When were zip ties invented

When were Zip Ties Invented?

who invented zip ties


When you get a zip tie in your hand, do you know when zip ties were  invented? I am wondering when this little but great invention was born. If you are scratching your head, searching online for the answer, I think this post may be helpful for you.


When were zip ties invented? They were invented on June 24th of 1958.  At first, zip tie was designed for the application of the airplane. The designer Engineer Maurus C. Logan wanted to invent the new bundling material for the airplane. So he began his experiments. And in 1958, he successfully invented the first zip tie in the world.


The fist piece of zip tie was born. Then it brought the revolution of the bundling industry. Zip tie stated to take place of the traditional ropes and wires. And the self-locking zip tie ignite the trend of designing new types of zip ties. Many different kinds of zip ties were invented after that.


History of Zip Ties

In the year of 1956, Maurus C. Logan found the workers of Boeing Aircraft manufacturing factories spending huge time in operating the waxed nylon ropes. The process was very time-consuming. Besides, the waxed nylon ropes were not convenient to use. Many workers were cut by the ropes in the bundling. So the engineer realized it was necessary to design better solution. He started his exploring and experiments in the lab determinedly then.

He used the metal as the materials at first. Then he found it was not so available to avoid hurting the hands of the workers. And it may be a bit heavy for the airplane. Then he decided to use the nylon materials. This choice was a great step for all the world. After times of failures and disappointing, Maurus finally invented the first zip tie in the whole world.

This invent has got the patent. It successfully solved the bundling problems in the aircraft. And now, zip ties can be found used in almost every place. Zip ties leaves its shadow in either the engines of Nascar automobile race, or the toolshed of our backyards.

And there were more and more various innovation of them in the industry. People found the zip ties is not enough for the bundling. They need them to fasten the articles in the high temperature. So the technicians invented the heat resisting zip ties.

And the UV resisting cable ties also broke into the market. And there were Velcro zip ties, stainless steel cable ties and many special ties designed for the different applications.


Who Invented Zip Ties?

Mr. Logan, was the inventor of zip ties. He was a man full of innovation.

“My father had never got any formal education. But he was the most clever person in my mind”, said Robert Loan, who is the son of Maurus C. Logan, the inventor of the zip ties. “He didn’t think it was enough and right to follow the things as the original habits. My father was always thinking of how to improve all the things he had seen. The invent of cable tie is the best case of his innovative work and life.”

In the year of 1956, Maurus paid a visit to Boeing Aircraft manufacturing factory. The laying of cables and wires in the aircraft is one of the most heavy and tedious jobs. It required the workers to fix thousands of feet cables onto the 50 feet long plywood. And the workers needed to tie knots of waxed nylon ropes. In order to knot, workers had to make the ropes twined around the fingers. So it was very easy for these workers to hurt their fingers by the waxed nylon ropes. Most of their hands were full of calluses. And some even turned into “Hamburg Hands”.

The images of these hamburg hands, came to Maurus’ mind again and again. These hands moved him so much. He decided to find out a new kind of bundling tool.

He believed there must be some easier and healthier way to finish this fixing task. These kind of health damaging and heavy jobs must not be the best ones.

In the following two years, Maurus began his tests and experiments by kinds of tools and materials. On June 24th, 1958, Maurus applied patent for his new design, zip tie.


 Related Questions

Why did Maurus C. Logan invent zip ties? It is Logan’s kind heart. He was not willing to see the workers in the Boeing Aircraft Company suffering the hurt from the waxed nylon ropes. So he decided to invent a new tool for the workers to fix the cables and wires.

Are zip ties and cable ties the same? Zip ties are also called by the name of cable ties. They are the same thing. Zip tie is one kind of professional bundling tool. It is easy and simple to use. It can supply you  strong and secure bundling experience.

Are zip ties strong? Zip ties are featured for its high tensile strength. They are strong in bundling cables and wires. Different specifications have different strength ranges. There are 2.5 mm miniature, 3.6 mm intermediate, 4.8 mm standard, 7.6 mm light heavy duty, 9 mm heavy duty and 12 mm extra heavy duty cable ties.

5 minites to know what is a zip tie

5 Minutes to Know What is A Zip Tie?

Zip tie is also named cable tie. We know, it is very useful and colorful in the appearance. However, not all of us will know exactly what is a zip tie.

Are you sure you have a deep knowledge of this tiny thing?

What is a zip tie? It is a small and simple question. But you may not answer me in 10 seconds. I will uncover its veil for you.

cheap ties

What are zip ties made of?

What is the material of this plastic little one?

First of all, nylon is one kind of plastic. It also belongs to the engineering plastics. The material we use in the cable tie is PA. There are many kinds of PA nylon. They are widely used in the industry. And the main types of PA are Nylon 6 and Nylon 66.

There are other types, such as Nylon 11, Nylon 12, Nylon 610, Nylon 612, Nylon 1010, Nylon 46, Nylon 7, Nylon 9, Nylon 13. And nowadays, there are new type Nylon 6I, Nylon 9T and Special Nylon MXD 6.

These engineers are so clever in designing and inventing the new types of nylon for the new uses. There are Reinforced Nylon, MC Nylon, RIM Nylon, Aromatic Nylon, Transparent Nylon and so on.

These different types of nylon are too many to list all. But one thing I want to say is the main raw material of the zip tie is PA 66.

It has many advantages in resisting to acid, base, heat and it is owning high tensile strength. Besides, it has a good resisting to the aging.


What are the types of cable ties?

You may find the cable ties are not one in the type. There are many various types to meet different use of the people.

1. Self- locking Type.

This tie is featured for the self-locking advantages. It is made by PA 66. This material has got through the UL certificate. It is firm in the locking after we insert the tie into the hole of the head.

It is made by the PA 66 material. You will find it is the most used one in our life and the industry.


2. Reusable Type.

We can use it after we lock. So it is very economical. It will save a lot of money for us. And it is also very environmentally friendly. Reusable zip ties home depot is very popular on the market.


3. Beaded Type.

This type has many beaded shape in the tie. So it can be opened after we use. It can be used for many times. This type belongs to the releasable type.

beaded ties


4. Mark Type.

This one is also using the material of Nylon 66. There is a small flag in the head of the tie. So we can write the information on it with the oil pen for some identification.


5. Stainless Steel Type.

This type is made by the stainless steel material. It has high tensile strength than the PA 66 material made ties.

stainless steel zip ties lowes


6. Double Head Type.

It has a double head for locking two articles at the same time. That means we can lock the two cable bundles one time, and it can also be separated from each other. Two cables are tied together at c. It is very convenient to use.

double head tie


7. Push Mount Tie.

This kind is made by the PA 66. It can be mounted on the panel.

