8 Main Roads to Find Where to Buy Zip Ties

Zip tie is very useful in our daily life. Sometimes we will use it to bundle the water pipes at home. Sometimes we will make it to fasten the computer cables in our rooms.

Buying one or two bags of them becomes necessary for us. But, most zip tie manufacturers have the requirements for the MOQ. That means you must meet the minimum order quantity of them.

HONT has a MOQ for the USD 2,000. And I think most these wholesales must be similar to this MOQ. So it will be a problem if we are just going to buy several bags of zip ties.

You may ask yourself, where can I buy a zip tie? Don’t be down. We have 6 ways to tell you where to buy a zip tie.

There are two main ways we can buy. One is shop the zip ties from online shop. The other is to buy them from the offline business.

Now let’s know some well known online shop to buy the plastic cable ties.

1. Walmart

When we are shopping online for the zip ties, the first shop must be Walmart. It is one of the biggest retailer in the world.
Walmart was established in the year of 1962. It has become the biggest chain retailer in the USA, after the fifty years’ developing.
It is also the company which owns the most employees in the world. There are near to 2.2 million employees of Walmart.
This company owns more than 10,000 supermarkets in over 27 countries. There are 69 brands in the Walmart. Each week, the customer flow volume reaches to 200 million.
The products in the company are remarked as high quality and low prices. It sells food, household articles, clothes, shoes and so on.
All the brands sold in the Walmart must be through strict inspection and quality tests. This can ensure each piece of the Walmart has the high level quality.
And this company gets the products directly from the manufacturers. This could save the middle process. So the prices of the Walmart seem to be more competitive than other retailers.
The company has developed 190 thousand kinds of goods. There are three main brands developed by Walmart which are sold by the company. They are Great Value, Mainstays, and Simply Basic.
The Great Value is focusing in the food and some other kinds of goods. The Mainstays is mainly to sell the household articles. Simply Basic covers the clothes.
These main brands are cheap in the prices. It is because there is no need to pay the cost for the advertisement and other charges. So Walmart is always saying that it is the cheapest retailer.
Besides, the quality level of the goods from this company is kept by the strict examination. So buy the nylon zip ties from Walmart will be a perfect solution.
It will supply you perfect wiring ties with competitive prices and good quality.

2. Amazon

This company is the biggest electronic business online company in the United States. It is located in Seattle, Washington.

It was founded in the year of 1995, which was one of the earliest companies in the electronic business. It sold some books on the Internet at the beginning. Now it has expanded its sales scale, being the online retailer with the most goods in the whole world.

And it is the second biggest Internet enterprise in the global. Amazon has many subsidiary companies. There are Alexa Internet, A9, Lab126, IMDB, and Internet Movie Database.

This company and its retailers have supplier the millions kinds of unique goods. Besides the new products, it also sells the refurbished goods and the second-hand.

The products Amazon sells including books, movies, music, games, software downloads, electronics, computers, household articles, gardening tools, toys, foods, infant articles, clothes, shoes, health care goods, cosmetics, jewelries, sports goods, outdoor goods, personal care supply, automobiles, and many industry products.

Whatever you can think of, you will buy in the Amazon. The kinds and specifications of the products of Amazon are out of our imagination.

When we are planning to buy zip ties, you can search on the first line of the website of Amazon. There will comes out many choices of the cable ties.

On the left side, you may find the length, feature keywords for you to choose. These keywords can help you to find the detailed specification you need.

And in it, you don’t need to worry about the MOQ. Just order what you need!

3. Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the leading retailer in the world. It is focusing on selling the household building supplies. The chain stores are all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and so on. There are more than 2234 chain stores.

This company has been awarded as the “The Most Popular Professional Retailer” for continuous 9 years by the American Fortune Magazine .In the United States, there are more than 1,800 chain stores.

Home Depot was founded in the year of 1978. It has been doing well in the selling the goods of the household and the building. In 2004, its sales reached to 75 billion dollors.

The main color of this company is orange. This color is very warm for the customers. This company is famous for the home feeling to attract the customers to buy the goods.

Cable tie is just in the product range of the Home Depot. Choosing Home Depot is also a good choice to buy small quantity zip ties.

4. AliExpress

AliExpress was put on to use in the year of 2010. It belongs to the Alibaba Group, as the business stage online for the whole world. It is called as the International Taobo.
This online stage is facing to the buyers from China and all over the world. The payment can be operated by the Alipay account. And the goods will be delivered by the international expresses.
The company is very popular among the buyers online. It is the third biggest English shopping global website online.
AliExpress is focusing the retailing business of the middle and small enterprises. The buyers of the AliExpress are from over 220 countries and cities.
The goods of the website covers clothes,  household articles, ornaments and so on. The oversea flow volume is more than 50 million per day.
But not all the goods can be sold through this business stage. There are several requirements for the goods. They must be easy to delivered by the air express.
(1) Small in the Size. This is mainly set for the delivering. The small size of the products can be easy to delivered. And the cost will be also reduced, compared with the big size products.
(2) Unique in the Characteristics. The goods should be unique, so that the buyers will be attracted by them.
(3) Reasonable in the Prices. If the prices of the products are too high, there will be no buyers to come and buy.
So most of the products on the stage are clothes, cosmetics, health care, watches, ornaments, lights, electronics, computers, mobile phones, household stuffs, parts of the motor bikes, and so on.
Our nylon cable tie is also one popular product in the AliExpress. We can also choose the specifications and types we like on the AliExpress.

5. Cable Ties And More

This online shop is one retailer for the cable ties, cable glands, terminal blocks and many series of wiring accessories.

This store can be more professional compared with the supermarkets on line. There are more choices for us to choose. And the information of the products are more in details.

We can have a try to buy one bag of ties from it.


This online shop is professional in selling many tools. Actually, it is a hardware store online.You can find any kinds of tools we need in it.

And you can order small quantity in Screwfix. If you have many things to buy, you can put them in the shopping cart.

Above are all the ways online to find the retailing zip ties. Now I will let you know some off-line ways. to get cable ties.

7. Hardware Stores

Hardware stores are professionally selling saws, drillers, screws, locks, pipes, wires, cable ties and many kinds of tools. They are important for the industry. So someone call the hardware store is the mother of the industry.

If we are not going to buy the ties from the online shop, you can choose these stores. You can check the zip ties in the store. And you will get a good service after sale.

8. Supermarkets

Supermarkets are selling kinds of things we may use in the life. For example, the food, drinks, clothes, fruits, and many tools.

You can also find the zip ties in some big supermarkets. They will sell them on the shelves.

These 8 ways are for you to buy the zip ties in small quantity. But if you need the plastic cable ties in big quantity, or you need them in a long time, you are better to buy from the zip tie manufacturers.

They will supply a cheaper price than the retailers online and offline. And you can enjoy the fast delivery and perfect after-sale service.

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