Cable Ties

Nylon Cable Tie Manufacturer and Zip Tie Supplier in China Since 1997

Are you looking for a reliable zip tie manufacturer? Established in 1997,  We a professional Nylon Cable tie manufacturer in China will be your trustworthy choice, HONT has been specialized in manufacturing cable ties for over twenty years.

HONT supplies a wide range of zip ties bulk with various materials( Nylon PA66, Stainless Steel 304), styles, colors, and sizes, to meet different demands from friends home and abroad.

  • Self-locking Nylon Cable Ties
  • Releasable Cable Ties
  • Marker Zip Ties
  • Beaded Zip Ties
  • Double Headed Zip Ties
  • Double Locking Cable Tie
  • Push Mount Cable Ties
  • Velcro Cable Ties
  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • Cable Tie Guns
  • Cable Tie Mount

Its unique patented design is equipped with a high level of quality and complete service. They create HONT to be your most reliable partner in the bundling of cables, hoses, ducts, and wiring accessories.

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    cable tie manufacturer in china
    001.Computerized injection
    cable tie manufacturer

    Product Export Basic Info.

    • Place of Origin: Wenzhou, China
    • Port: Ningbo Port or Shanghai Port, China
    • Certification: UL,CE,ISO,CE,UL
    • Packaging: Usually 100pcs export packaging, or as customer’s requirement
    • Current Production Ability: 300Ton/Month(15×40GP)

    Frequently Customer Asked Questions

    • 1. Q: What is your MOQ?

    A: Usually, the MOQ of our company is about USD3,000 per order.

    Zip Ties Bulk Manufacturer - Shipper Pallet
    Zip Ties Bulk Manufacturer – Shipper Pallet
    • 2. Q: I don’t see the product I need in your catalog, could you produce it?

    A: The catalog only shows the main products of our company. Please let me know what you need and the quantity you require. If we don’t have one, we may also design and make the mold for you for production. While mold making may take 35days to 45days.

    • 3. Q: Will you manufacture customized products and packing?

    A: Yes, we have made many customized products for our customers as they required. Our company also make the molds for them too. And regarding to the customized packing, you can send your logo or information you need to us, then we can print them on the packing. They will cause some cost in addition. Don’t worry, they are not problems for us.

    • 4. Q: Can I put my own logo on the packing?

    A: Yes. We are a professional zip tie manufacturer with more than 20 years of OEM experience. The logo can be put on the packing by engraved, laser, embossed, transfer printing.

    • 5. Q: What’s your delivery time?

    A: Usually, if it is neutral packing, the delivery time is about 15 days after the date we receive the payment confirmation. If it is customized label packing, for example, 20ft container is 30 days to 40 days. In fact, it is depended on the quantity of your order.

    • 6. Q: What are your payment terms?

    A: T/T 30% is the deposit. 70% before the delivery. We will send the photos of the products and packing to you before you are going to pay the balance.

    • 7. Q: What is the shipping price?

    A: Prices vary, depending on the port you are delivering.

    • 8. Q: How does your company test the quality of your products?

    A: Each piece of the products in our company will be strictly tested and checked before the delivery.

    Tensile Test
    • 10. Q: If there is some quality problem after we bought the products, how to solve it?

    A: It is 1 year quality guarantee period for our products. If it is the quality problem by confirmation, not caused by the outer factors, we will compensate each piece for the customers.

    HONT: Superior Cable Tie Manufacturer in China.

    Information of the factory

    Leading Cable Tie / Wiring Accessories Manufacturer

    • Located: Liushi Town, Wenzhou city, China
    • Certificate: ISO9001(1998)
    • Production line: Cable Ties, Cable Clips, Cable Gland, Wiring Accessories, and Electrical Products.
    • The Time to start export: 1997
    • The land size of the current plant: 45000㎡
    • The production, packing, storage, office size: 25000㎡
    • Main sales areas: National; Macao Hong Kong, and Taiwan; Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America; Middle East(UAE); East Asia(Korea); Southeast Asia(Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam); South Asia (Delhi. Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangladesh, Daman, Faridabad, Gujarat, Chennai, Kolkata, Kerala, Ludhiana, Maharashtra, Nashik, Noida, Pakistan, Rajkot, Surat, Tamilnadu, Vadodara, Vasai, Vapi)Japan; South America; Oceania; Global;
    • Main customer groups: foreign purchasers;  foreign trade companies; distributors; wholesalers; agents; manufacturers; supermarkets;

    Why Choose us?

