Nylon Cable Tie Manufacturing Process VS. Bread Making

Wow, what you are saying? Are you crazy? What is the same point between the nylon cable tie manufacturing process and the bread making? You may ask.

Calm down, friend. After reading it, you may agree with me.

Nylon cable tie is such a small and tiny thing. You can live ignoring it, but you can not live without it. Someone may ask how can the factories produce such a amazing stuff.

Are you curious about it? Yes, me too. When I was young, I was curious about the nylon cable tie manufacturing process.

The first time I met nylon cable tie is one day of many years ago. At that time I was just a little girl. My dad was selling many electrical and electric accessories in a small store.

All the things in the shop were so attractive for a girl who was strange of everything, especially, a small plastic thing on the shop showcase.

Can you guess what it is? Right, it is our leading actor, nylon cable tie. I was wondering why such a small tie would be ranked the top hot-sale in my dad’s store among all the goods.

So this little thing got the biggest interest of mine. I was curious about all the aspects of the nylon cable tie.

The most thing I was thinking over again and again. But no one can give me a satisfying answer, until I visited one nylon cable tie company several years ago.

That is what the nylon cable tie manufacturing process is. Now I will share what I have seen in the manufacturer with you. I think you are as curious as me.

Brief Introduction of the Nylon Zip Ties

I think you must know this little stuff have two names. Nylon cable ties are also named of nylon zip ties. It is been used very wide. You can find it used in the automobile industry, electronic fields, the electrical appliances industry, and many manufacturing fields.

And what we usually talk about is the nylon material made ties. There are also the metal made ties. They are called stainless steel cable ties.

No matter what materials the tie is, the main function the tie we are going to use is to bundle the articles, especially the wires, cables and so on.

Of course, today’s acting role is the nylon cable ties. I will uncover its mysterious veil of the manufacturing process to you.

The raw material of the tie is nylon. In its producing process, the workers will use the injection mold to for the shape of the product.

Now let me talk about the main processes of the producing.

The Main Processes of Making Nylon Cable Ties

1. Preparation of the Raw Material

As you know, the raw material of the zip ties are PA 66. It is also named Nylon 66. The first step of the production is to buy the raw material.

(1) Buy the Raw Material

When the manufacturers are going to start their production. They need to prepare the Nylon 66. It is the best type for making nylon zip ties.

The quality of the raw material of  the product will directly affect the products. So as the users, we need to buy the ties from the reliable factories. These factories will buy the raw material from their best nylon suppliers.

Some of them will buy from the foreign countries. They import the PA 66 to guarantee the quality. However, there are some factories will use the recycled material. These material are cheap but not so good in the performance.

That is why I ask you to buy the products from the reliable zip tie manufacturers.

(2) Get Ready for the Special Mixing Material

Have you noticed that the ties we are using are not same in the color. There are red, white, yellow, black, blue and so on. Whatever kind of color you can imagine, our great manufacturers can produce it for you.

These different color can not appear from our white PA 66. These colors needs to be adjusted by using the toner. The toner will be added into the raw material. They will make the tie beautiful and nice in the appearance.

Besides, someone will find the ties are different in the using environment, especially, the indoor using and outdoor using.

When the ties are working in the outdoors, the cable ties should be the UV resistant type. The black color is not enough for the requirement. There needs the UV resistant mixing materials to be added into the raw materials.

After my introduction, have you found that the preparation of the material also has many things we can learn?

2. Make the materials into the Injection and Mold

When we have prepared the materials, we can move on to the injection and mold.

(1) Injection Period

In this period, we need to check if there is some impurities mixed in the material. Any a tiny impurity will make the color of the tie with black spot or even black.

(2) Molding to Shape

The nylon cable ties have very good-looking and tidy shape. It is because that they have good molds. The high level molds can create top ties.

After the checking of the materials, we can adjust the data the injection machines. Next is the task of the injection machines and the mold.

3. Getting the Semi-finished Products into the Process of Boiling and Steaming

Someone would say, why we need to make the ties boiled and steamed? Now I will ask you a question, have you ever seen the ties are wet packed in the plastic bags?

I have seen on the market. The first time I saw it, I was worried about the quality problem of the products. I thought maybe the bags were not well sealed, so there was some water into the bags.

The fact is that the water is on purpose in the bags. Most manufacturers will do the boiling and steaming of the ties, after the injection and mold.

So why? That comes back to the question again.

It is because, the ties are afraid of cold. When it comes to the winter, the weather will be cold. The ties will be easy to fracture. The process of boiling and steaming will make the tie with higher flexibility. The ties will be difficult to break in the winter.

4. The Last But not the Least Process is Quality Testing

After the ties get boiled and steamed, the cable ties will be cooled for a while. Then the workers will take them into the testing center for the quality test.

Please don’t laugh at this process. It is the most important step. The quality test can find the problem in the production. And it will stop the bad products being sold to the customers and users.

That is to say, thanks to the test center, can we have the good quality products.

The Main Process of Making Bread

1. Preparation of Raw Material

It is the same with the making of plastic cable ties. We need to prepare the flour, milk, yeast powder, butter, sugar, and egg.

At this stage, we need to make all the materials mixed together in some ratio. It is a careful job. There is no casual mixing of them, if you want a good taste.

The yeast powder will make the flour get fermentative. Of course, don’t forget prepare the related the tools.

2. Inject the Flour in the Mold

This step is just like the nylon cable tie, the mold can make the bread shape into what we like. Someone will like the bread in the shape of rabbit, cat, and dog. And some will prefer the bread shaped in love heart, flower and so on.

Just make the flour in the mold. Then set the temperature of the oven, your favorite bread will come out.

Nylon Cable Tie Manufacturing VS. the Bread Making

Now let’s make a comparison of them. You say me are crazy. But they are actually same in some aspects.

1. Same Points

(1) Both needs the step of preparation of raw materials.

The ties need the raw material of PA 66. And our bread needs the material of flour.

(2) Both needs the step of the mold.

The plastic ties will get into the mold for the shape. And the bread also need the mold to make it in lovely shapes.

2. Different Points

(1) The Mold Shape

Oh, our nylon cable tie can not have so many molds. It is not like the bread. It has to be shaped in a line with a thin, long body and a big head.

While the bread can be turned into rabbit, cat, dog, monkey and what ever animals you like. And they can be flower, heart, circle and many kinds of shape you can think of.

(2) The Way to Buy the Mold

These molds of the bread can be bought easily online. While, the mold of the plastic ties are not like these. They are like a big steel box. And the mold will need the design of the professional engineer.

Oh, buying the plastic tie mold online is a bit difficult.

(3) The Tie Needs the Boiling and Testing.

And the nylon cable tie have to be boiled and steamed, after the mold. If our bread is through the process, the bread may be disappear.

But I don’t mind if you want a try for your bread. Maybe you will find it very interesting. You can share this experience with me.

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