5 Minutes to Know What is A Zip Tie?

Zip tie is also named cable tie. We know, it is very useful and colorful in the appearance. However, not all of us will know exactly what is a zip tie.

Are you sure you have a deep knowledge of this tiny thing?

What is a zip tie? It is a small and simple question. But you may not answer me in 10 seconds. I will uncover its veil for you.

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What are zip ties made of?

What is the material of this plastic little one?

First of all, nylon is one kind of plastic. It also belongs to the engineering plastics. The material we use in the cable tie is PA. There are many kinds of PA nylon. They are widely used in the industry. And the main types of PA are Nylon 6 and Nylon 66.

There are other types, such as Nylon 11, Nylon 12, Nylon 610, Nylon 612, Nylon 1010, Nylon 46, Nylon 7, Nylon 9, Nylon 13. And nowadays, there are new type Nylon 6I, Nylon 9T and Special Nylon MXD 6.

These engineers are so clever in designing and inventing the new types of nylon for the new uses. There are Reinforced Nylon, MC Nylon, RIM Nylon, Aromatic Nylon, Transparent Nylon and so on.

These different types of nylon are too many to list all. But one thing I want to say is the main raw material of the zip tie is PA 66.

It has many advantages in resisting to acid, base, heat and it is owning high tensile strength. Besides, it has a good resisting to the aging.

What are the types of cable ties?

You may find the cable ties are not one in the type. There are many various types to meet different use of the people.

1. Self- locking Type.

This tie is featured for the self-locking advantages. It is made by PA 66. This material has got through the UL certificate. It is firm in the locking after we insert the tie into the hole of the head.

It is made by the PA 66 material. You will find it is the most used one in our life and the industry.

2. Reusable Type.

We can use it after we lock. So it is very economical. It will save a lot of money for us. And it is also very environmentally friendly. Reusable zip ties home depot is very popular on the market.

3. Beaded Type.

This type has many beaded shape in the tie. So it can be opened after we use. It can be used for many times. This type belongs to the releasable type.

beaded ties

4. Mark Type.

This one is also using the material of Nylon 66. There is a small flag in the head of the tie. So we can write the information on it with the oil pen for some identification.

5. Stainless Steel Type.

This type is made by the stainless steel material. It has high tensile strength than the PA 66 material made ties.

stainless steel zip ties lowes

6. Double Head Type.

It has a double head for locking two articles at the same time. That means we can lock the two cable bundles one time, and it can also be separated from each other. Two cables are tied together at c. It is very convenient to use.

double head tie

7. Push Mount Tie.

This kind is made by the PA 66. It can be mounted on the panel.

Make the head into the hole drilled before. Then fasten the tie to be tight. It is easy to use and operate.

automotive push mount cable ties

What are the uses of zip ties?

Nylon cable tie is widely applied in the society. We will find it used in almost all walks of life.

1. Electronic Factory.

Zip ties are most used in the electronic factories. In the production of the electronic products, there will be many wires and cables. So to fix these lines, there will need these zip ties for bundling.

And the cable tie is also the best choice for these electronic products. It is because wiring tie can bundle the lines, and save a lot of space. Besides, it is good looking in the appearance.

2. Computers.

Computers have many lines inside. So, compared with other digital products, it has more wires and cables. This is the reason why cable ties are so popular in the computers.

3. Some Big Lights.

In many advertisement panel and big lights, there will need the zip tie to help them.

4. Ships and Mechanical Machines.

Ships choose these ties to bundle the oil pipes. One of the most important reason is that the nylon zip tie can resist to corrosion.

5. Gardening and Hand Gifts.

Zip tie is not only great in the bundling function, but also good looking in the outside. So many gardens and hand gifts will use them.

When were zip ties invented?

I think most of you do not know who invented the zip tie and when it was invented.

Zip ties was invented by Maurus C. Logan in 1956. At first, Maurus was going to solve the bundling problems in the airplane. He never imagined that this small plastic tie have changed the history of the bundling industry.

“My father has received little education, but he is the most clever one I have ever seen”, said the son of Maurus. “He never thought to follow is enough in the life. He was always keeping to think about how to improve the things. The cable tie is the best example of his working style.”

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How to undo a zip tie?

Zip tie is one important part of our life. Sometimes, there is not enough ties to bundle the things. And the time is limited to buy new ones. Now what will you do, my clever friends?

Yes, now I will introduce how to open a zip tie.

1. The Most Gentle Way.

First we need to choose the right tool. You can use thin and sharp tool. If it is metal, it will be better. For example, knife, scissors and so on.

Then we should insert the tool into the head of the zip tie. There are the teeth and the lock. What we need to break out of zip tie is to press the point. Then pull the tie out of the head.

Remove zip ties just like this. The ties can be reused again. But the bundling performance may be not the same as before.

You can use it in some place where the bundling requirement is not so high. If you want to get out of zip ties frequently, I suggest you buy the releasable cable tie.

2. Most Useful Ways.

However, we need to separate the bundled wires at once. And there is no good tools to undo the zip tie gently. Now you can do all the actions to get a zip tie off.

For example, you can pull. You can cut the cable strap. And you can burn it. But it maybe a bit dangerous.

You can find more wonderful ways to get out of a zip tie. Click here http://hont-electric.com/10-ways-teaching-you-how-to-get-out-of-zip-ties/.

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