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Nylon Cable Ties: the Ultimate Guide

Plastic zip ties are made of UL approved Nylon-66 (Nylon 66) material. They are made by injection molding processes.

And there are many types of bundle diameter for them for industry standard.

Zip Ties

The fire protection grade is 94 V-2. It owns many advantages. For example, good acid resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, and strong endurance.

Besides, it is not easy to aging. Operating temperature of common Nylon 66 ranges from – 20 C to + 80 C .

These small things are widely used in electronic factory, Christmas gift factory. And it is used in wire processing factories, toy factories.

The fixing of internal connection lines of TV sets, computers, lighting, motors, electronic toys use cable ties. And many other products also need the the help of nylon cable ties.

Moreover, they are often used to fix oil pipeline. And cable line of mechanical equipment also need the ties made by cable tie manufacturer.

They are also seen in festivals. Some stationery department stores, fresh supermarkets use the tie. And cable ties have high residential daily use. They are popular in electrical appliances, connectors.

The bicycle packaging, agriculture, horticulture, handicraft and other binding items use them, too.

The product has the characteristics of fast binding, good insulation, self-locking. Besides, it is easy to use and so on.

What is cable tie?

It’s easy to understand literally that zip ties are used to tie things and fix things conveniently. And different products from different cable tie manufacturer have different tie range.

We just put the tail of the product into the hole. The hole is on the head of it. Because it is easy to use, it has been widely used in this fast-paced society.

Our product is made of UL approved nylon 66. And it needs the process of injection molding.

It has good acid resistance. Ties of cable tie manufacturer is not easy to be corroded and aging. And it has high strong endurance.

Usually, it is used for the internal connection of computer and TV sets, which plays a fixed role in the function. It can also be used in all walks of life in industry, such as automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, etc.

It is also very common in life. Because it is fast binding. And it has a good insulation and high stability. In addition, it is easy to use.

There are many kinds of nylon zip ties. Thus great attention should also be paid. The selection of the type is important. We need the ties are available. The cable tie should meet our own needs.

In addition, the specifications of these little stuff are also different. Different specifications, lead to different length. And different tensile strength from different cable tie manufacturers.

We must pay attention to its bearing gravity. Thus it can ensure the breakage of the binding.

Generally, cable tie manufacturers provide customized services. We can customize the cable ties according to our own needs. Hont Electrical also provides customized cable ties.

Before customizing, we need to state clearly of the specifications and the details of customized ties. It is quite important.

More and more enterprises and factories are willing to use nylon zip ties.

Long before, zip ties was not marketed in large quantities. The traditional technology bundling wires or objects generally were ropes or tie-up wires.

However, traditional ropes and tie-up wires in the process are slowly withdrawing from the market. And more and more enterprises and factories prefer to use nylon cable ties. This involves the following aspects.

Traditional ropes and tie-up wires are usually made of PVC or fiber materials. In daily use, with the passage of time, these materials will soon become weathered or decayed. It will bring inconvenience to the objects after use.

  1. Like traditional PVC wires, it needs iron wires to strengthen its toughness and tension. But the appearance of some PVC in use will be detached or aging over a long period of time. And the iron wires will expose. And this will directly injure the object. And if it is used on wire appliances, there will be a risk of conduction.
  2. Whether it is rope or tie-up wires, it is both troublesome in actual manipulation. And the scale of workers’manipulation is difficult to be identical. Moreover, the labor cost is not cheap. However, the use of self-locking nylon cable tie is relatively simple. And the same scale of simple methods, brings higher effectiveness to enterprises.
  3. Nylon cable ties itself from cable tie manufacturer has high tensile strength. It has high impact resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance. In addition, when used in industry, Nylon itself has a certain fire protection level of 94 V-2. But these advantages are not available in traditional ropes and tie-up wires.
  4. In recent years, the environmental protection requirements put forward by the world, especially in Europe. This has made it difficult for traditional PVC materials to meet the standards set by the European Union.
  5. In addition, the traditional wires need to use a large number of iron wires. China’s steel prices have risen one round after another. And there are certain risks in the price. So the market has been lost. As mentioned in the above review, nylon cable tie from cable tie manufacturer has a relatively stable development market prospects.

Nylon cable ties are widely applied in Electric Power Communication Industry.

