Double Head Cable Tie

Wonderful Operation of Double Head Cable Tie

Double head cable ties can offer you a wonderful operation for bundling. It gives parallel lines fastening and binding for the users and customers.

What is the double head cable tie?

Double head cable tie is required for the double bundling using. There are two holes in the head. So the users can insert the lines into the two holes. It can be parallel bundling or circle lines.

And users can also fasten these ties on the surface of other lines or goods. They can be used indoors or outdoors.

The raw material of this kind of zip tie is the superior Nylon 66. It is UL approved with high quality in the plastic series.

There can be a color of white or black for use. People can choose the UV black when you are going to use the double head loop cable tie outdoors.

Some Types of Zip Ties

We all know that the nylon zip ties are widely used. And the demands for the different functions of the ties are more and higher.

Thanks to the researchers’ efforts, there are more and more kinds and types of new cable ties designed on the market. They are born to meet the different requirements of users and customers.

1. Self-locking Cable Tie

Self-locking cable tie is made by the material of Nylon 66. And the feature of this kind product is that it can be self-locking. Once the thing is locked, it cannot be released. It will be very safe and secure to use.

This kind of product is the most used type among the cable tie family. They are always seen in factories and our houses.

2. Push Mount Tie

This type is made by the UL approved material, Nylon 66. And it is featured for the product can be used onto the panel. The users can make it on the panel. And then put the wires into the circle of the tie. Lastly, pull the tie to the lock.

Push mount tie easily solves the problem of the wires and the panel. People want to make the wires into a bundle. And at the same time, they are planning to mount the wiring bundle onto the panel.

Push mount tie is the perfect solution for this situation. Besides, it is easy to use and carry.

3. Marker Tie

Marker tie has the advantage of mark the information for the users. People can use the oil pen onto the flag of the tie. It is easy to identify what the article the tie is bundling is. And it is also very easy to know the details of the thing we are bundling.

The raw material of the marker tie is Nylon 66. It has got the UL approval. This material has a high resistance to corrosion and strong chemicals.

4. Double Ended  Cable Tie

Just as the above introduction, our double loop cable tie also owns a high ability to resist chemicals and corrosion. It can work in heat and cold environment.

Besides all the advantages, its biggest feature is that it can make the wiring bundle into parallel bundling. It is just because this kind of product has two heads. The double heads can both lock.

So double loop cable tie could be used to fasten one wire or two.

5. Releasable Tie

When we talk about the self-locking tie, we may find it is difficult to release it by our hands. Especially, when the tie is locked, it is nearly impossible to lose it.

To solve this, our clever scientists have designed the releasable tie. It can release the tie after locking. So when we use the tie to bundle things, we can easily to release it after its firm locking.

This product can be reused. It saves a lot of resources to produce a new product. And this is very environmentally friendly.

6. PET Non-Core Nylon Cable Tie

This kind of product is featured for the material PET. It is totally safe and environment-friendly. The material has no damage to the environment.

It is used of the AC and the DC wires. The high precised machines will use these products.

7. PET Iron Core Zip Tie

It is also named as the iron zip tie. It has good flexibility. And this tie is resistant to the acid and oxidation. It is anti-corrosion. Besides, it is difficult to rust. This is totally different from the iron products.

It is used for bundling kinds of wires and cables. And the food plastic bags, children’s toys, and the gardening will use it.

8. Beaded Zip Tie

The material of the beaded zip tie is the same as the double sided zip ties. It is Nylon 66. It has steady performance. It is difficult to corrode. And it is resistant to the aging.

Moreover, it belongs to releasable zip ties. So it can reuse after the locking.

There are many kinds of colors for users to choose from. The natural color is white.

What is the storing conditions of the double loop cable ties?

Most customers prefer to buy a big quantity of zip ties, instead of buying several bags. So it is very necessary to know the storing conditions of double loop zip ties.

1. Make the product in the sealing bags.

They are made by the top level Nylon 66. The material of nylon has the feature of absorbing moisture. And it is also easy to release moisture.

So when we buy a lot of plastic zip ties, it is needed to store them in sealed plastic bags. The ties will be in a good state in the packaged bags. Thus the sealing storing of self-locking cable ties is very important.

When we open a bag of zip ties, it is better to seal it at once. And this bag is suggested to be used up as soon as possible.

2. Choose the storing temperature and humidity in the range.

In addition, besides the sealing storing of the double loop zip ties, the ties also need a good temperature.