Make the head into the hole drilled before. Then fasten the tie to be tight. It is easy to use and operate.

automotive push mount cable ties

What are the uses of zip ties?

Nylon cable tie is widely applied in the society. We will find it used in almost all walks of life.

1. Electronic Factory.

Zip ties are most used in the electronic factories. In the production of the electronic products, there will be many wires and cables. So to fix these lines, there will need these zip ties for bundling.

And the cable tie is also the best choice for these electronic products. It is because wiring tie can bundle the lines, and save a lot of space. Besides, it is good looking in the appearance.

2. Computers.

Computers have many lines inside. So, compared with other digital products, it has more wires and cables. This is the reason why cable ties are so popular in the computers.

3. Some Big Lights.

In many advertisement panel and big lights, there will need the zip tie to help them.

4. Ships and Mechanical Machines.

Ships choose these ties to bundle the oil pipes. One of the most important reason is that the nylon zip tie can resist to corrosion.

5. Gardening and Hand Gifts.

Zip tie is not only great in the bundling function, but also good looking in the outside. So many gardens and hand gifts will use them.


When were zip ties invented?

I think most of you do not know who invented the zip tie and when it was invented.

Zip ties was invented by Maurus C. Logan in 1956. At first, Maurus was going to solve the bundling problems in the airplane. He never imagined that this small plastic tie have changed the history of the bundling industry.

“My father has received little education, but he is the most clever one I have ever seen”, said the son of Maurus. “He never thought to follow is enough in the life. He was always keeping to think about how to improve the things. The cable tie is the best example of his working style.”

most use of zip tie


How to undo a zip tie?

Zip tie is one important part of our life. Sometimes, there is not enough ties to bundle the things. And the time is limited to buy new ones. Now what will you do, my clever friends?

Yes, now I will introduce how to open a zip tie.

1. The Most Gentle Way.

First we need to choose the right tool. You can use thin and sharp tool. If it is metal, it will be better. For example, knife, scissors and so on.

Then we should insert the tool into the head of the zip tie. There are the teeth and the lock. What we need to break out of zip tie is to press the point. Then pull the tie out of the head.

Remove zip ties just like this. The ties can be reused again. But the bundling performance may be not the same as before.

You can use it in some place where the bundling requirement is not so high. If you want to get out of zip ties frequently, I suggest you buy the releasable cable tie.

2. Most Useful Ways.

However, we need to separate the bundled wires at once. And there is no good tools to undo the zip tie gently. Now you can do all the actions to get a zip tie off.

For example, you can pull. You can cut the cable strap. And you can burn it. But it maybe a bit dangerous.

You can find more wonderful ways to get out of a zip tie. Click here https://hont-electric.com/10-ways-teaching-you-how-to-get-out-of-zip-ties/.


8 Main Roads to Find Where to Buy Zip Ties

Zip tie is very useful in our daily life. Sometimes we will use it to bundle the water pipes at home. Sometimes we will make it to fasten the computer cables in our rooms.

Buying one or two bags of them becomes necessary for us. But, most zip tie manufacturers have the requirements for the MOQ. That means you must meet the minimum order quantity of them.

HONT has a MOQ for the USD 2,000. And I think most these wholesales must be similar to this MOQ. So it will be a problem if we are just going to buy several bags of zip ties.

You may ask yourself, where can I buy a zip tie? Don’t be down. We have 6 ways to tell you where to buy a zip tie.

There are two main ways we can buy. One is shop the zip ties from online shop. The other is to buy them from the offline business.

Now let’s know some well known online shop to buy the plastic cable ties.


1. Walmart

When we are shopping online for the zip ties, the first shop must be Walmart. It is one of the biggest retailer in the world.
Walmart was established in the year of 1962. It has become the biggest chain retailer in the USA, after the fifty years’ developing.
It is also the company which owns the most employees in the world. There are near to 2.2 million employees of Walmart.
This company owns more than 10,000 supermarkets in over 27 countries. There are 69 brands in the Walmart. Each week, the customer flow volume reaches to 200 million.
The products in the company are remarked as high quality and low prices. It sells food, household articles, clothes, shoes and so on.
All the brands sold in the Walmart must be through strict inspection and quality tests. This can ensure each piece of the Walmart has the high level quality.
And this company gets the products directly from the manufacturers. This could save the middle process. So the prices of the Walmart seem to be more competitive than other retailers.
The company has developed 190 thousand kinds of goods. There are three main brands developed by Walmart which are sold by the company. They are Great Value, Mainstays, and Simply Basic.
The Great Value is focusing in the food and some other kinds of goods. The Mainstays is mainly to sell the household articles. Simply Basic covers the clothes.
These main brands are cheap in the prices. It is because there is no need to pay the cost for the advertisement and other charges. So Walmart is always saying that it is the cheapest retailer.
Besides, the quality level of the goods from this company is kept by the strict examination. So buy the nylon zip ties from Walmart will be a perfect solution.
It will supply you perfect wiring ties with competitive prices and good quality.


2. Amazon

This company is the biggest electronic business online company in the United States. It is located in Seattle, Washington.

It was founded in the year of 1995, which was one of the earliest companies in the electronic business. It sold some books on the Internet at the beginning. Now it has expanded its sales scale, being the online retailer with the most goods in the whole world.

And it is the second biggest Internet enterprise in the global. Amazon has many subsidiary companies. There are Alexa Internet, A9, Lab126, IMDB, and Internet Movie Database.

This company and its retailers have supplier the millions kinds of unique goods. Besides the new products, it also sells the refurbished goods and the second-hand.

The products Amazon sells including books, movies, music, games, software downloads, electronics, computers, household articles, gardening tools, toys, foods, infant articles, clothes, shoes, health care goods, cosmetics, jewelries, sports goods, outdoor goods, personal care supply, automobiles, and many industry products.

Whatever you can think of, you will buy in the Amazon. The kinds and specifications of the products of Amazon are out of our imagination.

When we are planning to buy zip ties, you can search on the first line of the website of Amazon. There will comes out many choices of the cable ties.

On the left side, you may find the length, feature keywords for you to choose. These keywords can help you to find the detailed specification you need.

And in it, you don’t need to worry about the MOQ. Just order what you need!


3. Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the leading retailer in the world. It is focusing on selling the household building supplies. The chain stores are all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and so on. There are more than 2234 chain stores.