    • Material guaranteed for the production of cable ties.
    • HONT owns professional quality management and a professional inspection team.
    • We follow the quality control system, and together with the factory actual processing.
    • The cover working area of 80000 square meters, has more than 500 employees.
    • Continuously diversify products range to satisfy customers’ needs.
    • HONT has 23 years’ rich manufacturing experience and powerful technology resources. These make HONT a high reputation and superior Cable Tie Supplier in China.

    Strive for perfection

    One You Need, All We Support!

    HONT is continuously pursuing innovation and development with all its passion and energy. Since the foundation, the company has kept supplying electrical and plastic facility solutions to you. What it can create is more than what you can imagine.

    Innovation Leads to Development, Technology Creates Brand

    Technology Center is the key department for HONT exploring and developing new products. It owns complete research and developing management ability. Innovation spirit is the everlasting power for the development of an enterprise. HONT will keep innovative forever. It will keep innovating the manufacturing skills, developing kinds of new products to adapt to the demands of the market, enforcing its core competing ability, based on completing the current products.

    Precise Work, Top Quality

    Here is the honor certificate of our company, we are a conscience company, everything is transparent, we are trustworthy! We hope to cooperate with you happily. Thank you for your support.

    Fair Shows

    These are the fairs we attended before in many countries and cities. Guangzhou Canton Fair, Hannover Industrial Fair, and Dubai Electricity Exhibition. Look forward to your visit.

    Some of Our Clients

    Raw Material

    Always promised with the top grade raw material for cable ties

    Promised with the 100% imported raw material

    Remarks: Since the beginning of 2017, due to the raw material supplying shortage meeting in the market, we were starting to test new branded material including Rhodia, Invista, Radici as well

    100% In-house mold processing

    • Engraving and milling processing
    • Grinding processing
    • Wire cutting processing
    • Low-speed wire cutting processing (machine are branded from Swiss)
    • Sparking and punching processing
    • Mold setting up, repair, and maintenance in house
    • Experience mold R&D engineers

    Central Material Feeding System

    • 2 lines of central material drying and feeding system for 2 production line
    • By using the central material drying and feeding system, it could warranty the material dried and supplied to any machines inconsistent
    • Any orders, no matter to where, the quality will be inconsistent

    Plastic Injection

    • 2 brands of machines are used, one is Haitian, the biggest injection machine brand in China, another is FCS, a brand of Taiwan
    • 2 types of machines, Oil motor type, and Electrical motor type
    • All machines have been installed with robot
    • The worker is only to pack the cable ties into the bag
    • More than 50 sets of plastic machines on running
    • Machines are from 160 Ton to 800 Ton
    • The longest cable ties could be produced (48 inches)

    Moisture & Packing

    • The packing machine we are using is PLC computer controlled
    • The packing machines were invented by ourselves and we own the patent
    • The packing machines have the function of injecting water, air out, and sealing
    • The machine could count the quantity of packs
    • The automatic packing machine is under testing


    • A warmed up warehouse for wintertime, in order to warranty the cable ties could absorb the moisture under the right condition

    Daily Testing

    • Moisture Testing to protect the moisture added by right %
    • Tensile strength testing to warranty the tensile strength are meeting the request
    • Frozen testing, checking the ties whether could be resistant to the cold temperature.
    • Insertion Force testing, guarantee the cable ties could be inserted smoothly, and without extra force.

    UL approved Lab

    • 2017, we invested the UL-approved lab
    • Standard: UL 62275 (same as EN62275,IEC62275)
    • The testing results could be agreed by UL
    • The Lab including full equipment of UL62275 Testing request
    • The testing equipment including the testing for: Flammability, smoking collection amount, tensile strength, aging, UV (Weather resistant), High-low temperature, punching, shocking for stainless steel cable ties, salt spray for rust,