In the power communication industry, we need to better realize wiring. And ensuring better categorized lines is quite important. The effect of choosing better cable ties will certainly be better for the both. And they are very light, its fixed effect is better.

According to the requirements of different occasions, different specifications can be selected. So that the quantity of fixed harness will be different.

These are all worthy of our more attention. Such it can bring a better sense of quality performance.

These products from cable tie manufacturer has the characteristics of fast binding. And it has good self-locking function. It can better satisfy the fixing of various wire harnesses.

It has better insulation performance. So it is very important to choose a better nylon cable tie. This can bring a quality assurance ultimately and a better performance.

In order to make the overall presentation better, we must choose from a more professional cable tie manufacturer. Thus it could ensure that we can better achieve the fixed power cables. And we can get a optical brazing cables and so on. So it is important to choose the right type.

There are many types of nylon cable ties on the market. But they have the common characteristics of corrosion resistance. It is not easy to aging. And it has a good insulation. So they can be used in more environments as a kind of bundling and fixing products.

Nylon cable tie is our good helper in our daily life.

When it comes to nylon cable ties, we don’t feel strange. We can see the usefulness of this small thing from cable tie manufacturers in our daily life.

For example, many companies now have a lot of telephones, computers, monitoring and other equipment. And the wires of various equipment are different.

If it is left on the ground, it will not only be ungraceful. It is also very troublesome to arrange and check the lines.

All kinds of lines are intertwined and indistinguishable. It may take a lot of time.

We categorize the threads well and tie them together with cable ties from cable tie manufacturer. Divide them into each specification. It is clear at a glance. So the benefits of cable ties can not be imagined.

Cable tie is such a good things. But its production is not simple. We use nylon-66, the high-quality raw materials for the production. Its fire rating is up to 94 V-2 grade. And it has a good insulation.

And this product has strict requirements on mold. And good cable tie manufacturers will have good production process and materials.

Normally, small-scale cable tie manufacturers fail to produce qualified products.

It takes a long time to accumulate experience and process improvement to produce qualified products.

Qualified products should be acid-resistant. It is not easy to aging. It is heavy weight bearing. And it is easy to use.

Something about the Raw Material

Tensile Strength: 6174-8232 N/cm 2 (kg/cm 2).

Flexural Strength: 8575-9604 N/cm 2 (875-980 kg/cm 2).

Compressive Strength: 4958.8-8957.2 N/cm 2 (506-914 kg/cm 2).

The impact strength: 20.58-42.14 N*cm/cm 2 (2.1-4.3 kg force*cm/cm 2).

Rockwell Hardness: 108-118.

Deformation temperature: 66-86 C (1814.11 Pa, 18.5 kg/cm 2).

It can resist acid, alkali. Ties made by cable tie manufacturer has most inorganic saline solution. It is resisting to corrosion. But it is soluble in polar solvents. It has excellent wear resistance.

And it has self-lubrication and high mechanical strength. However, it has high water absorption and poor dimensional stability.

Nylon 66 is often used as mechanical accessories. It can also be used to make synthetic fibers.

What is the characteristics of zip ties?

Plastic cable ties made by cable tie manufacturer are made of Nylon 66. They have the advantages of corrosion resistance. It has temperature resistance and cold resistance.

After imported injection machines and molds, this product is made by special treatment step by step. It makes the ties have excellent characteristics. They are widely used in all walks of life.


  1. Strong reliability, stability and durability. Suitable for a variety of equipment and environmental needs.
  2. Thickening buckle: Each cable tie from cable tie manufacturer belt uses a thicker buckle. It enhances the biting force and keeps the buckle tightly locked.
  3. After smooth treatment, the hand will not be scratched and the insulating layer of the wire will not be damaged.It has a special locking mechanism. The tail is slightly warped. It improves the installation speed. And it is easy to pick up on the ground.
  4. Clear gears: After special pressing, clear gears. It has a strong toughness. It is not easy to loose and slip. And it is not easy to break.
  5. Corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and cold resistance. Cable tie fro cable tie manufacturer has a strong bearing capacity. It has a long life. The tie is not easy to aging. It is durable.
  6. There are many kinds of specifications and types. They can bundle various articles. The type of cable tie made by cable tie manufacturer can be self-locking cable ties, releasable cable ties, stainless steel cable ties, UV resistant cable ties and so on.