This company has been awarded as the “The Most Popular Professional Retailer” for continuous 9 years by the American Fortune Magazine .In the United States, there are more than 1,800 chain stores.

Home Depot was founded in the year of 1978. It has been doing well in the selling the goods of the household and the building. In 2004, its sales reached to 75 billion dollors.

The main color of this company is orange. This color is very warm for the customers. This company is famous for the home feeling to attract the customers to buy the goods.

Cable tie is just in the product range of the Home Depot. Choosing Home Depot is also a good choice to buy small quantity zip ties.


4. AliExpress

AliExpress was put on to use in the year of 2010. It belongs to the Alibaba Group, as the business stage online for the whole world. It is called as the International Taobo.
This online stage is facing to the buyers from China and all over the world. The payment can be operated by the Alipay account. And the goods will be delivered by the international expresses.
The company is very popular among the buyers online. It is the third biggest English shopping global website online.
AliExpress is focusing the retailing business of the middle and small enterprises. The buyers of the AliExpress are from over 220 countries and cities.
The goods of the website covers clothes,  household articles, ornaments and so on. The oversea flow volume is more than 50 million per day.
But not all the goods can be sold through this business stage. There are several requirements for the goods. They must be easy to delivered by the air express.
(1) Small in the Size. This is mainly set for the delivering. The small size of the products can be easy to delivered. And the cost will be also reduced, compared with the big size products.
(2) Unique in the Characteristics. The goods should be unique, so that the buyers will be attracted by them.
(3) Reasonable in the Prices. If the prices of the products are too high, there will be no buyers to come and buy.
So most of the products on the stage are clothes, cosmetics, health care, watches, ornaments, lights, electronics, computers, mobile phones, household stuffs, parts of the motor bikes, and so on.
Our nylon cable tie is also one popular product in the AliExpress. We can also choose the specifications and types we like on the AliExpress.


5. Cable Ties And More

This online shop is one retailer for the cable ties, cable glands, terminal blocks and many series of wiring accessories.

This store can be more professional compared with the supermarkets on line. There are more choices for us to choose. And the information of the products are more in details.

We can have a try to buy one bag of ties from it.



This online shop is professional in selling many tools. Actually, it is a hardware store online.You can find any kinds of tools we need in it.

And you can order small quantity in Screwfix. If you have many things to buy, you can put them in the shopping cart.


Above are all the ways online to find the retailing zip ties. Now I will let you know some off-line ways. to get cable ties.


7. Hardware Stores

Hardware stores are professionally selling saws, drillers, screws, locks, pipes, wires, cable ties and many kinds of tools. They are important for the industry. So someone call the hardware store is the mother of the industry.

If we are not going to buy the ties from the online shop, you can choose these stores. You can check the zip ties in the store. And you will get a good service after sale.



8. Supermarkets

Supermarkets are selling kinds of things we may use in the life. For example, the food, drinks, clothes, fruits, and many tools.

You can also find the zip ties in some big supermarkets. They will sell them on the shelves.



These 8 ways are for you to buy the zip ties in small quantity. But if you need the plastic cable ties in big quantity, or you need them in a long time, you are better to buy from the zip tie manufacturers.

They will supply a cheaper price than the retailers online and offline. And you can enjoy the fast delivery and perfect after-sale service.



10 Ways Teaching You How to Get Out of Zip Ties

The plastic cable tie is so secure in the bundling and fastening. We have enjoyed the benefits of them. But sometimes, we may need this little stuff open after locking.

Before we learn to know how to get out of cable ties, we should get some knowledge of the designing principles for the product.

In fact, there is a small snap joint in the head of it. And the body of the tie has seen teeth on the surface. When we put the body of it into the head, the small snap joint will firmly bite the saw teeth.

That is the reason why the small thing is so secure and firm in the bundling. It is nearly impossible to pull the body of the tie out of the head.



Someone may complain about how wasteful it will be when we are using these self-locking zip ties. We may need to open it when we are going to use the cables bundled by the tie. We may want to open it, when we set the tie locked in the wrong places.

Everything in the world has a flaw. So it is the same as the nylon zip tie, even it is so perfect in the application. It also has a mechanism to open its firm “biting mouth”.

Now I will teach you several ways to break out of zip ties.

1. Fingernail.

Our God created us so excellent lives. We have fingernails, which are so useful in our daily life. You must never think about using the fingernails to open the locking tie.

Now, you can have a try to use the nail, if you have the strong nail.  Press the snap joint in the head, then the locking mechanism will open. We can easily break out of zip ties.

2. Toothpick.

Besides our finger nail, we can use some sharp tool for help. What can be a sharp tool in our house? Right, the toothpick is one perfect choice.

Insert the toothpick in the middle of the nail joint and the saw teeth. Then the locking mechanism will be opened. We can easily lose it.


3. Needle.

If you can not find the toothpick, you can try the needle. I think the needle is also one common thing in our daily life.

Make the needle inserted into the gap between the snap joint and the tooth. Press it with some force. Then you can remove zip ties.


4. Paperclip.

If you can not find any sharp corner tool as the needle or the toothpick, you can use the paperclip at home.

I think it must be used if you have some paper documents needed to be arranged. Then try to use the one end of the paperclip. You can successfully undo a zip tie by it.

5. Iron Wire.

How about trying the iron wire? If you don’t have the paperclip, needle, or the toothpick, an iron wire may be also a good choice for you.

It has a sharp end, and it is hard and firm enough to open the plastic tie.

6. Scissors.

We can also use scissors as well. I believe everyone has them at home. We can use the sharp corner to break zip ties.

These are 6 ways for you to open the ties. They are very useful in our life.

But sometimes, we maybe not so lucky to have our hands free to do anything. If your hands are fastened by the bad guys, you can not use your hands to open a zip tie.

What can we do? It may be the key step to open the zip tie to help us escape from the bad guys. Opening the ties successfully will help us to save our lives.

Don’t be afraid. It is the first step to save ourselves. Then I will teach you how to get out from the locking plastic cable ties.

7. Twist the hands to slide out.

(1) When the hands are tied in the back. We need to get out of zip ties behind your back. Lift your fastened hands forward. And make a fist, with the palm facing down. These will make your wrist muscle in a strain and bulged. Then it will help our hands to get more space for escaping.

(2) After the zip tie tightened by our wrist, we can make the hands relaxed. Then twist the wrist to get the relative palm. The space you make by the fist can let our hands slide out from the locked tie.

Here is a small note for you, when you are using this method. The sliding of the hands is very tight, we need to slide out our thumb first. It is the key for the sliding.

