wide application in kinds of parts of the automobile, electrical and electronic appliances.

2. It has a high mechanical degree. Self-lubricity is second only to PTFE. The material of PTFE is the best in the self lubricity. It is because it has good molecular structure. So our 66 is usually used in  the precision gears.

3. This material is good at resisting to oil. It is soluble in phenol and formic acid. It also owns steady performance in the chemical. Adding carbon black can improve its weather resistance. So its application in the mechanical industry is very important.

We have talked about these fields which the material is widely used. They are automobile industry, electrical and electric appliance industry, mechanical industry and so on.

What are the applications of the raw material the self adhesive cable tie mounts manufacturers use?

The self adhesive cable tie mounts manufacturers are using the Nylon 66 to make these mounts. This material also has other applications. Now let me introduce to you.

1. It has high mechanical strength, good toughness. And it is resistant to impact and the shocks. And the the flexibility of 66 is higher than the metal.

The compression strength is similar to the metal. Its rigidity is weaker than the metal. The tensile strength of it is one time higher than ABS. And it has strong ability to absorb shock,  stress and vibration.

Its impact strength is much higher than ordinary plastics. And it is stronger than acetal resin.  So you don’t need to worry about the self adhesive tie mount will be affected by some slight shocks.

2. And it has outstanding fatigue resistance.  The products can still maintain the original mechanical strength after repeated bending many times.

This ability can be seen in the escalator handrail, the plastic wheel circle in the bicycles. These are constantly moving and operating. But these have no influence after times of using.

3. This material has a high softening point. And it is resistant to heat.  PA 66 material can have the distortion temperature of 250°C, when it has been reinforced by the glass fiber.

4. The surface of this kind of material is smooth. And the friction coefficient is low. It is resistant to friction.  When it is made as the mechanical moving parts, it has the advantages of good self lubrication and low noises.

When the resistance to the friction is not so well, it can be added the lubricating agent. If it is needed to use the lubricating agent to lighten the friction or to make the heat release, you can choose the oil, water, or grease. This will make these parts have a longer service life.

5. This material is resistant to corrosion. It is very good at resisting to the alkali. And it is resistant to the light acid, gasoline, engine oil, fat, alcohol, light and alkali.

Besides, it has a good resistance to aging. It is used as the packing material for the lubricating agent and the fuels.

6. It has a good ability of self extinguishing. It is non-toxic, and non-odorous. This material shows to be inert to biological erosion. Besides, it has good ability to resist bacteria and mildew.

7. It has excellent electrical properties and good electrical insulation. Besides, it has a high volume resistance. And it has high breakdown resistance.

In the dry environment, this material can work as frequency insulation material. Even in the high wet environment, it still has good electrical insulation.

8. The weight of its product is light. It is easy to be dyed and easy to be formed. Due to the low melting viscosity, it can flow quickly and be easy to fill the mold. After filling the mold, the freezing point is high and the mold can be shaped quickly.

What is differences between Nylon 6 and Nylon 66?

We all know that the good self adhesive cable ties mount manufacturers will use Nylon 66 as the materials. But someone will ask why do not use Nylon 6.

There are two types of nylon. They are Nylon 66 and Nylon 6. The former is made by  two groups of six carbon atoms. And nylon 6 is made up of a group of six carbon atoms.

These two types are different in the performance. It is because that these two are different in the structure.

1. Nylon 66 :

(1) It has good flexibility.

(2) It is dense when you are touching. And it has strong anti – lodging ability.

(3) It has a high melting point. It reaches to 264℃.

(4) It is poor in dyeing. And it owns high color fastness.

2. Nylon 6:

(1) It is easy to dye. This is different with the Nylon 66.

(2) It is soft when you are touching it.

(3) It has a good resistance to friction.

(4) The melting point of this material is low. It is only 228℃.

Do not choose the mount with the poor material.

After the introducing, I think you must have some idea of what kind material is better in the performance.

The Nylon 66 is not easy to dye. And it is owning high tensile strength. It can stand the impact and shocks.

The material has a higher melting point. It can stand to the high temperature. It is resistant to kinds of chemicals. And it can do well in the poor weather.

These can not be finished by other kinds of materials. So the good self adhesive cable tie manufactures will use it to make products.

When you are buying the tie mount, please do not just buy the cheap mount. What you need is not the cheap, but the high quality.

The cheap ties will be low in the quality. Then you may damaged in the article you are using with the mount. You may need to change a new one. This will waste a lot of time and money.

HONT will be the your best self adhesive cable ties manufacturer.

HONT has been producing and trading self-adhesive cable tie mounts for over twenty years. The company is keeping chasing for superior quality, nice service, and reasonable prices.

It has bulit good relationship with many companies from more than two hundred cities and countries. They are Australia, Africa, Europe, Korea, Russia, the US and etc.

Here, we sincerely hope to found wonderful relationship with you from home and abroad, old and new.

It was founded in the year of 1997. It is an enterprise of focusing on nylon zip ties, stainless steel cable ties, self locking cable ties, mark ties, releasable ties, cable tie mounts, and cable clips.

The company devotes itself in designing new products, manufacturing products, and selling these products.

HONT is in the city of Liushi. It is called the Capital of Electrical Appliances in China. It is famous for the low voltage electric products. The company is near to the airport and the station of the train. Besides, the Yandang Mountain is also the well known scenery in China. It is also in the city.

The convenient transportation is one reason why HONT has achieved so many customers’ hearts. The most important factor is the company has such good quality and such lovely prices.

It has a complete managing system and strict quality testing measures. The products from HONT must get through its testing center. This center makes sure each product can own the high quality.

The company is the leading enterprise of the plastic industry. It insists the quality principle of “Science and Innovation is the basic, Outstanding Quality is the Developing Reason”.

It has got the Certificate of ISO 9001. This is the International Quality System Certificate. And the company’s good quality has got the recognize of UL. HONT also got the approve of the CE certificate.

HONT has the modern factory workshop with producing area of more than 45,000 square meters. And it owns strong technical power and advanced manufacturing skills.

It has realized standardization and the systematization in each process in the production. And the product has the good performance in acid-proof, alkali-proof, flame-retardant and durable. They are owning insulation and many advantages.

These merit and the company’s scientific and rigorous manner make the enterprise to win the high product prestige and the reputation.

The company is adhering to the business idea “Moving with the world, Win-win with the customers”. It always insists to  “Good Quality, High Efficient and Low Cost”. It is to improve the value of the  customer.

HONT is aiming to the whole world. It is vigorously develop the international and domestic market. HONT has established a sales network and after-sales service system in the national big cities.

Its products are exported to southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions.

And the market possession ratio and sales growth of the company is steadily rising. Its new design, patented cable ties have got the favor of the customers in the Middle Europe, Australia and many countries.

It is because this new patented zip ties have the much far higher tensile strength than the common ties on the market. And the appearance of these new patented ties are more good looking.

They have the same length, but thicker. The company use much more material in each piece, compared with the common one on the market. That is the reason why the patented ties own much higher tensile strength.

HONT, this big self adhesive cable tie mount manufacturer, warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit us. We hope to negotiate business and create a better future.