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Hont is one of the top level zip ties wholesale of China. It has over twenty years in the wholesale experience, with advanced technology force and technician team. Its products are so popular not only in the homeland, but also the foreign countries.


What is the application of cable ties from zip ties wholesale?

Plastic product of zip ties wholesale is an industrial product. It is used to bind and tie things.

Its structure is very simple. However, it is widely used in your daily life.

Today’s society is a modern industrial society. Thus, it requires us to pay attention to its three points, when we are bundling things. They are Practicability, Beauty and Safety.

Only by taking these three points into consideration perfectly, can the plastic zip ties from zip ties wholesale well meet the requirements in your mind. They are used to tie wire.

It is precisely because of this, that it will be used in many places. We can divide it to different applications. There are many industries that use it.

1. Electronic Factory.

It is the most widely used in this field. As we all know, when electronic products are produced, there will also be many lines. And these lines will be set in the electronic products. In order to achieve a good fixed, they must be bundled and tied.

At this time, the products from zip ties wholesale is your best choice. It could reduce the occupancy of space. And it can play a good aesthetic. Besides, it can free the shipping bundling problems.

2. Computer Assembly.

Similarly, there are many lines in the computer. Relatively speaking, it has more lines than electronic products. So nylon cable ties are used more in the quantity.

3. Large-scale Lighting.

Now there are many advertisements or public lighting. They are existing to fix the line. They will also choose nylon cable ties for help.

4. Marine Machinery.

Nylon cable ties from zip ties wholesale are used to fixed lines. They are also used in many ships to fix and bundle the oil pipelines. They have strong ability of corrosion resistance. And they can bundle things of heavy duty

5. Gardens or Hand Gifts.

They are seen in the industries of gardening and agriculture. And many hand gifts also need them. They are applied to bundle the boxes and fix the gifts.



 The Application of Nylon Cable Ties in Home Life

There will inevitably be more wires and data lines for home office computers. And many people will be worried about it. And a cable tie from zip ties wholesale can solve the problem of such disorderly wires.

You can get a clean and tidy desk after using cable ties. Just simply separate the data lines and power lines by a such small cable tie.

If the wound bleeds badly at home, then a tie is the best temporary tourniquet. Of course, it can only serve as temporary. After bleeding, you should seek hospital help as soon as possible.

Some cable ties have flame retardant materials. They can also be used in high temperature environment. And they are not prone to fire.

A tie may be more useful to friends with cars. Some ties can be used as a very convenient cleaning tool. They are used to poke the dirt out of the honeycomb cells of car radiators.

If the bumper is broken accidentally, it can be tied up temporarily with a tie. It is absolutely reliable.

In ice and snow weather, some large special cable ties can be used as anti-skid chains. And the operation is very convenient, especially the self-locking tie-up. There is no need for professional technology, foolish operation. Our cable ties can save a lot of time for the products bundling.



High Cost-effective Binding Products: Nylon Zip Ties.

These little products from zip ties wholesale not only has good tie-up performance, but also is very beautiful. So now in gardens and many handmade gifts, they will also choose it to tie up.

In addition, it has many applications. It can also be said that where there are places to be tied up, there will also be its shadow. Whether it is long-term bundling, or temporary, nylon cable ties from zip ties wholesale can do it perfectly.

In the modern market, cable tie products made by zip ties wholesale emerge in endlessly. And now it is one of the most common plastic products on the market.

In this increasingly competitive market, nylon cable ties can occupy a place in the huge industrial structure. It is because that nylon cable ties play a vital role in so many economic industries nowadays.

It makes an indispensable contribution to the development of the current economic industry. And nylon cable ties promotes the development of many enterprises for the units that need to use this product.For enterprises that need the ties, if they want to make better use of it, they must improve their knowledge and understanding of it, and be familiar with its related performance.

Next, we will comprehensively analyze the performance-price ratio of this product in the current market.

Thus, we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the quality and price of plastic straps.

 1. Quality of Nylon Zip Ties

First of all, let’s briefly explain it. Start from the quality of the product of the zip tie wholesale. The quality of the nylon cable ties from Hont is absolutely qualified. Its own material is basically made of nylon material. So its structure is quite strong. And the product is absolutely very solid.

One thing that is particularly worth explaining here. If you tie up a high weight stuff with cable ties, the tied item can also maintain its state well. And the item will not be affected. Besides, the cable tie you use is a fairly small product. It can easily tie up a very heavy product.

Thus, products sold by zip ties wholesale plays a very important role in our daily life.

The cable ties appearing in the current market are basically inspected. The inspection is carried out by the relevant quality inspection departments. The cable ties are qualified to enter the market, only after they have been inspected. These ties should reach the minimum standard for sale.