This way is also available for many kinds of bundling. So when we are fastened, the first way we can consider to use is the twisting and sliding.


how to get a zip tie off

take off a zip tie


8. Break out to break the tie.

(1) Lift the hands up. Bite the end of the cable tie with your teeth. We need to tense it as possible as we can. And during the tensing, we can adjust the position of the lock head of the wiring tie, to keep it between the two hands.

Here I want to say, we must make the wiring tie tight. The tighter, the better. It is easier for us to escape if the wiring tie is tight enough. However, the loose wiring tie is not easy to break by our force.

(2) After the tensing, we need to lift the hands over our heads. Then use our explosive power, to put down the hands to our bellies as fast as we can.

The two elbows must flare out like the wings, in the process of putting down our hands. Both the shoulder blades should keep as near as we can.

At this moment, the wiring tie will be break by your explosion from the head, which is the weakest part in the whole zip tie. The head of the wiring zip tie is the best place to break.


get out of zip tie handcuffs

get out of zip tie handcuffs


9.  Rub to break the tie.


escape from zip ties

(1) Untie one of your shoelaces by your teeth. Then get it out of the shoe.
(2) Knot the shoelace after crossing the wiring tie. Then make the circle around your two shoes.
(3) Shake your feet up and down, making the shoelace rub the nylon tie.
(4) After the rubbing for times, the zip tie will be cut. We escape from the bad guys. The one requirement for this method is to put on the shoes with shoelaces.

10. Bite with your strong teeth.

If you own strong and sharp teeth, you can bite for a try. I think it may take the biting for a much longer time.

It can be put as the last method you can do if all the ways have been failed.


These 10 ways are very helpful when you are going to get out of the zip ties.



7 reasons why you and I need-a-reliable cable tie manufacturer

7 Reasons Why You and I Need A Reliable Cable Tie Manufacturer?

Plastic cable ties are well known by us for the high tensile strength and the convenience to use. They are simple and easy to install.

They play the same role as the steel wires, but they are much lighter in the weight and cheaper in the price.

Most people will buy them in a big quantity, rather than one or two pieces. So the large quantity will demand us to choose a reliable cable tie supplier.

Some people just buy ties casually. Then they paid much for casual purchasing. The bad quality caused big damages in the articles.

I think it is very necessary to share the 7 reasons to choose a reliable cable tie manufacturer with you.

1. It can supply us a strong quality guarantee.

The basic goal for a reliable factory is to make sure each piece of its product with the best quality. The good supplier also has a series of strict quality management rules. All the employees will carry out these rules.

Besides, the company has a professional testing center. It is to test the quality the company produced. This center will ensure the customers receive the products with high quality.

When the center finds some quality problems of the products, the center will reflect the problems to the workshop. The engineer and the workshop will find the problems quickly. And the quality of the products will be guaranteed.

2. It can offer us a considerate after-sale service.

A reliable and good enterprise will also pay much force and fund on the after-sale service. The service of the after-sale is a chance for the company. The customers may come back for the second purchase, because of the good service.

And as the users, we are willing to enjoy these nice services. Sometimes, the ties may have some problems after the purchase. We can contact the wholesale for the resolutions.

Reliable suppliers may send new products to you for free. And they may also ask you to change good ones with them.

These cannot be done by some bad suppliers. They may give you the answer, these are done by yourself.

If you just bought the plastic ties from the street vendors, you may have no places for help. The street vendors and the bad manufacturers cannot give you good service after the sale.

You may have to spend some money buying new products yourself. And you also need to spend a lot of time on the new products. It will be a bad experience of shopping.

So buying the products from the bad supplier will waste our money and time.

3. It will give us the best technical support.

Have you found one thing of the zip ties? That is they are easy to fracture in the cold environment. It is not the problems of quality. Even the good quality ties will also have the breaking in the cold environment.

If you have met this situation, we can contact your manufacturer for the suggestions. They have professional technicians. They can give us the best technical support.

Regarding the ties easy to break in the winter, there are some tips from the technicians.

(1) Before we using plastic cable ties, we can have some preheating.

We can heat the ties by our hands in cold winter. And using the heater to make the ties warm is also a good way. But do not keep heating the ties for a long time.

(2) And we can also choose the professional cold resisting ties.

As we all know, some places are too cold to use the common zip ties. So we can choose the cold resisting ties for help. These ties are designed with some special material. They are not easy to break in the winter.

4. It can keep the experiments and designing new products.

If we choose a reliable cable tie wholesale, it will give us many surprises. It is keeping exploring and designing, according to the demands of the market.

All the technicians from the good enterprise will keep the spirit of innovation and exploring. To meet the changing demands of the users, they are doing all their efforts to design the new products.

The company HONT has invented a new product, PAT cable tie. This kind of product owns much higher tensile strength than the common ones on the market.

The engineers use 2% more materials on each piece zip tie than the standard tie. And the appearance of the tie is more elegant and good looking. The head is bigger. The body of it is thicker.

5. It can make sure the high speed of the delivery.

When we choose a good manufacturer, the company will make sure us a fast delivery. It has a large production scale and professional management system.

These will guarantee us a delivery in a short time. And at the same time, the products produced will be also equipped with top quality.

Some small factories may have some delay in the delivery. Their machines are not so efficient. And the quantity of the workers is not big enough to deal with big quantity orders.

These factories have no standard management rules for production. And the workers are not so professional and efficient. These all will waste a lot of time, even affect the shipping time.


6. It can ensure reasonable prices.

The prices of nylon zip ties do not remain unchanged all the time. They will be affected by the raw materials, the labor costs, and so on.

The raw material of zip tie is PA 66. It reached RMB 40,000 per ton in the year of 2017. And now it drops to RMB 32,000. So the prices of the products also raised in the year 2017 and 2018. Now there is some stop of the rising.

If you buy products from a reliable supplier, it will inform you of the reason why there is a rise in the prices. And when the prices fall, it will also let you know.

However, the bad wholesales may get the prices unchanged when the prices of the raw materials drop. They will still use high prices to get more profits from the users.

7. It will put the benefits of the customers in the first position.

The market is not so calm. The competition is very furious. The good manufacturer will not let your benefits damaged.

If you are a client of the factory, one of your customers find your supplier, so what will your supplier do?

I think it is really a question of the credit. A reliable manufacturer will lead your customer back to you. A bad supplier will cooperate with your customer, instead of cooperating with you.

And the reliable factory will consider the things by your side. If you want to order a very big quantity of products, the factory will calculate for you to make the quantity to be a whole container. This will save a lot of money on the freight for bulk cargo.