All you need to know before you purchase cable ties.

As we all know, this lovely thing is a kind of tool for binding things. It is one kind of tools for wires and wiring accessories, just as cable tie mount and cable hose.

It can be used by both individual and companies. If the zip tie we bought is not suitable, it will be a small loss.

And now more and more cable tie manufacturers are pushing into this market. Therefore, when purchasing nylon tie, both individual and manufacturer need to pay attention to these problems.

  1. To buy this little stuff, first of all, we should pay attention to the items that need to be tied up. Whether we can use it to tie up.
  2. Buying these products requires identifying the requirements of the products. For example, how many kilograms of tie-up tension is required? What is the binding range of the binding object? What kind of tie do you need? According to the actual detailed requirements, it is decided whether to use the sign type or the plug type or the double-button type.
  3. To buy it, we need to have the idea of its use environment. Is it outdoor or indoor or underground burial? The performance of nylon cable ties from cable tie manufacturer are also different in different environments.
  4. Pay attention to the quality and cost-effectiveness of nylon tie. They are essential for most industrial manufacturers. More and more nylon cable tie manufacturers on the market are mixed with different quality.
  5. When choosing the tie, you must choose a good quality nylon tie. And then compare the goods and choose the one with the highest cost performance. For example, HONT it itself is a very good cable tie manufacturer, both in terms of product quality and cost-effective.

What is the production process of cable tie?

Cable tie is used more and more. And its function is to tie and fix articles. Compared with other wires or ropes, it is faster, more convenient and more durable.

And it has been widely used in all walks of life. Manufacturing nylon cable ties is a very careful job for cable tie manufacturers. An improper operation will affect the quality of the products made by cable tie manufacturer. So what is the process of making ties?

  1. Choose suitable materials, equipment and molds. In order to produce high quality nylon cable ties, the material is very important. Nylon 66 has heat resistance and cold resistance. And the tie from cable tie manufacturer has acid resistance and high endurance. It is generally used.
  2. Choose the injection molding machine with good selectivity is very important for the production of tie-up.
  3. Choose the type of plastic banding mold. Sometimes in order to improve the quality of nylon cable ties, some adjustments can be added.
  4. Injection stage: Into the injection stage, nylon materials and adjustments are put into the material box. Adjust the appropriate injection temperature. And put the mold into the mold slot, under the pressure of the injection machine, start forming.
  5. Cooking stage: Entering the cooking stage, put the nylon cable ties from cable tie manufacturer which are just finished injection molding into the special cooking equipment. It can increase water content and improve the endurance of nylon cable ties.
  6. Cooling stage: Enter the cooling stage and cool ties for one or two days at room temperature.Test bagging: Test the cooling cable ties and sell the qualified products in bags.

Performance of Nylon Cable Ties.

1. Mechanical Properties:

We all know that the mechanical properties of this product is an engineering plastic. So what material is used?

We use unified nylon 66 injection molding. This makes it has excellent mechanical properties.

However, for different specifications, the binding ring diameter and tensile strength (tension) of nylon cable ties will also be different.

2. Adaptation Temperature:

Normally, the adaptation temperature of nylon cable ties can be within 40 to 85 degrees below zero.

Such a wide range of applicable temperature can make it maintain excellent mechanical properties. Besides it could make it have a very good performance of anti-aging.

3. Application of Humidity:

The application of nylon cable ties from cable tie manufacturer to humidity is also important to us. In use, we will inevitably encounter humid environment. So what kind of ability does nylon cable tie have?

Nylon cable ties can maintain normal mechanical properties in humid environment. And they also have hygroscopicity. It is to increase their water content.

Besides, their elongation and tensile strength are also very good. The hygroscopicity increases the performance of tensile strength. Its rigidity will be reduced accordingly.

4. Insulation and Flame:

Here, it is something about insulation and flame resistance. When the rated temperature of electrical appliances is less than 105 degrees, nylon cable ties made by cable tie manufacturer can maintain good insulation. And its flame resistance reaches UL 94V-2 level. It is a fairly high level.

