Stainless Steel Cable Ties

The Most Popular Stainless Steel Cable Ties Suppliers in China

We are well known of nylon cable ties. For heavy-duty, we are better to choose stainless steel cable ties manufacturers and suppliers for help. HONT is the most famous and reliable  metal zip ties supplier in China. It will be your best choice.

stainless steel ball lock cable ties

Some Brief Introduction 

The material of our self locking stainless steel cable ties is 304. It is anti-corrosion, heat resisting, and burning resisting. It does well in self-locking, easy fitting. This product is good at resisting to low temperature. And, it has high mechanical property. This kind of cable tie has a long service life.


It is used to bundle wires cables, pipes, and wires. It can make these pipes, wires and cables fastened together securely and firmly. So it can prevent accidents. And it has better cable management, for the tensile strength standard of this kind of tie is far higher than nylon zip ties. Nylon zip tie cannot handle many big objectives, but it can do it.

Why is this kind of tie so wonderful and perfect? The designing idea is that there is a stainless steel locking ball. This ball is set in the locking set. It makes the locking tight. So they are difficult to lose. Moreover, the rolling ball for self-locking makes it smooth.

What makes the users happy is that it has a wide range of using. It is very hot in the industry. Because of the high durability and high security, they are also used at home, office, warehouse. And it can be used in agriculture, too. Our telecommunication also needs it.  The petroleum, traffic, aviation, shipping will see the shadows of them.

Black Nylon PVC coated stainless steel cable ties

Descriptions of the Metal Zip Ties

1. Material:

It is made of high quality 304 stainless steel. This kind of material is good at anti-heat. And it is resisting to corrosion. What is more, 304 stainless steel has high durability.

At the same time, there are materials of 201, 300, 304, 316 on the market. The different material meets the different needs of users. There are different tensile strengths. And there are different prices.

2. Advantages:

These products are resistant to corrosion. And it has high resistance to high temperature. And this material is resisting to cold temperature.

Besides, it is easy to use. What you should do is to button up the ties.

And it is also high self-locking. The locking degree is strong. Once you button up the cable ties, they cannot be separated.

There is the biggest advantage of the ties made from HONT , the stainless steel cable ties suppliers. That is it owns very high tensile strength. It is far stronger than the nylon tie wires.

3. Operation Temperature:

The working temperature of this kind of Metal Cable Ties is -80 ~ +538 ℃. The highest temperature is up to 538℃. So it is good at working at high temperature.

4. Applications:

It is popular in the mining industry. And it is welcomed in ships, petroleum industry.

And electricity also needs them to fasten many cable bundles. We can find them used in computers. The wire harness also uses this product.

What is the classification the stainless steel?

There are many kinds of classifications of the material used by the stainless steel tie wire supplier. Now let me give you a detailed introduction to it.

1. According to the structure of steel, it can be divided into these types below.

Austenitic type, Martensitic type, Ferritic type, Duplex type, and precipitation hardening.

2. Based on the chemical composition of steel, there are also several types.

They are types of Cr type, Cr-Ni, Cr-Mn-N-Ni, ultra-low carbon, and high purity, and etc.

3. And it can be classified to below kinds, according to the function of the material.

There are low-temperature type, heat-resistant type, wear-resistant type, non-magnetic type, free cutting type, and high-level plastic.

4. 304 Series are usually used by the stainless steel cable ties suppliers.

It has good corrosion resistance. And it owns high strength. This kind of material has a long service life. 304 has a good color and surface gloss.

So it is widely used as stainless heat-resistant steel. It is suitable for food equipment, general chemical equipment. And it is applied in especially decoration industry such as stainless steel fence.

5. 0Cr18Ni9Cu2 is also one type of common material.

It belongs to a stainless steel cold-rolled plate. It is used for kitchen articles and other products.

Compared with 304Cu2, SUS304J1, it has a low content of Cr and Ni. And this kind of material has a low production cost. It has good corrosion resistance and processing performance. So it is also widely used.

6. 316 and 317 Series material are very common in the industry.

Compared with 0Cr18Ni9, Mo alloying improves acid resistance. And chloride pitting resistance of steel is also improved. They are used in equipment, containers, and pipes of petroleum. And some chemical and fertilizer industries also use them.

7. 301 Series is very common in the field.