Are these 7 reasons enough to make us choose a reliable cable tie manufacturer? The answer is yes!

Many users have got the benefits of choosing HONT, the best zip tie manufacturer. How about you?

what are the plastic cable ties sizes in mm

Complete Plastic Cable Ties Sizes ( in MM ) Summary Chart

Hi, friend. I believe you must know of plastic zip tie. And you must be very familiar with it. Now I have one question to test.

Do you know the detailed sizes of these nylon cable ties?

Someone may say yes. There are 2.5 mm x 100 mm, 3.6 x 200 mm and so on. Right, these are parts of the whole sizes. So you do really have some knowledge about the zip ties.

If you do not know any of the sizes, you may have some troubles. For example, how can you buy the right and suitable size? This is a very big problem.

As we all know, this little plastic thing has stepped into our daily life and society. If you are not going to use it for the factories, you must use it in the household. Without this tie, it will bring many troubles to us.

So don’t worry, friend. It doesn’t matter. It is because today I will make a full introduction of the specifications.

Full Description of Nylon Cable Tie Sizes

When we talk about the size of the ties, actually, it means the width and the length of them. People usually use the width and length to say about the little ones.

There are widths of 2.5 mm, 3.6 mm, 4.8 mm, 7.2 mm, 9.0 mm, and 12.0 mm. And according to the different heavy duty they can hold, these sizes can be divided as below.

  • 2. 5 mm Width Miniature Tie
  • 3.6 mm Width Intermediate Tie
  • 4.8 mm Width Standard Tie
  • 7.6 mm Width Light Heavy Duty Tie
  • 9.0 mm Width Heavy Duty Tie
  • 12.0 mm Width Extra Heavy Duty Tie

Now let go nearer to these zip ties. I will expose them to you in details with small charts.


1. Width 2.5 mm Miniature

Though this chart, it is easy to find these width of 2.5 mm cable ties can not stand too heavy duty. So they are called the miniature.

And there are inch expression of the lengths for the users who prefer the inch to the mm. Can you find the bundle diameter of 2.5 Series?

The range of the diameter is from 2 mm to 50 mm in the 2.5 Series. If the article is bigger than this diameter, you need to consider to choose a bigger width.

These kind of 2.5 mm wide ties can be used to bundle the small wires and cables. They are very popular in the household.

The housewives enjoy using them in the kitchen to hang their spoons, foxes and spatulas. And some of these small ties are used to bundle the computer data wires.


2. Width 3.6 mm Intermediate

These are wider than the 2.5 mm. So these ties’ tensile strength have got stronger. They are 40 lbs. Or we can say the tensile strength is 18 kgs.

The bundling diameter for the articles also goes longer. The longest range goes to be 105 mm. That means when we use 3.6 mm wide cable ties, we can bind bigger things than using the 2.5 mm wide ties.

If you have bought these 3.6 mm wide zip ties at home, you can use them to hang the curtains in the bathing room. They are very strong and simple to use.


3. Width 4.8 mm Standard

These 4.8 Series cable ties are the most popular ties among so many sizes. Most users will prefer to use them, instead of using the smalls size or the big sizes. 4.8 mm wide is called the standard.

And among the 4.8 Series, the size 4.8 x 300 mm is the most well sold cable tie. The length of 300 mm is appropriate for bundling most of the things in our life. It won’t be too long or too short.

And the tensile strength of this type is also strong enough for holding many kinds of forces within 22 kgs.

If you are interested in size 4.8 x 300 mm, you can buy some for a try. It can satisfy nearly all the demands of the bundling and fastening in our household.


4. Width 7.6 mm Light Heavy Duty

Heavy duty zip ties home depot

After introducing 4.8 width ties, there must be bigger sizes to meet higher force requirements. The width of 7.6 mm zip tie owns the tensile strength of 55 kgs.

This high tensile force means that one piece of 7.6 wide nylon cable tie can stand the weight an female adult. Is this amazing? Just one piece of plastic tie can stand the adult’s weight!

Do you want to have a try? I am very willing to make such a test. I am a bit slim. I just weight 45 kgs. Does anyone be willing to test the tensile strength of the 7.6 Series light heavy duty zip tie with me together?


5. Width 9.0 mm Heavy Duty

These series of product have high tensile strength. It can reach to 79.4 kgs. So these ties are not suitable in our household.

And the length of them are 400 mm, 450 mm, 500 mm, 550 mm, 600 mm, 650 mm, 720 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm, 1100 mm and 1200 mm. These are very long sizes.

So usually, there is no one to tie a computer line with the 9.0 mm wide zip ties. They are too big in the size. And one more problem is that the cost of the 9.0 mm heavy duty tie is not cheap.

In general, they are used for the oil pipes, the shipping manufacturing fields, the mechanical machines and so on. These places needs the big size and big bundling diameter tie to secure the articles.

6. Width 12.0 mm Extra Heavy Duty

These ties are called extra heavy duty ties. They are owning 114 kgs tensile strength. So they can hold very heavy duty.

The bundling diameter is from 14 to 265 mm. And the lengths of the 12.0 wide cable ties are 650 mm and 900 mm.

They are also used for the places where the tensile strength needs to be very high.


How to Choose the Suitable Specifications?

There are so many sizes above. So how do you feel after knowing these sizes? My feeling is too many sizes.

You must have the same feeling with me. How do I choose the right size when I am in the shopping?

Now I have some tips for your shopping. If you have followed all these tips, there must be no problems to choose the zip ties.


1. According to the using purpose to buy the ties.

Different cable ties have different materials. They are applied for the various usages. So before the purchasing, we are clear that where we are going to use the ties.

2.According to the requirements of the tensile strength.

The key point for one tie is the tensile strength. If a tie can bundle the goods well, its tensile strength must be very good. However, many people have the misunderstanding on the tensile strength.

It is not suggested us buy the ties with higher tensile force. The saying of the higher the tensile force the better is not right.

If the tensile strength is too big, the article is not easy to be bundled tightly. If the tensile force is too small for a big article, the zip tie is easy to break.

3.According to the using quantity to buy the ties.

We need to avoid to buy too many zip ties. These ties can not be used in recent period. They will be easy to get aging in the storing time. So it is better to buy according to how many we use.

4.According to the appearance of the nylon cable ties.

The two factors of the appearance are the color and the workmanship. No matter if the color is white or red, yellow or blue, the appearance must be smooth. There must be no unpleasant odor. The workmanship should be fine.