5. Chemical Corrosion Resistance:

Nylon cable ties are resistant to chemical corrosion. Many articles in our life are easily oxidized by oxygen. Sometimes they cause heavy losses to the products. But nylon cable ties can make us feel at ease about this.

Nylon cable tie from our cable tie manufacturer has excellent chemical corrosion resistance. But strong acids and phenolic chemicals have a great influence on other kind of traditional ropes.

6. Weather Resistance:

The weather resistance of nylon cable ties is quite well. They are resistant to cold weather. Nylon cable tie is prone to brittle fracture in the cold and dry weather.

In the process of producing nylon cable ties from cable tie manufacturer, the brittle will happen. We can avoid it by boiling the ties in water.

Users can also soak in hot water for one night. And then will not appear brittle fracture phenomenon in the use.

And our UV cable ties are UV resistant. It means they can stand long time UV sunlight outdoors.

What should we pay attention when we are purchasing nylon cable ties?

If you don’t know it, you must have met many problems. When you are choosing and purchasing, you may get hesitated. Or you may choose poor quality products and so on.

Here’s what you need to pay attention. It is key to you to buy nylon cable ties made by cable tie manufacturers for our cables and wires.

1. Color:

Don’t buy them only judging from the color of the tie. Because many inferior cable tie manufacturers will deliberately produce bright colors.

But the nylon cable ties they produce actually have poor performance in the quality and service life. So when choosing to buy, don’t just rely on color. But you need to observe in many ways.

2. Price:

Many ties are purchased by a large number at a low price. And inferior cable tie manufacturers are aiming at this point.

They choose inferior materials to produce inferior cable ties to have such a low price. So when choosing to buy, don’t choose products that are too low in price.

3. Appearance:

Bad products from cable tie manufacturer is easy to identify in appearance. And the color used in inferior products will be bright and beautiful. After a long time of use, there will be a certain phenomenon of glasses stinging.

And when you pick it up and watch it, you can also find some uncleaned material residue on it. And some tingling sensation can be on the appearance. These are the manifestations of immature production technology and imperfect product treatment. Never try to buy a product like this.

4. Test:

You can also try to test the quality of the cable ties from cable tie manufacturer. For example, slight pulling when you buy it. Or you can test with the instructions to conduct quality testing and so on. This will give you more confidence when you buy nylon cable ties

How to identify the high and low quality?

With the development of economy, the application fields of nylon cable ties are becoming wider and wider. They have involved in almost all fields.

As a result, the number of cable tie manufacturers has increased year by year. But the technology, quality and so on are very different. Good and bad are flooding to the entire consumer goods market.

As a user of them, you also need to have basic selection reference knowledge. Because you need to purchase the most suitable products to meet your needs. The product should be the highest cost-effective and value-for-money.

1. Appearance Quality:

Usually plastic products will have defects such as edges, lack of materials, burning, silver wire, bubbles, deformation, shrinkage and other vulnerable products. These are also easier to show in nylon cable ties from cable tie manufacturers.

This requires careful examination of its appearance. Although some of them do not affect the use. They can still induce the potential threat of quality accidents.

It is worth emphasizing that the key parts of the quality are the belt part and the tooth cavity of the head. They are very important. Therefore, the belt part should be carefully observed. No residual teeth can be found.

There should be no step-like deviation marks on the top of the inner surface of the tooth cavity part. Otherwise, there will be a large number of unusable sliding teeth and difficult insertion. It is almost equivalent to waste products. Not available to users.

These problems need careful attention. For example, the simple crossing phenomenon. If the crossing edge is too big, it will appear quality problem. After insertion, the belt tooth surface and the head cavity are not compact. So it is easy to loose slippery teeth.

The general rule is that all products, except for special requirements, are the best in their own right.

A good zip tie should be transparent and clear. Even if the color is slightly yellowish, it is not a big obstacle, not muddy black.

The quality of the material is also a key point related to the quality. After shearing by high temperature melting screw, the molecular structure of plastics will change. Especially for the raw material PA 66. It is more durable with higher tensile strength. That is why nylon cable ties made by cable tie manufacturers are widely used in the product of industry.

2. Performance Quality:

The most important evaluation point of cable tie is its tensile strength.

When applied to a certain degree of strength, any breaking method must be above the standard tensile strength. No matter the how the tie is broken. Either the reverse teeth, or the head is cracked.

