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We all know that tile is the most frequently seen material in our daily life. When we are tile, you must find the a good tile spacer supplier. Here, I want to introduce HONT to you. It will help you in tiling.

Some Details of Tile Spacer

Tile spacers provide the ideal solution in the laying of tiles on the walls or floors. They are set at the very intersecting connections. It is in order to offer the alignment for the tiling.

After the grouting in the gaps, tile spacers prevent the tiles from expansion or contraction. These problems will result in deadly breakage to the tile itself.

1. Materials:

Most mature spacers in the market are made of HDPE. It is a kind of environmental friendly material. Many tile spacer suppliers will use this material.

And the color made by the tile spacer supplier is white and transparent.

2. Specifications:

In general, there are several specifications on the market made by the tile spacer suppliers. They are 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm, 8.0 mm, 10.0 mm and so on.
And the specification of 1.0 mm means the width is 1.0 mm. It is the width of the gap you are hope to leave for the tiles.
The gap between the tiles on the wall is better to be 1 mm to 2 mm. Some small tiles, such as 100 mm x 100 mm, the workers will leave a bigger gap for good looking.
And the gap between the tiles on the floor is suggested to be 1 mm to 5 mm. It is except for the Retro tiles. These tiles will need bigger gap.
Below is the conclusions of the gap for different tiles.
Non-gap tile, polished tile, marble tile are better to leave 1.0 m to 1.5 mm.
Tiles on the wall is better to leave 2.0 mm.
Small size tiles are better to have the gap of 2.5 mm to 3.0 mm.
Middle size tiles are suggested to have the gap of 4.0 mm to 5.0 mm.
Outdoor tiles are better to leave the gap of 6.0 mm, 8.0 mm and 10.0 mm.

2. Features:

They are featured with the advantage of  top tenacity, solution resistant. And they are superior tensile, moisture proof. Besides, they are impact resistant, nontoxic. And they are difficult to open seam.

The product has a good performance in tensile strength. And it also has a high toughness. It is non-toxic. Tile spacer is anti-impact, anti-moisture and anti-chemical. It is resistant to explosion.

3. Application:

It is used to adjust the distance between one tile and another. Its function is to  make the tile laying  tidy and nice. With this product, each tile space can be same and equal.
The tile spacer supplier produce the tile spacers. The product has simplified the tiling procedure. And  it has improved the efficiency of workers. Moreover, it has reduced the costs as well.

4. Function:

They are made of polypropylene and designed to uniform the width between the two tiles. Thanks for them, the workers can do the installation of tiles fast and accurately.
They are able to avoid the crack propagation to the tile adjacent. To create the most aesthetic of the laying tiles, the spacers do the best job in making the alignment of the walls or the floors with impeccable grout joints.
As one of the professional tile spacer supplier, HONT also has been offering various products, such as tile adhesive, tile grout and marble care.
The tile spacers are used to help ceramic tiles and the vitrified tiles to lay in uniform gap. They are made of raw materials with the best finish and exact dimension. These tile spacers are diverse in width, two, three, four, five, eight, and ten millimeters are available.

How to use the tile spacer?

For the kindly requirements from our respected customers, tile spacer supplier has been providing tile spacers and cable tie china with top quality.

These tile spacers are made from raw materials tested with the latest skills.When we lay the tiles on the wall or floors, it is the key problem to make sure the distance between every two tiles is equal.

While, our spacer can do to make the uniform distance. There are diverse specifications can be choose when we do the laying.

Tile spacer suppliers produce many kinds of tile spacers. These spacers are used when we are going to tile. But not all the people know the right methods for tiling.

Now I will introduce the methods for tiling.

1. Before the tiling, learn something about the heat and cold problems to the tiling.

As we all know, the tiles have the problems of expanding in heat and contracting in cold. The cement mortar also has the same problem of the expanding in heat and contracting in cold. When the temperature changes, the tiles and the cement mortar will change in shape.

So it is very important to leave some gap for the tiles. If there is no gap,  the tiles may break after a period time of using.

And there is some errors in the production for the tile spacer suppliers. So when we have no gaps for the tiles, the wrong tile will affect the appearance of the whole tiling.

2. We must know that the errors may appear in the process of the tiling.

It is very necessary to know there may have some errors in the tiling. So we need to leave some gaps for it.

3. After knowing these above, we can start the tiling.

One piece of tile need one tile spacer. 5 mm tile spacer can be reused. After the tile is dry, we can take the spacer to use again.

In general, one 5 mm tile spacer can be used for three times. It can save us a lot of cost to buy new products from the tile spacer suppliers.

While, for the 2 mm size and 3 mm size, they are not easy to take off. The direct pulling will make the tile pulled off. So it is only used for once.