5. According to the length of the tie.

Above I have introduced the lengths of the zip ties. And the charts have listed the bundling diameter range of each size.

In the bundling, each piece of the tie needs to spare no less than 10 cm of tails. So we are better to choose the tie with a long tail. The tie with too short tail will be difficult to have a tight fastening.

If you follow these tips, there must be no problems in the shopping.


A Newborn Star on the Cable Tie Market

Just as the introduction above, the tensile strength of one cable tie is very important. It will decide whether this zip tie can hold the fastening task directly.

Our new star, patented cable tie, can easily beyond all the ties on the market in the aspect of the tensile force. It was designed by the company’s researching and developing department. It has ascended as the  top among so many cable ties on the market.



Here are the advantages the PAT cable ties equipped.

  •  It uses 2% more PA 66 than common ties on the market.
  • It has 30% tensile strength higher than the standard cable ties.
  • It is thicker in the body in the appearance. And that is the reason why it has far higher tensile strength than the common.
  • It has a bigger head and thinner width, as the improvements of the appearance.
  • It owns more exquisite workmanship on the market.
  • It is as cheap as the standard common zip ties on the market.

So are you moved by such a perfect nylon cable ties? Just act! It won’t make you down.

Nylon Cable Tie Uses: Can You Blow Your Mind for 12 Ways?

How to Use Zip Ties: Can You Blow Your Mind for 12 Ways?

Several weeks ago, there was a lady coming to my company for business. We were talking with each other very happily. I suddenly found something on the lady’s bag caught the eyes of mine successfully.

Do you know what it was? Then I enlarged my eyes and watched it for a moment. It was a zipper head. But it was not a common zipper head as we see in the daily life.

It was a nylon cable tie made zipper puller. The lady was strange why I stopped talking. I think my look was too terrible to shock her. Ha ha ha ha.

Tracking with my eyes, she found I was watching her zipper head. She explained with a smile that this was a replacing of the bad one.

When the lady was going to go out, the zipper puller went on strike suddenly. She got the plastic tie beside and bundled it on the hole of the zipper. She just did it by accident.

I highly spoke of her wonderful idea. It is a really good using of the zip tie. After this I started to find more about the peculiar using of the tie.

Can you blow your mind with me? I am so exited. I can not help sharing its unbelievable using ways with you. I bet these you must never know these nylon cable tie uses!12 ways to tie a tie.


1. Bundle the Wires.

In the general, we will bundle the wires together with the tie. But the true binding the wires should make all the lines in the order. So it will truly realize the meaning of our little zip ties.


2. To Be the Handle of the Drawer.

The handle of your drawer is broken. So what shall we do? It will be very troublesome without the handle.

Don’t worry. It is the time for the appearance of our little one, nylon zip tie. Get three cable ties. And insert two of them into the holes the handle left. Then insert the hole of the third one.

Look! A new drawer has come. You don’t need to buy a new drawer. This is easy to install. And it will save us a lot of money to buy the new drawer.


3. Play as the Hook of the Curtain in the Bathing Room.

Most of the bathing rooms have the curtains inside. We use the curtain to keep us warm when we are in the showering. And the curtain will also stop the splashing water coming our here and there.

But the curtain will get dirty after a long time of using. We need to wash it, and then rehang it back. Sometimes, we can not find the hooks. The hooks are lost. And sometimes, the hooks are broken.

Don’t be worried. Teach you a good way. Let’s try the cable tie. It can also replace the hooks of the curtain.

4. Act as the Mobile Phone Holder.

Have you ever met the situations below? When you are back home, you are very tired after the whole day work. You are going to watch a film to relax on the mobile phone.

However, the hands are too tired to handle the phone. But you are still going to enjoy the film.I believe you must meet this.

Someone will choose to put a hard box or some books to make the phone standing well. But the box or the books move quietly. And when we are exited about the one point of the film, the phone fall. It is very frustrated.

I can introduce a helper to solve this problem. Right. It is cable tie. The nylon tie is flexible but not soft. It owns high tenacity. It can hold our mobile phones when we are watching films.

clip on ties near me


5. Fix the Patch Board.

As we all know, the patch board is very useful in our life. But sometimes, we may need it fixed on the wall. Especially, in the kitchen, the ladies may have deep  realization with me.

We need the board fixed on the wall besides the electric cooker, the induction cooker, and the oven. But the patch board always move here and there when we use it. And it is very dangerous.

Now we can ask the plastic stuff for help. There is no need to din holes on the wall. The plastic cable ties can easily do it.



6. To be the Professional Drying Tool for the Pillow.

Have you ever got disappointed when the pillow falls off from the clothes bracket again and again. And putting the pillow on the ground directly for the basking may make the pillow dirty.

So how to deal with it? Ha ha. Here is a new design of the great plastic zip tie. Just put two coat hangers together by the tie. And then you can easily bask the pillow in the sun.


7. Just Become Your Ideal Shoelaces.

When I was young, the busy school life always makes me pressed. Especially, when the cocks get up and call you to go to school. For a sleepyhead, one more minute to stay on the bed is cherished. So spending time on bundling the shoelaces is impossible for them.

So I was. I was not willing to take the one minute to bundle the shoelaces. How great it will be if the shoes are bundled at first.

Now, the little one, nylon cable tie can realize my small dream. There is really bundled shoes. They are not fastened by the shoelaces, but the ties.

8. Make a New DIY Loose Spiral Notebook.

Buying notebook is one of my favorite shopping activities. It is because I really enjoy use the pen to note everything I see and everything I hear. I need many and many notebooks for my thought.

So the DIY Loose Spiral Notebook is a good choice for me. When I use it, I can write down many things. And the cable ties also find their application in my DIY loose spiral notebook.

I just insert the ties into the holes. And it can be a new notebook again.


9. Seal the Unfinished Snacks.

Like most girls, snacks are the most reliable friends in our life. They can accompany us when we are lonely. They will make us feel satisfied when we are feeling boring.

But not all the snacks will be destroyed completely, for we will worry about our weight. Thus there will appear many unfinished snacks.

These snacks have been opened the packing. How to deal with them? Throwing them away may be not good. It is too waste.

Right. Some of you are so clever. That is the zip tie. Seal the package with the nylon tie.


10. Hang the Broom on the Wall.

The environment of our house will greatly affect our mood. If you see the dirty broom are lying in the center of the living room, I think you must not feel so comfortable.

The thing you must do is to find a right place for the broom. So you may put it in the corner of the kitchen. But when you are sitting on the sofa of the living room, you just hear the sound of the falling down broom.