However, there are some users still feel that the quality of the small thing made by cable tie manufacturers is not good.

The reason partly turns to be the specifications they choose. They can not just judge the quality of the small thing made by cable tie manufacturers he chooses is bad.

It is because the standard tensile strength of one specification has a bottom. And when the force required in use exceeds the standard, it can not be guaranteed.

We can only choose to replace products with higher specifications of tensile strength. Of course, the cost will rise.

Of course, good quality cable tie’s stretching is flexible. And it has excellent ductility. There will be no direct fracture section, not brittle. In this way, the application scope of tensile strength requirement can be satisfied to a greater extent, so as to achieve the possibility of reducing cost.

What factors result in the fracture of zip ties?

1. Cold Environment:

The low temperature resistance of nylon 66 itself is poor. And it is also normal that the weather breaks. Especially it is colder in winter.

If you want to solve this problem, you can add some materials. They have better low temperature resistance and compatibility with Nylon 66.

Or you can replace long carbon chain nylon with better low temperature resistance. We have materials to solve the winter fracture of nylon 66 cable ties made by cable tie manufacturer.

2. Use Secondary Recycling:

Do not think that the beautifully packed particles are pure materials. Many of them are secondary granulation modified products. They will inevitably undergo many high-temperature shear molding.

The molecular structure of the raw materials itself has undergone tremendous changes. The performance has been reduced by more than half. It is coupled with degradation, oxidation and so on.

The small stuff from cable tie manufacturer should be flexible. Usually, Nylon has water absorption of 3-8% during the time.

When the molecular structure is destroyed, no matter how to cook is useless. Any other means of absorbing water will be helpless. Its brittleness can not be changed. Of course, it means it is easy to break.

3. Injection Molding Technology:

The relationship between injection molding process is also very important.

Some cable tie manufacturers want to make the processing convenient, simple and easy to operate. They raise the temperature of barrel, to shorten the injection and molding time. It will also cause the quality problems of the tie body.

There are many kinds of nylon raw materials. So you need choose suitable flexible systems, such as single 6, etc.

Injection molding process must be strictly limited and optimized. Thus it can avoid excessive processing damage to raw materials.

Generally speaking, it is a meticulous and targeted improvement from the raw materials and injection molding process.

So if the product from cable tie manufacturer is of small size, it is easy to break. So do not pull too hard in the course of use.

If the normal tension is not reached, it is easy to break. That is, the quality of the tie itself is not good. Some are made of recycled materials, new materials generally do not.

Ordinary tie is easy to break when it is used in low temperature and dry place. Because the tie is brittle at this time and the water loss is faster.

When purchasing it, it is necessary to explain the use environment to the factories. And you should choose a more tough tie.

How to solve the problem of easy to break in low temperature of plastic ties?

In our daily life, there are many places to use nylon cable ties. It is made by injection molding of nylon-66 material.

It is widely acknowledged for us. Our products are corrosion-resistant. It is acid-resistant, not easy to aging. They have very good insulation properties and bearing capacity.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. So nylon cable tie produced by cable tie manufacturers has its disadvantages. That is that it is easy to fracture at low temperature.

This problem has been plagued by our vast number of consumers. So how can we solve this problem? In fact, there are two ways to solve this problem:

1. Two or three days before we use nylon cable ties, we take out the bags containing zip ties. And pour 5-10 ML of pure water into the bags.

It should be noted that it must be pure water. If the tap water is injected into the packaging bag, the scales will be produced. And the ties from cable tie manufacturer will turn yellow.

So we must be careful when we inject water.

2. What if we don’t have enough time to wait for two or three days? And we need it urgently.

So we also have another way. That is to use boiling water to soak them. Make all the products out into the barrel.

Then we pour our boiled water into the bucket. And soak it for two or three hours to use it safely.

3. If you can’t wait for two or three hours. There’s another way. You can use steam in a short time.

Put the these small things made by cable tie manufacturer in a vessel that produces steam. Steaming the vapor for an hour. It can solve the problem of low temperature. And the problem of easy to break can also be solved.

These simple and convenient methods are very useful. They can easily solve the problem of low temperature and easy to break of nylon cable ties.

Some Tips for Using Zip Ties

The little thing from cable tie manufacturer is becoming more and more popular in our life. It provides us with a lot of convenience.