As we all know, the nylon material has the advantages of high tensile strength, good insulation. And it is good at resisting to acid and corrosion. It is difficult to aging.

But we must pay attention to its working temperature range. The common nylon has the best state in the range of -20°C to 80°C. And the superior double head cable tie is from -40°C to 120°C.

The best temperature is about 23°C. And the best humidity is above 50%. We should not make the ties near the heat. For example, we should not keep them near the heater.

Moreover, it is not good to expose the product in the sun. The UV sunlight will make the ties have a short service life.

Why are the same color double cable ties different in the appearance?

We know that the natural color of them is white. But not all the white color ties are the same in the appearance. Some may be a bit yellow.

Some users may ask, will the yellow color affect the quality of the product? The answer is not certain. Some yellow product may be good in quality. Some may have problems in quality.

For example, heat resisting double cable ties have the raw material of organic copper inside. After a period, the color of the zip ties may change. The white color may get a bit yellow.

Don’t worry about it. It is natural for the heat resisting ties. It has no influence on quality.

And not all the white color plastic ties are good in the quality. Superior quality product may look white with a bit yellow. The very white product may have the brightener.

The brightener can make them whiter. But it can not make sure the quality.

What are the methods to identify the quality of the double-headed cable ties?

Nowadays, there are many zip tie suppliers on the market. And the quality of these manufacturers is not all the same. Some are good in the quality. Some are bad in quality.

So it is important to get the methods to identify the quality.

1. The Appearance:

The nylon zip tie is used for the bundling. Its fastening part is the key part. So the key parts of the tie is the tooth and the head.

The superior plastic tie has good teeth. And the appearance of it is smooth. There is no spot or some uneven gloss. So the quality of the raw material will also be very important.

For the automatic machines, they need ties with superior appearance and super high tensile strength. The body of the tie and the head must have high tensile strength. Otherwise, the machines cannot finish automatic tasks.

2. The Performance:

There are two factors of the performance of nylon zip ties.

1). Tensile Strength:

When people are going to see the quality of the tie, usually, they would like to see the tensile strength of the product. In general, people will give an outer force. And they will keep the force increasing. When the force comes to some point, the double head cable tie will break.

Now we can see what the force is. This force is the tensile strength of this zip tie. But there is one thing I want to let you know. The outer force must in the tensile strength range of the double head cable tie.

2). The Flexibility:

In general, the flexibility of cable tie is in inverse ratio to the tensile strength. So it is a difficult task to ensure both the flexibility and the tensile strength. When the tie has high tensile strength, the manufactures must to keep good flexibility at the same time.

Usually, the flexibility of the nylon cable tie is qualified, when the tie has no break wrinkles after 10 times 180° folding. And after 24 hours’ heating at the temperature of 85°C, if the common nylon tie 180° fold, it has no wrinkles. This tie can be qualified.

For the heat resistant tie, it should be no wrinkles when 180° fold for 10 times, after 24 hour’s heating at the temperature of 130°C.

After knowing this, to be a qualified double head cable tie is so difficult. But don’t worry, the skills of the zip tie manufacturers are very advanced.

They can produce zip ties with high tensile strength and good flexibility.

Some Introduction to Some Superior Double head Cable Tie Manufacturers

As one of the best manufacturers of nylon cable ties, cable glands, double head cable ties, and cable clips, HONT has some words to share. The company has been focusing on designing and producing plastic products for the wiring and cables since the year of 1997.
The company has an area of over 45,000 square. And the employees are 680. The number of injection and mold machines are 88 sets. These machines are all computerized and advanced in the world.
In addition, the company has a professional lab for testing and designing. It has got the UL approve. HONT also has 30 punches for the production.
Such a big scale of HONT has the ability to finish the big task of producing. One of the customers from Cuba ordered 18 high containers of nylon zip ties in 2018. Thanks to the huge production ability, the workshop finished it in time. And all the other orders are also finished without delay.
The company has been through many international quality certificates. For example, UL was got in the year of 2003. CE was got in 2002. And the RoHS REACH certificate was achieved in the year of 2009. And in the year of 2005, we have got the approval of the SGS.
HONT, the professional double head cable tie supplier is moving ahead. The company is willing to get the satisfaction of the customers and clients by its top quality and warm service. The company is doing all its best to win your smiles for double win benefit!