Then you may return to the kitchen. You find the broom lying on the floor. And you also find the cabbages are also lying nearby. The broom makes the nearby cabbages fall.

You are so angry. You are wondering where to put the broom. You don’t want this broom to bring troubles to you again.

Take it easy. Let’s hang it on the wall with our lovely nylon zip tie. This use you may have never used before.


11. Act as the Key Ring.

Most of us must have many keys. It is because we have so many doors to lock. One is to lock the the door of our bedroom. One is to open the door our our drawer. And one is the key for the gate.

All in all, we must have one key at least. These keys are important for us. But they are also easy to be lost. So there are many types of rings on the market to make the keys together.

And most of them are metal. But we know that the key is made by metal. It is very heavy. If the ring is metal, the total weight of the keys and the rings will be very big.

So how about to use a plastic ring? And this ring is also very secure for holding the keys. Yes, it is nylon cable tie ring.

12. Be a Simple Eggbeater.

You may never imagine that our little stuff are useful in the cake making. The process to make the egg white and the yolk mixed is one of the most important for making a cake.

The eggbeater on the market is not so cheap. It will be a good choice, if you do not want to pay a lot of money to buy an expensive eggbeater.

The tools are very simple to prepare. Go and fetch one pencil, one electric hand drill, several cable ties. Bundle the ties on the end of the pencil.

Cut off the long tail of them. And connect the the pencil and the hand drill. Start the drill, then the modern and new eggbeater comes out.


Are these 12 ways of the nylon cable tie uses wonderful? I am very willing to explore more cable tie applications with you. Hope you have new findings to share!

Nylon Cable Tie Manufacturing Process VS. Bread Making

Wow, what you are saying? Are you crazy? What is the same point between the nylon cable tie manufacturing process and the bread making? You may ask.

Calm down, friend. After reading it, you may agree with me.


Nylon cable tie is such a small and tiny thing. You can live ignoring it, but you can not live without it. Someone may ask how can the factories produce such a amazing stuff.

Are you curious about it? Yes, me too. When I was young, I was curious about the nylon cable tie manufacturing process.

The first time I met nylon cable tie is one day of many years ago. At that time I was just a little girl. My dad was selling many electrical and electric accessories in a small store.

All the things in the shop were so attractive for a girl who was strange of everything, especially, a small plastic thing on the shop showcase.

Can you guess what it is? Right, it is our leading actor, nylon cable tie. I was wondering why such a small tie would be ranked the top hot-sale in my dad’s store among all the goods.

So this little thing got the biggest interest of mine. I was curious about all the aspects of the nylon cable tie.

The most thing I was thinking over again and again. But no one can give me a satisfying answer, until I visited one nylon cable tie company several years ago.

That is what the nylon cable tie manufacturing process is. Now I will share what I have seen in the manufacturer with you. I think you are as curious as me.


Brief Introduction of the Nylon Zip Ties

I think you must know this little stuff have two names. Nylon cable ties are also named of nylon zip ties. It is been used very wide. You can find it used in the automobile industry, electronic fields, the electrical appliances industry, and many manufacturing fields.

And what we usually talk about is the nylon material made ties. There are also the metal made ties. They are called stainless steel cable ties.

No matter what materials the tie is, the main function the tie we are going to use is to bundle the articles, especially the wires, cables and so on.

Of course, today’s acting role is the nylon cable ties. I will uncover its mysterious veil of the manufacturing process to you.

The raw material of the tie is nylon. In its producing process, the workers will use the injection mold to for the shape of the product.

Now let me talk about the main processes of the producing.


The Main Processes of Making Nylon Cable Ties

1. Preparation of the Raw Material

As you know, the raw material of the zip ties are PA 66. It is also named Nylon 66. The first step of the production is to buy the raw material.

(1) Buy the Raw Material

When the manufacturers are going to start their production. They need to prepare the Nylon 66. It is the best type for making nylon zip ties.

The quality of the raw material of  the product will directly affect the products. So as the users, we need to buy the ties from the reliable factories. These factories will buy the raw material from their best nylon suppliers.

Some of them will buy from the foreign countries. They import the PA 66 to guarantee the quality. However, there are some factories will use the recycled material. These material are cheap but not so good in the performance.

That is why I ask you to buy the products from the reliable zip tie manufacturers.

(2) Get Ready for the Special Mixing Material

Have you noticed that the ties we are using are not same in the color. There are red, white, yellow, black, blue and so on. Whatever kind of color you can imagine, our great manufacturers can produce it for you.

These different color can not appear from our white PA 66. These colors needs to be adjusted by using the toner. The toner will be added into the raw material. They will make the tie beautiful and nice in the appearance.

Besides, someone will find the ties are different in the using environment, especially, the indoor using and outdoor using.

When the ties are working in the outdoors, the cable ties should be the UV resistant type. The black color is not enough for the requirement. There needs the UV resistant mixing materials to be added into the raw materials.

After my introduction, have you found that the preparation of the material also has many things we can learn?

2. Make the materials into the Injection and Mold

When we have prepared the materials, we can move on to the injection and mold.

(1) Injection Period

In this period, we need to check if there is some impurities mixed in the material. Any a tiny impurity will make the color of the tie with black spot or even black.

(2) Molding to Shape

The nylon cable ties have very good-looking and tidy shape. It is because that they have good molds. The high level molds can create top ties.

After the checking of the materials, we can adjust the data the injection machines. Next is the task of the injection machines and the mold.

3. Getting the Semi-finished Products into the Process of Boiling and Steaming

Someone would say, why we need to make the ties boiled and steamed? Now I will ask you a question, have you ever seen the ties are wet packed in the plastic bags?

I have seen on the market. The first time I saw it, I was worried about the quality problem of the products. I thought maybe the bags were not well sealed, so there was some water into the bags.

The fact is that the water is on purpose in the bags. Most manufacturers will do the boiling and steaming of the ties, after the injection and mold.

So why? That comes back to the question again.

It is because, the ties are afraid of cold. When it comes to the winter, the weather will be cold. The ties will be easy to fracture. The process of boiling and steaming will make the tie with higher flexibility. The ties will be difficult to break in the winter.

4. The Last But not the Least Process is Quality Testing

After the ties get boiled and steamed, the cable ties will be cooled for a while. Then the workers will take them into the testing center for the quality test.

Please don’t laugh at this process. It is the most important step. The quality test can find the problem in the production. And it will stop the bad products being sold to the customers and users.

That is to say, thanks to the test center, can we have the good quality products.