But we should also use these plastic straps scientifically. When using nylon cable ties, we should pay attention to the following aspects.

Before we using, we should carefully understand its nature. Judge whether it contains toxic plastic additives. If there are some plastic additives, then the scope of use should be well considered. We should consider whether there will be excessive phenomenon.

Nylon zip ties, like food, have a service life. When it is not properly maintained, the tie will release some harmful substances.

If used to wrap some food, it will cause harm to the human body. Because it releases harmful substances,

In a word, we must pay attention to the maintenance when using nylon cable ties.

In the course of use, it is necessary to avoid exposure to the sun for isolation.

And don’t use it in high temperature. Don’t touch water or oil regularly.

In use, once the phenomenon of aging with tie made by cable tie manufacturer is found, it must be replaced in time. Thus we can avoid unnecessary danger.

When using them, we must be cautious. And do not be greed for convenience. It may cause bad consequences.

How to release nylon zip ties?

Is it not so convenient for many people to open plastic straps once they are fastened.

Do most people choose to cut with a pair of scissors?

But in this way, they can not be reused. It is a waste of resources and not environmentally friendly.

1. When the cable tie is fastened, we will see a button at the lock position. It will prevent the strap from popping out. This is also to ensure that the bandage does not loosen or fall off during use.

2. We need to take a small tool. Its size is enough to penetrate the tie-in. And then fasten the small button at the tie-in.

3. After buckling down the small button, you will find that the product from cable tie manufacturer is easy to pull out.

The Storage and the Color of Cable Ties

1. The Storage

Let’s start with the storage of these little tings from cable tie manufacturer.

It is made of nylon 66 with high quality. This material has good hygroscopicity and easy to release water. So the produced cable tie needs water treatment. And it should be sealed in plastic bags. This can keep it in the best condition.

This small stuff is made by injection molding process. It has certain fire resistance, good acid resistance and corrosion resistance. It can be operated at – 30 ~80 ℃ in general.

But different cable tie’s situation is also different. We need to understand clearly.

Moisture above 50% and temperature around 23 are the most suitable environment for preserving tie from cable tie manufacturer. And there can be no heat sources around. For example, heating, heaters and other products.

They can not be directly exposed to sunlight when it is preserved. Long time exposure to sunlight will change the cable tie.

If you have to keep it in the sun, you can choose a weather-resistant tie.

Usually, after we open a nylon cable tie bag, we recommend to use it as soon as possible. Or you can use a part of it after opening, and then pack it.

2. The Color Change

This product is certainly not the whiter the better.

We will always hear some customers who are not particularly familiar with the sale process tell us about it. They say that the cable tie is particularly white, looks particularly good quality and so on.

In fact, when the product from cable tie manufacturers is particularly white, it must be caused by adding some whitening agent inside. Because the normal nylon cable tie is a little light yellow color. We don’t say that all the white cable ties have some additives with whitening agent.

As long as the whitening agent is added, it may affect the internal quality. It has a great impact on the quality. We should remember that the very white bandage is not acceptable.

It is widely used in our life, so we need to know some about its storage and color change. It can help us solve many questions. There is no need to waste the stock of cable ties because of storage errors.

3. The Service Life

The service life of our product is different according to the use situations.

It also differs from different model specifications, materials and styles.

Two years of service life can be guaranteed for traditional self-locking nylon cable ties made by cable tie manufacturer. Then with the natural oxidation of nylon raw materials, the performance will gradually decline. And it is also related to specific user requirements.

For example, some industries in the United States that use nylon cable ties have provisions stipulating . Outdoor nylon cable ties must be replaced when they expire for one year. It can ensure performance of cable ties without quality accidents.

These products are disposable consumables.

In short, you want a long service life. It is appropriate to choose products with pure materials, large specifications and advanced production technology as far as possible.

The Future Development Trend for Cable Ties

With the development of global economic integration, China will also make great progress in the wave of global integration.

China’s plastic products industry will shine brilliantly in all major industries. So far, China’s plastic products have reached 50 million tons.

Among them,  plastic zip ties will develop rapidly in the plastic processing industry. In the next few years, cable ties will continue to grow at an annual rate of 10%.