So it shows that the quality of nylon cable ties we can find on the market is very good. After layer by layer of inspection, the nylon cable ties is such secure and perfect. You just use it with no worry and hesitation. There is no need to worry about the quality problems of cable tie products.

2. Price of Nylon Zip Ties

The external price of the products sold by zip tie wholesale is more in line with people’s needs. Because it will considers the ordinary people’s living needs. The selling price of cable tie is relatively low.

Enterprise will regard cable tie as a small amount of money. Because they need to use cable ties for industrial production. Although it costs less, it can play a very worthwhile role.

Now for most people, they prefer to buy online. So our tie is also in line with the trend. And the price of cable tie online is lower than the actual purchase.

It can be seen that in these above aspects. The price performance of cable tie products is absolutely very wonderful. It is a worth buying product.



Using Trend of Plastic Zip Tie

Nowadays, the annual sales of cable ties are countless. It is far exceeding the sales of other strapping ropes and strapping lines. These traditional tools were used for binding articles. And now nylon cable ties are widely used in all walks of life. They are favored by the majority of users.

So why do the sales of nylon cable ties better than other products?

1. Nylon cable tie has the characteristics of easy and fast strapping. It is the main reason for the best sales of plastic strapping. When using the tie-up belt, just put the tail teeth through the hole of the head. Then you need to do is to tightened them. And the cable tie can be tightened.

2. There are many kinds of cable ties produced by zip ties wholesale. They are suitable for the binding of various articles. The corresponding products can be selected according to different requirements.

The releasable tie can be seen from its name. It can be used many times and can save cost.

Double-lock cable tie can make the tied goods more stable.

The mark cable tie can record the information on the mark.

Fixed head cable tie can fix things in a place. It is not easy to move.

3. The material performance of cable tie is good. It use Nylon 66 as its material. Nylon 66 material has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance. Besides, it is not easy aging. And it has a long service life.

4. Ties sold by zip ties wholesale are widely used in industry, agriculture, horticulture and other industries. They are mainly used for binding and fixing articles.

5. The production of them is simple and fast. First get the injection machine and mold ready. And every step of operation and some measures are well done. Then it will be convenient and fast for mass production. Setting up some operations can directly wait for the production of products.

6. The output of plastics is high. The output of plastics is increasing by 10% every year. The future may be even higher. There are countless plastic products every year. And our nylon cable ties’ account is a large part.



 How to Select the Right Specification?

Nylon cable ties are not only used by manufacturers, but also by users.

Although the little stuff from zip ties wholesale is a daily necessities. Friends who know about nylon cable tie know that different types of nylon ties are totally different. So the type selection is exquisite. We need to find the suitable one for us . It is the most important.

So how to choose the best type for yourself?

1. Make sure the situations of the object you bundle.

To ensure if it is ordinary natural environment or corrosive environment? Choose the right material according to different environment.

2. Need to confirm the requirement of binding objects.

Is it very tight, or just ordinary tightening? And is it hard, or soft and tight?

3. Identify a good brand.

We recommend to choose a brand with good cost performance. So the cable ties you choose can meet all your requirements. The choice of them is not the more expensive the better. And it is not the cheaper the better.

You must have quality assurance. Maybe there is the possibility of bad quality for the cheap cable ties. And if it’s too cheap, it’s not necessarily good.

Some products sold by zip ties wholesale are cheaper than raw materials. It is obvious that manufacturers cut the putting of materials.


How to judge good quality zip ties?

Judge zip tie quality intuitively from the appearance.

As a common product in daily life, nylon cable tie has a high probability of being used. If the quality of it used is not good, it will certainly have an impact on our quality of life. So, as an ordinary person, how to buy the products produced by zip ties wholesale with good quality?

There are many ways to judge the quality. For example, judge from the material of them. And we can check the release force of the plastic ties. We can judge the quality from above two ways.

However, these methods are not suitable for ordinary friends. And among so many ways of judging the quality of the small things from the zip ties wholesale, the most intuitive judgment is from the appearance.

1. Is the edge neat?

Generally speaking, we first pay attention to if there is edge flaws, irregularities, many burrs and so on.

2. Whether the color burning messy and uneven?

Look at the color if there is burning. If the color is very mixed or uneven color?

3. Are there any small bubbles, deformation and shrinkage inside the tie?

Carefully look inside the tie to check the die casting process. Whether there are small bubbles? And if there is deformation, shrinkage and so on.

4. Are there any missing or uneven teeth in the tie belt and cavity parts?

The most important part is to observe the key parts of nylon bandage. They are tooth belt and head cavity. When we observe these two parts, we should pay attention to a fact. That is there should be no missing teeth or uneven teeth.