The steel has good corrosion resistance under atmospheric conditions. And it has high strength and hardness after cold working. It is applied to equipment or components which need non-rusting conditions.

For example, they are usually used in railway vehicles and transmission bolts. And the nuts and springs will also use them.

8. 321 Series are also seen in the industry.

They are used in welding cores, antimagnetic instruments, medical instruments. And some acid-resistant containers, equipment lining and transportation pipelines and other equipment and parts need them.

9. 430 Series is seen in our daily life.

They are used as general steel with good corrosion resistance. They are made in decoration in buildings, heavy oil burner parts. And some household appliances and household electrical appliances also use them.

10. 409 Series is also one member of them.

They have good welding performance. They are used in automobile exhaust treatment device.


Why do we use Metal Cable Ties?

They are so well-done in the high tensile strength. It can be to bundle heavy goods. Any goods are heavier than 100 pounds can be fastened by them.

It is used for indoor, outdoor and some heavy industry. And some underground construction wiring needs it. It has strong acid and alkali resistance. It is suitable for harsh environment.

It has a special steel ball lock design. So it can not be unlocked after locking. High tensile strength, heat resistance, non-combustion are all its advantages. Special coatings have excellent protection ability. And the coating offers good chemical resistance.

And the products welcomed in bad weather. Because it is resisting to corrosion in the bad weather. It is able to work at a very high temperature. And it can work at very low temperature.

In addition, metal cable ties are various in the sizes. They have many different lengths and widths. So they can meet different requirements of the users and customers. Customers can have their own styles.


How to use stainless steel cable ties?

We need to note here. The stainless steel zip tie is easy to apply. They can be easily and quickly fastened.

The rubber hoses, poles, pipes or metals need them. They are to be fixed in different shapes and sizes.

It has a special ball for the self-locking function. This little ball is designed specially. It is to ensure the tie keeps locking. It is a special design. This small is very secure and safe for use.

1. We need to place the ties in the opening groove of the rotary shaft. And the knife edge is also as well.

2. You need to move the gear shank back and forth. It is to tighten the ties.

3. Please push the handle forward. And broach the handle downward. Then remove the packing belt. And lock the buckle. Next, you need to remove the tool.


Why does the stainless steel material will rust?

Why do they go rusty? The brown rust spots appear on the surface of stainless steel pipes. People are greatly surprised.

Most people think that stainless steel will not be rusty. We usually think that rusting is the quality problem of the product. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of stainless steel.

It does rust under certain conditions.

It has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation. But it also has the ability to resist corrosion in medium containing acid, alkali, and salt. That is corrosion resistance.

However, the corrosion resistance of the steel is different in different kinds of types. It varies with its chemical composition, additive state and service conditions. Besides, the type of environmental medium also affects the resistance to corrosion.

For example, 304 steel pipe has absolutely excellent corrosion resistance in a dry and clean atmosphere. But when this material is moved to the coastal area, it will rust quickly.

It is because it is in the sea fog. It contains a lot of salt. While 316 steel pipe performs well in the salt environment. Therefore, not all the stainless steel can be corrosion-resistant and free to the rust in all the environment.

And it has a very thin, solid and stable chromium-rich oxide film. This film forms the protection function on its surface. It stops oxygen atoms from penetrating into an oxidizing continuously. So it achieves corrosion resistance.

Once the film is constantly destroyed because of some reason. The oxygen atoms in air or liquid will continuously infiltrate. And the iron atoms in metal will continuously separate out.

It will lead to the loosing of iron oxide. And the metal surface will be constantly corroded. The surface film is damaged in many ways. This situation often happens in our daily life.

So don’t be strange that the metal cable ties will rust. It is not a quality problem. It must be happening in some special environment for stainless steel cable ties.


The Most Reliable Stainless Steel Cable Ties Suppliers

Hont is a stainless steel cable ties supplier. It was founded in 1996. HONT has always taken great pride as the leading enterprise in the cable tie manufacturing. It is one of the most reliable tie manufacturers in China. The company is good at designing and excellent in producing and delivering.

Besides, the company is exporting cable ties to many countries and regions. We are approved by the Russian, European and Asian markets. It is because of our superior quality and service.

Hont is very responsive to our clients’ requirements. It can provide our customers with the best cable management. The company will provide you whatever you need. Custom special product specifications are also welcomed.