The main reason is that China is still in the stage of development. And it will continue to grow in industry and agriculture. Thus it will still drive the development of nylon cable tie industry.

The use of our zip ties in industry and agriculture is increasing year by year. Compared with traditional strapping ropes, they have faster and more convenient characteristics.

Gradually, industry and agriculture prefer nylon cable tie products. So the demand for nylon cable ties from cable tie manufacturers on the market will continue to increase year by year in the next few years

According to the statistics of the Plastic Wiring Equipment Committee of China Plastic Association, The proportion of zip ties in the electric industry is 40%.

The proportion of plastic zip ties in the household appliances industry is 17%.

In the automotive industry, the proportion is 10%. In the telecommunications industry, the proportion is 8%.

The proportion in the construction industry is 6%.

The proportion in horticulture industry is 4%.

The proportion in other industries is 15%.

In the future, the proportion of electric industry will decrease. While the proportion of nylon cable ties made by cable tie manufacturer in other industries will increase.

It is because more downstream industries will use more cable ties in the future. The proportion of zip ties in other industries will increase in the future. But the electrical industry will still dominate.

More importantly, it is pointed out in the Research Report on the in-depth evaluation and future investment strategy of China’s nylon zip tie industry from 2012 to 2017 by the Chinese Academy of Business Economics.

The products from cable tie manufacturer is still in the growth stage, there is a lot of room for future growth and promotion.

Therefore, in the future, the development of nylon cable tie industry will be more long-term. It requires more cable tie manufacturers to work together.

We need China’s economic upgrading, in order to really drive the development of nylon cable tie industry.

The History and Development of Nylon Cable Tie Industry in China

In China in the 1960s and 1970s, there was no products made by cable tie manufacturer.

The most commonly used binding tools in production and life are hemp rope and straw rope. These kinds of binding knitted fabrics are made from local materials, abundant raw materials and bark.

And they were inexpensive in price. However, it was found that the operation of binding is more troublesome in the process of use. The bark is easy to rot. And the rope life is not long. These problems restrict its further development.

With the progress of chemical industry, people have developed a new chemical compound – plastics.

Its appearance brings new vitality to packaging industry.

Plastics have the advantages of light weight, good lift performance and long service life. The ties from cable tie manufacturer with plastic material has the advantage of super high. They have won everyone’s applause.

These products are first used in the electronic industry to tighten and tie cables. They own conveniences and advantages of simplicity, efficiency, beauty and durability.

And they have won the praise of users. After the successful application in practice, it has been widely used in horticulture, agricultural and sideline industries, construction and other fields. And they achieved good performance.

Nowadays, nylon cable ties produced by cable tie manufacturer has become the first product of binding. Traditional plant knitted fabrics, such as hemp rope and straw rope, are gradually fading away in people’s vision.

With the development of the plastic industry, the division of labor is further refined and deepened. And the development of plastic straps has made remarkable progress.

The products have developed from a single style to dozens of styles. They are more effectively integrated into the actual binding needs of the workplace.

Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, is the earliest place to engage in nylon cable tie production and processing in China. In the early stage, Yueqing got the advanced technology and purchased production equipment.

Thus Yueqing City occupied the domestic cable tie manufacturer market first. It obtained the first barrel of gold.

Years have changed for decades. At present, there are no less than several thousand enterprises of cable tie production all over the country. They are distributed in many provinces.

But when people mention tie-up base, they will say Yueqing. I want to understand it from two aspects:

First, Yueqing is the earliest region in China to develop nylon cable tie manufacturer industry. A more comprehensive industrial supply chain has been formed.

Second: Nowadays, the competition in the zip tie industry is fierce. The rough production mode in the past is no longer adapted to the development of society.

Entrepreneurs are changing their development ideas. They are innovating constantly and developing new products.

The Situations of  Cable Tie Manufacturers in China and the Exporting Trends Next Year

Nylon cable tie is a commonly used binding tool in our daily life. It highlights the effectiveness of the use. It greatly facilitated people’s lives.

With the rapid development of the national economy, the demand for packaging products in various industries is increasing. It leads to the steady development of the cable tie manufacturer industry.

The statistical report of the tape products of the National Plastic Association points out that in 2018 alone, the sales of them in China exceeded 1 billion yuan. And the sales volume exceeded 50 million tons.