The Main Process of Making Bread

1. Preparation of Raw Material

It is the same with the making of plastic cable ties. We need to prepare the flour, milk, yeast powder, butter, sugar, and egg.

At this stage, we need to make all the materials mixed together in some ratio. It is a careful job. There is no casual mixing of them, if you want a good taste.

The yeast powder will make the flour get fermentative. Of course, don’t forget prepare the related the tools.

2. Inject the Flour in the Mold

This step is just like the nylon cable tie, the mold can make the bread shape into what we like. Someone will like the bread in the shape of rabbit, cat, and dog. And some will prefer the bread shaped in love heart, flower and so on.

Just make the flour in the mold. Then set the temperature of the oven, your favorite bread will come out.

Nylon Cable Tie Manufacturing VS. the Bread Making

Now let’s make a comparison of them. You say me are crazy. But they are actually same in some aspects.

1. Same Points

(1) Both needs the step of preparation of raw materials.

The ties need the raw material of PA 66. And our bread needs the material of flour.

(2) Both needs the step of the mold.

The plastic ties will get into the mold for the shape. And the bread also need the mold to make it in lovely shapes.

2. Different Points

(1) The Mold Shape

Oh, our nylon cable tie can not have so many molds. It is not like the bread. It has to be shaped in a line with a thin, long body and a big head.

While the bread can be turned into rabbit, cat, dog, monkey and what ever animals you like. And they can be flower, heart, circle and many kinds of shape you can think of.

(2) The Way to Buy the Mold

These molds of the bread can be bought easily online. While, the mold of the plastic ties are not like these. They are like a big steel box. And the mold will need the design of the professional engineer.

Oh, buying the plastic tie mold online is a bit difficult.

(3) The Tie Needs the Boiling and Testing.

And the nylon cable tie have to be boiled and steamed, after the mold. If our bread is through the process, the bread may be disappear.

But I don’t mind if you want a try for your bread. Maybe you will find it very interesting. You can share this experience with me.


Cable Tie Gun

All You Need to Know about Cable Tie Guns

It wasn’t too long when people had to face quite a lot of hassles when installing cables. The job to install cables was definitely a tedious one since it consumed a lot of time for merely mounting them. Even after taking care of it completely, some cables still got damaged.

You can put end to all your troubles of mounting cable by opting for a cable tie gun. Wondering what a cable tie gun is, how to use it, and what are the benefits of using it? Continue reading to get answers to your questions:

What is a Cable Tie Gun?

A cable tie gun helps to mount a cable. It prevents cable damaging and ensures work is completed speedily. Different cable tie guns come with different features.

All cable ties can be fastened in one action; thus, the hassles of mounting cables are eliminated and the process becomes much easier; all thanks to cable tie gun.

Benefits of Cable Tie Guns

Here are some of the top benefits of cable tie guns:

Faster Work

The use of a cable tie gun helps to work faster. As stated above, you can fasten all the cables together, which helps to save time.

Easy to Use

With their simple structure, cable tie guns are extremely easy to use. Even a layman can use them efficiently for the purpose of mounting cables due to the ease of use.

Tension Adjustment Knob

Some cable tie guns come with tension adjustment knob. This further enhances their functionality. It helps to change the gun and adjust it to zip tie’s size you require.

Smooth Edges

There are certain types of cable tie guns that can cut off the tie automatically. This helps to give cables a smooth edge instead of a sharp one.

Professional Touch

Cable tie guns help to mount cables professionally. The network of cables can be installed in an organized manner leaving no sharp edges behind.

How Do Cable Tie Guns Work?

Cable tie guns work in a simple and straightforward manner. Multiple wires can be tied together using these guns as well. The convenience cable tie guns provide make them suitable to be used not only in homes but in commercial settings as well where usually there are a plethora of cables to be managed.

How to Use a Cable Tie Gun?

To use it, all you have to do is to load the tie in the gun. Then, squeeze the handle and zip tie will be fastened.

The functions of cable tie guns depend greatly on their built and manufacturing. Thus, it is important to buy them from a quality store. They are easily available; hence, you can buy them online as well. If you are placing an online order for cable tie guns, the only trustworthy name is Hont Electrical. They offer high-quality cable tie guns at cheap rates. The cable tie guns they offer have advanced features, which improve their functionality up to a great extent.

Cable Tie Manufactuer

All you need to know about nylon cable ties

Cable ties are designed to hold different items, particularly cables or wires, together. They are used in a number of settings for different purposes; most importantly for fastening hanging wires and cables.

What are Nylon Cable Ties?

Cable ties are made from different materials; however, the most popular among them are those made from nylon. This particular material is used as it is chemical resistant. Thus, it can last longer. Moreover, it can stay intact even in areas that have a hot climate.

Nylon cable ties generally have a ratchet inside a small open case on one end. They also feature an integrated gear rack. It has different features that allow numerous cables or wires to be fixed together. A cable tree can also be formed using nylon cable ties.

Apart from nylon cable ties, there are different other types available as well. These include:

  • Colored Cable Ties:These are useful for grouping similar colored cables together.
  • Velcro Cable Ties:Primarily designed for fastening different data cables and other computer-related wires, these are reusable ties that prevent cables from getting damaged.
  • Steel Cable Ties:These are made from stainless steel that has great resistance to rust. Thus, they are durable.

Releasable, eyelet, and marker are also other commonly used types of cable ties.

Who Invented Nylon Cables Ties?

Thomas & Betts is an electrical company that is known to invent cable ties. Their brand name was Ty-Rap and it was 1958 when they introduced cable ties. However, they were used for wire harnesses of aeroplanes. It was sometime later when nylon cable ties came into the picture.

How to Use Nylon Cable Ties?

The use of nylon cable ties depends on their type. However, the method to use them is quite simple. To fasten a wire, all you have to do is to take the pointed part of the cable and insert it into the locking part of the cable tie. If the cable has been placed correctly, only then the teeth on the head of the tie will catch on the edges. It will also produce a sound of teeth clicking, which is an indication that the wire has been fixed correctly.

You can also cut the loose end of the cable to give it a neat and decluttered look.

Many believe that nylon cable ties cannot be reused. However, this is untrue. By using a small object like a needle, a cable tie can be unlocked and reused. To unlock it, use a small screwdriver or a needle and interpose it between the rack and the ratchet. The tie will be unlocked and ready to use again.

Nylon cable ties are available easily on the market. You can also buy them online as there are plenty of online stores that offer nylon cable ties but for the best quality ones, you can rely on Hont Electric. They are a name to reckon with high-quality nylon cable ties at affordable rates.