There must be no deviation marks of the die inside the tooth cavity. Otherwise sliding teeth or jamming teeth will occur.

Some worse quality, its teeth can not be pierced. This kind of nylon cable tie is equivalent to the waste. It can not be used normally.

In fact, the principle of judging the appearance of nylon cable tie made by zip ties wholesale is very simple. As we all know, the appearance of products with poor quality will not be very good.

And products sold by zip ties wholesale is a very simple product. It can be seen the whole structure at a glance. Some defective products, its quality will certainly not be too good. So we must pay attention to its appearance when choosing nylon cable ties.



What factors will affect the performance of zip ties?

1.Temperature and humidity have an effect on nylon cable ties.

Nylon cable ties can maintain good properties in a wide temperature range (- 40 ~85). But it is not good to expose them in the blow and rain. Even at normal temperatures, rains will accelerate its aging.

In general humid environment, they can still maintain good performance. It has a certain degree of water absorption.

If the humidity increases little by little, it will affect its property. And with the increase of humidity, the performance of plastic banding will gradually decrease. It may affect its tensile strength. The tensile strength will be relatively worse.

2. Strong acid will resist the corrosion of nylon cable ties.

Although the things from zip ties wholesale have better corrosion resistance. Some simple chemicals will not have a great impact on plastic tie-ups. However, if some chemicals with strong acid are encountered, the performance of plastic banding will be affected.



Some Precautions in Operation of Nylon Zip Ties

1. Do not open the package before using the plastic ties.

Open the package in a humid environment. And do not forget to try to use it up within 12 hours. Or repackage the unused zip ties. It can avoid affecting the tensile strength. And rigidity of the cable ties from zip ties wholesale during operation will reduce.

2 When operating, the tension force should not exceed the tensile strength of nylon cable tie itself.

3. The ring diameter of the tied object is smaller than that of them. The ring diameter of the cable tie is greater than or equal to that of the tie made by the zip ties wholesale. That will be inconvenient to operate and not tighten. The remaining length of the belt body after tightening is not less than 100 mm.

4. The surface of the bound object should not have sharp corners. Then it will not to hurt others or themselves.



Development Prospects of Zip Ties

With the development of social economy, many products are constantly looking for a way out. That is, the development prospects what people often say. Any industry can stand on the market. There must be a reason for its existence.

Cable tie is a very common product in the current market. In fact, many industries can use it.

So its demand in the market is very large. In recent years, all walks of life have entered a slow development period. What should we do to make a better foothold in the market for the cable tie of plastic properties?

1. Zip ties wholesale still have prospects in the market. If it wants to gain a foothold in the market, it must innovate.

We should know that people’s demand for products is in terms of quality. And people also need aesthetics. The material of the tie itself is roughly the same.

Innovation is a means to survive in competition in the same industry. Through various innovations, consumers can be guided to consume products. It is not just manufacturing products according to market demand.

The zip ties wholesale can start from the aesthetic level of the cable tie. Zip ties wholesale can classify the market demand. For example, the cable ties in gift shop is naturally novel and beautiful.

As long as the design is very good, its sales will increase. Thus development is inevitable.

2. Guide Consumption. In fact, this is the core of product sales now.

Although many people buy the cable ties every day. However, when consumers buy, there is no special classification. What they want is that they can use it.

And manufacturers should specially develop cable ties. These ties made by zip ties wholesale belong to different industries. Manufacturers can design according to the needs of different industries.

This will guide consumers to choose the right products in the process of purchasing cable ties. Through this strengthening, consumers will be subdivided when they buy. It will open a new market for nylon cable ties.

Nylon cable ties has great prospects in the future market. This requires manufacturers to guarantee the quality.

At the same time, through the progress of science and technology, update the production line. And manufacturers need to improve the production efficiency of products.

After that can manufacturers obtain more profits. Businessmen should actively guide consumers to consume. So consumers can be stimulated to consume cable ties from zip ties wholesale .

The development of any industry needs the promotion of technological innovation. And the new way of guiding consumption is also needed. Only by doing these two points well, the manufacturers’ future development prospects will be very good.



Why do you want to find a professional zip ties wholesale?

Professional manufacturers has no quality problems. So the consumers have no need to worry about the quality of the plastic ties. The quality of the zip tie is guaranteed.

Because the general professional zip tie wholesale will have professional equipment. And they have a professional level of production.

And the production scale is relatively large. Its industry reputation is better. That is, the quality of the proudcts can be basically guaranteed by hearts.

Choosing a professional zip ties wholesale cooperation is conducive. It is good to the long-term development of enterprises and saving material costs.

Generally, enterprises tend to cooperate continuously with manufacturers they trust.