It is expected that sales in 2019 will increase by more than 100 tons in 18 years. And the whole nylon cable tie consumer market will increase year by year.

Maybe many people don’t know that many of the products made by cable tie manufacturer used by people abroad are made in China.

It’s not that they can’t produce. But because their production costs are more expensive than imports (in Africa, etc.). Some do not manufacture. It is because they are limited by domestic policies. And they do not support the production of plastic products.

Their government think plastics are polluting the environment, such as nylon cable ties from cable tie manufacturer. And most of them are developed countries in Europe and the United States.

Relying on the huge domestic market advantage, domestic cable tie manufacturers have developed rapidly. They are introducing advanced equipment from abroad . And they are improving the manufacturing process. So the quality of cable tie products has been greatly improved.

At present, there are thousands of registered cable tie manufacturers. Although the domestic market is very large, the situation of “insufficient feeding” is becoming more and more serious in the face of so many cable tie manufacturers.

The fierce competitive environment forces all cable tie manufacturers to improve their product competitiveness. It requires them to strive to develop new products to consolidate their own market.

At the same time, some cable tie manufacturers have opened up another way. It makes their enterprises profitable by exporting abroad. This avoids competing with thousands of cable tie enterprises in China in a disguised way.

According to the data collected by the Customs Department, by 2018, there were more than 40 countries exporting domestic cable ties. They covers both developing and developed countries.

From the point of view of quality control of export products, the quality of this products exported to European and American countries is higher. They need more environmentally friendly materials to be used.

It is because the policy environment are higher. They pays more attention to environmental protection. Even though the price is relatively high, the market sales are quite good.

And the cable tie products exported to developing countries. Because local users have limited consumer acceptance capacity. And they pay more attention to the cost-effectiveness of products.

So the requirements for material selection are not so high. The product quality control is slightly lower than that exported to Europe and the United States. But it does not affect daily use.

As the traditional cable tie products manufacturing province, Zhejiang, has always been thought as the main export province of cable tie products in China. Its annual export volume can reach more than 3000 W tons. Its generating profits of more than 1 billion US dollars.

Foreign trade form transactions are greatly influenced by the policy and environmental factors of exporting countries. Every year, Zhejiang Province holds a meeting of plastic associations. It is focusing on the export situation and prospects for next year, so as to make enterprises prepare early.

How to choose the reliable cable tie manufacturer on the market?

This little stuff is a common material that we often see in our life.

It is precisely because of universality. This phenomenon has been neglected by many people. Many people feel that its profit margin is not particularly large.

Smart cable tie manufacturers see business opportunities here.

You know, cable tie manufacturers rely on small profits and high sales. Don’t have the idea that one or two cable ties any profit. But when customers are going to buy the nylon cable ties, they often buy hundreds of cable ties.

Therefore, cable tie manufacturers came into being. So how should people choose a good cable tie manufacturer in the market?

1. Focus on Quality

First of all, consumers must be most concerned about quality issues. Some factories have some certifications, such as ISO 9001, CE, UL and so on.

There are many kinds of cable ties on the market. Their raw materials are different.

People can choose the suitable products according to their own needs.

Good cable tie manufacturers pay great attention to the quality of their products.

That is to say, the cable ties produced by them are durable, wearable and cost-effective. They can be used for a long time by consumers.

Consumers have very high requirements on wear resistance. And they also require the cable tie to be difficult to break. The products produced by manufacturers meet this requirement. The consumers will regard them as good cable tie manufacturer.

2. Manufacture Reputation

When users buy plasctic ties on the market, they are sure to compare their purchases with each other.

And for the same products, consumers will eventually choose cable tie manufacturers with better reputation in the market.

Thus, cable tie manufacturers must pay attention to the establishment of their own product brand. Good enterprises will establish a good reputation.

So that they will be able to form their own brand. And when the consumers are going to buy the products, they have a good protection. This is the basis of the cable tie manufacturers on the market.

3. Field Visits

Finally, select the appropriate cable tie manufacturers on the market. If it is long-term cooperation, invites consumers to factory workshop for on-site inspection.

And for the consumers, you need to determine which cable tie manufacturer to choose as a long-term partner. Cooperating with a reliable cable tie manufacturer can not only reduce costs, but also save a lot of time.