Spiral Wrapping Band

HONT is the specialized supplier of nylon cable ties spiral wrapping band and plastic products of wiring accessories in Liushi, China.We constantly focus on the quality of the high level, and offer our customers the best quality with competitive prices. With the years hard devoting, EGS has expanded her market to Europe, America, Asia, Russia and other countries and regions.We welcome you to contact us for the business relationship.

Spiral Wrapping Bands

1. Materials: PE is the material of making spiral wrapping band.
2. Using Methods: Mount one end of the guard band, then convolve the wires clockwise and? fasten, that is finished.
3. Features: Spiral wrapping band is wear-resisting, anti-aging, corrosion-resisting, environmental friendly, easy to install and so on.
4. Applications: To protect the wires out of abrasion and play the role of insulation, improving the sence of beauty in curving.