When we leave these small size tile spacers in the gap, don’t worry. They will not affect the appearance. They will be covered by the cement mortar.


Why do we need the tile spacer?

Tile Spacers are used to adjust the gap between one tile and the other to be the same, resulting in the delicacy of tile laying.

Thanks for the spacers, it has simplified the tiling procedure, and  improved the efficiency of workers, reduced the costs as well.

Tile spacer is a small tool for using. Some people may think it is not necessary to use it. They will ask why do we need it?

The tile spacer supplier, HONT will answer this question.

1. There exits the heat expanding and cold contracting problem.

In the air, the moisture and humidity is very changeable. When the moisture and the humidity change, the tile and the cement mortar will have some change in the shape. They will get some extending and retracting.

If there is no gap between the tiles, the tiles may break when the temperature goes high. And one piece of tile may squeeze the other. Then both tiles may have breaks.

2. There are some errors on the tiles when they are sold.

Don’t hesitate to buy the spacers from the tile spacer suppliers. It is very important for tiling.

We can not guarantee each piece of tile will be alright without any errors. As we all know, the tiles are produced by the machines. There must be some errors in the production.

So it is not nice in the appearance when we leave no gap. The tiles may looks not tidy.

3. The workers may have some mistakes in the tiling.

Tiling is a skill. It needs the workers high skills for it. And the workers must be very familiar with this task. In the process of tiling, it is impossible for the workers to tile without any mistakes.

The workers may tile well in the daytime. They may not do as well as the daytime tiling, when they are working in the night. And the moods of the workers also affect the tiling results.

So it is very important to leave gaps in the tiles.


Professional Tile Spacer Supplier

HONT is a professional tile spacer supplier for offering diverse kinds of tile spacers. They are different in size, color, and shape, but same in reliable quality.

Tile spacers are able to make the tiles in uniform distance with the perfect linkage. Each specification can be customized as various demands of our clients.

HONT has a large product range. There are bulb holder, electrical plugs, switch boxes and so on. We provide our respected clients tile spacers with the best quality. The spacers are various in sizes, colors and so on.

It mainly undertakes research, development and production. The company mainly supplies, tile spacers, cable glands, cable ties and so on.

HONT sells the products for electronic information system engineering, automatic control engineering, electronic engineering, software engineering and so on.

All the products are guaranteed with the most reliable quality. And they are widely exported to developed countries.

We are one of the best companies in providing high quality products, plastic tile spacers.  These products are made from the best raw materials. And they are made with our professional and skilled technician team.

Because of the firm construction and cost- saving features, tile cross spacers are quite welcomed by people. As the good distributor, we will ensure the shipment in time and the consignments secure and safe. We are doing our best to get our respected customers satisfied in every detail.

The spacers are longer and thicker. And they are packed with elegant and thick bags. The bags are printed with English instruction.
HONT, the tile spacer supplier, has focused on the researching and developing of spacer system for years in middle and high end level market. In addition, it has had the close cooperation with famous tile brand and construction material supermarkets these years.
To meet the requirements of perfect alignment of straight grout lines, tile spacers are specially designed. They are put at the intersecting joints of tiles on the floors or the walls.
Spacers help the installation of tiles, getting the the gap filled with grout in uniform, avoiding the cracks or contractions, and protecting the tiles from impact and breakages as well.
As the manufacturer and  exporter of the plastic components, HONT can provide the perfect solution for you when you are going to purchase tile spacers and so on.
For HONT, we are insisting to the principal to do the best quality and sincere service for our clients. Being years of professional tile spacer supplier, we have been producing tile spacers and many polymer products after mold.
High effectiveness and innovative technology are the reasons why we have gained so good reputations in the competitive tile spacers market.
To meet the higher and higher demands raised by the customers, HONT has been offering tile  spacers and  PVC tile spacers and so on.
Owing to the years of experiencing in producing and trading in this industry, our company has expand our market from the little city Yueqing to China, Europe, Japan and America, and many other countries.

The company has advanced production, testing equipment. The strict control of the production processes can ensure the stability of product quality.

And they also greatly reduce the production cost, management. They make the company more competitive with the industry.

HONT can give the best quality of product and service. It is willing to meet all the requirements from all the customers and clients. It is moving with all the energy and innovation. The company are hoping to help you to win the future!
It warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to the company to give a negotiate and guidance. The company offers first-class technology, first-class service, first-class quality, sincerely service for you.
HONT, your professional tile spacer supplier, wish with top-grade quality, top-grade service, the top-grade prestige holds hands with large customer to enter totally, creating the grand blue print to work hard to struggle together.