Vinyl Wire End Cap

Vinyl Wire End Cap

Vinyl wire end cap is one kind of popular  wiring accessory. It can be seen in many places.


Details of Vinyl Wire End Cap

1. Material:

It use soft PVC as the raw material.

2.Working Temperature:

The limit temperature for the product is 105℃.

3. Voltage:

The dielectric voltage of this product is AC 2500 V.

4. Insulation Resistance:

The insulation resistance is more than 200 MΩ.


What are the features of vinyl wire end cap?

1. Elegant Surface:

This kind of wire end cap has a very smooth surface. It is very nice in the out appearance. There is no bubble required for the good quality cap. And it must be clean on the surface.

2. Suitable Thickness:

Its soft material makes it fit for different kinds of wire end.

3. Easy to take off:

It is very easy to use and take off, for the material is very soft and flexible.

4. Various Choices in Colors:

There are many kinds of colors can be chose. They are white, black, yellow, red, green, blue and so on.


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