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Wire Duct

A Brief Introduction to Wiring Duct

Wire duct is used in the wire laying. It is to offer the protection for the wires or cables out of the dust or the damages from other things.
There are so many wiring duct manufacturers on the market. So it is very necessary to know the details of it.

1. Materials

It is made by the material of PVC. This material has an excellent insulation. The maximum temperature of it is 85°C. And it is is anti-wrapping.
And the color of the duct is grey. Special colors and sizes are also available in our company.


This product is consisted of the bottom of the tank and the lid. There is the wiring holes along the two sides of the body.

3. Features:

They are consisted of duct bottom and lid. These products are UL approved. They are with the anti-flame grade of 94 V-0.
They are featured of self-extinguishing, good resistance to impact. And they are resistant to burning, flashing.
Besides, they do well in the performance of insulating, and etc.

4. Application:

This product is installed in the cable system. It is to protect the wires in the electrical equipment under the voltage of 1200 V.
Thanks for these products, it is convenient and safe to arrange the wires. And it is more secure to do the checking, repairing, and making some adjustment.
Most Slotted Wire Duct are used to arranging the wires onto the panels?ceilings, walls and so on. The stage lights, electrical industry, air conditioning, home furnishing, office decorations, business activities and etc.are the using places for this kind of wiring duct.

Some Types and Specifications of Wiring Duct

The wiring ducts are so many. And the wiring duct manufacturers produces different types of these products to meet different requirements of the customers and users.
There are various types in them. There are insulation wiring duct, pull-out duct, mini duct and separation type duct. And upholstery duct,  whole type insulation duct, telephone duct and Japanese type telephone ducts are also belong to the ducts.
And there are open line duct, circled shape duct, panel duct for the fairs, circled floor duct, soft circled floor duct and lid duct and so on.

Regarding to the specifications of this kind of product, there are also various.

There are PVC – 20 Series, PVC -25 Series, PVC -25 F Series, PVC -30 Series, PVC- 40 Series, and PVC -40 Q Series.

And there are sizes of 20 mm * 12 mm, 25 mm * 12.5 mm, 25 mm * 25 mm, 30 mm * 15 mm, 40 mm * 20 mm, 14 mm * 24 mm, 18 mm * 38 mm and so on.

The Advantages of Using Wiring Duct?

Wiring duct manufacturers have produced so many products. It is because these products have so many advantages for use.

1. Good Resistance to the Impact

Why will people use this product? It is the wiring duct is resistant to the impact. It can easily protect the wires inside the duct.

Besides, the wires inside the duct will be out the flame and the dangers. This product also does well in the insulation.

2. Good Looking in the Appearance

The general color for the ducts are white. They are the same color with our walls. So there is no influence on the appearance of the wall.

They will cover the lines and wires. So the wires will not be exposed on the wall. Otherwise, it will be very untidy.

3. Long Service Life in the Using

These products can protect our wires and cables for over 50 years. But if there is some outer force to damage the product, its service life will be reduced.

How to install the wiring duct?

1. First, we need to make sure, if the duct from the wiring duct manufacturer is smooth and flat. There is no deformation in the shape.
And we should also to check if there is rags inside the duct. And if the connection of the gap is closely connected? If we lack some parts of the product.
2. The connection point should be smooth. And it must be closely connected together. The connection point should be flat.
Besides, the whole duct should be flat after the lid covers onto the bottom.
3.  The wiring duct manufacturer produce many these products. When we are laying the cables, we will meet the deformation joint.
The product should separate when meet the deformation joints. And the workers need to use the panels to connect the ducts. The panels need to be installed inside the duct. There is no need to fix them.
Here you are better to know that the specifications below CT 300 * 100 need one screw for secure. And the specifications above CT400* 100 are better to have 2 screws for secure.
4. If you have bought the ducts from the wiring duct manufacturers, you should pay attention for the material of the ducts. If it is metal or plastic?
If it is made by the plastic or some other material, except the metal, the ducts have some parts which are insulating. These parts need to be connected well to be a whole system.
5. When the products are installed in some vent shafts or they need to cross different fire districts, the ducts should be installed with some fire prevention and blocking measures. This is to follow the requirements of the design.
6. Sometimes, you may find the length of your steel made duct has more than 30 cm shorts or beyond length. Now you need to set the compensation part at the points of the deformation joints.
7. The duct made by the wiring duct manufacturers needs to be long enough. The length of the whole products and their brackets should be longer than the connection of the PE line or the PEN line.
8. And people buy the non- galvanized cable ducts, you need to note the two ends of the connecting copper core grounding lines for the connecting panel. The maximum cross sectional area must be no less than BVR – 4 mm.
9. If you have galvanized wiring duct, you should to pay attention to the two ends of the non- connecting grounding lines for the connection panel.
And both the two ends should have more than 2 fixed bolts with lock nuts or lock washers.

Some Tips for the Installation of Wiring Duct

As we all know the installation for the wiring duct is very important. It is playing the role to protect the cables and liens inside.

1. And we also need to note here, the protection of the duct also need the good cables. The cables inside should meet the requirements.

The carrying capacity of the wire should meet the requirements of the line load. And it needs to leave a certain amount of margin.

2. The cables should have sufficient pressure resistance and insulation.  And it also requires the cables should have some mechanical strength. Plastic sheathed cables are often used in indoor wiring.

3. And in the process of the installation, you should to avoid the connection joints. It is suggested that you use the whole cable, not the parts in the laying. And the cables need to have complete insulation layer.

It is because the joints of the cables may result in the increase of the contact resistance. And the insulation ability of the joints cables may reduce heavily. These may be some hidden troubles in the cable laying.

4. Most of our indoor cable laying is buried lines laying. If it is the laying of the buried lines, the joint connection parts may have poor connect. And some may result in electric leakage and some electric troubles.

And these are very difficult to check out and repair. So if it is necessary, you can put all the cable joints in the connection boxes and switch boxes. And the head of the lights or the socket boxes are also available.

5. The principle for the laying of the cables is that the laying need to be firm and secure. And the appearance of the duct bought from the wiring duct manufacturers must be also good.

The laying of open-ended wires should be horizontal, vertical and firm. The duct is flat without distortion. And the inner wall is burr-free. The joint is tight and straight. And all kinds of accessories are complete.

Wiring duct will make you be at ease.

Someone says he still has some electric troubles after using wiring duct. I wonder, this product you buy must be from the bad wiring duct manufacturers.

Good quality duct will make the users be at ease. Its teeth have good performance to resist the impact. And when people touch it, you will feel very smooth.

The product can be use as the usual under the bending in ninety degrees. So it is very resistant to the impact. And it has very good flexibility.

When people have the fire accident, don’t be worried about the line systems. They are under the protection of wiring duct.

The duct can add the protection time, compared line system without wiring duct. And it can also stop the spreading of the fire. Besides of the resistant ability to the heat, this product is also cold temperature proof.

In addition, it has the advantages of insulation in the system. And it has supplied perfect arc protection to the lines. So it will be a good helper for the users.

The basic design motivation for the wiring duct manufacture is to offer the safety for the users. This product can hold the big protection for the cables in the mechanical and electrical systems.

Thus, please don’t worry about the safety and security that the cable duct is bringing to us. After the introduction above, you can never hesitate to contact the wiring duct manufacturers.

Go and buy a good wiring duct, it will make you satisfied.

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