On the one hand, they are more confident. On the other hand, the quality of the products they produce can be assured.

In addition, large-scale orders and orders will properly reduce the material cost of enterprises. It is also beneficial to enterprises. Besides, for zip tie manufacturers, it is also conducive to long-term cooperation.

In addition, professional manufacturers are also very professional in service. They can provide intimate and humane services.

In addition, its product quality inspection will be more careful and serious. And the defective products after sale may also be properly handled.

That is, professional manufacturers have good after-sales service. Therefore, we have the quality guaranteed products, and good service as well.



What are the main advantages of zip ties wholesale?

In modern society, people attach great importance to the product prices. No matter what kind of products they are.

Because in many cases the price will have a certain impact on all aspects. So appropriate attention is also very necessary.

In fact, people do not need to worry about its price at all. Because it has a great advantage in price.

1. Zip tie wholesale price is reasonable and stable.

First of all, the first advantage is the reasonable stability of cable tie wholesale.

When it sells on the market, all the prices are very reasonable. And the most important thing is that the price is strictly in accordance with the provisions. These provisions are made by the relevant departments of our country in the process of formulation.

So it has great advantages in this respect. Everyone knows that. No matter which product is sold on the market, its selling price will be affected by various factors.

But when it is sold in the market, people do not need to worry at all.

In the long-term sales process, the sales price will be affected by some factors. However, the range of price changes is within the acceptable range. So from this point of view, it has a great advantage in sales price.

2. Quality Assurance

In addition to the above advantages, the quality assurance in the process of zip tie wholesale is also very large.

The technologies used by manufacturers in the production process are the most advanced in the current market. Especially some materials used in the production process. It is also the best on the market.

They have the good quality. And they has certain environmental protection performance in the process of long-term use. So it is also a product worth using relatively.

3. Manufacturer’s service

In fact, there are many zip ties wholesales in the purchase of products. Customers need to paying attention to the sales price and quality of products. The services provided by manufacturers are also very important.

And in many cases, the quality and price of products are the same. But people will naturally be willing to choose the manufacturer products with better service.



Notes for Zip Ties Wholesale

Due to the development of the cable tie market, the cable tie industry is now thriving as a whole. And the development of the cable tie manufacturers is just like that of the seedlings after the spring rain.

There are many zip ties wholesales in the market and the quality of the tie is uneven. One consequence is that buyers get many versions of the same tie.

It seems to be the same size and quality of them. But the price is totally different.

Once the price of them with the same specifications is spread wantonly. Buyers begin to pay no attention to the quality of cable ties. And they pay great attention to price comparison.

Next, we will talk about the matters needing attention in the zip ties wholesale.

1. Manufacturer-scale Capacity

The wholesale demand for cable tie is relatively large. We should also consider the size of the demand. And we should first pay attention to the scale of cable tie manufacturers.

Can the capacity scale of zip ties wholesales be guaranteed?

The scale of China’s cable tie manufacturers is still relatively large. But there is a serious polarization of production capacity.

Some factories with smaller production capacity can not meet the demand of large-scale zip ties wholesale. These manufacturers start to produce wholesale cable ties. But they fail to deliver on time. It may bring some unnecessary losses to users.

2. After-sale Problem

Above is the problem of production capacity. The zip ties wholesale also needs to pay attention to the problem of after-sale.

Whatever the product is, it needs a perfect after-sale. It can support the whole trading process. And the buyer can keep a safe state to buy. The perfection of after-sales service, the density and size of outlets are all things we need to consider.

Zip ties wholesale is bound to have a large number of cable tie in use. The larger the number of problems is, also the greater the possibility.

It is with a full range of excellent services will directly bring customers a sense of satisfaction. And they will also bring great convenience for later needs .

3. Manufacturer’s Credit

The last point is about the credibility of cable tie manufacturers.

When we want to carry out the zip ties wholesale, what we need is the quality of the cable tie. And the quality of the zip ties manufacturers is also very important. The quality of the manufacturers is reflected in the size, credibility, service, after-sales and so on.

A supplier who has no credit in the cooperation will not be recognized by users. Choosing a manufacturer with high reputation is quite crucial. And many years experience in the zip tie industry will also bring convenience. They will make the customers efficient cooperation to the later stage to a large extent.

The demand for zip ties wholesale is large. So when choosing it, we should pay attention to the quality of cable tie. And do not forget to pay attention to the quality of zip ties wholesale.

Selection of high-quality zip tie wholesale, will save a lot of time in later cooperation.

Hont Electrical Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer. It has specialized in the production and sales of cable ties for years. It has strong technical force and advanced production technology.

Moreover, the after-sales service of Hont cable ties is very satisfying to customers. They can fully meet everyone’s demand for zip ties wholesale.